Friday, 25 July 2014

Stand Up and Fight Back

Following an article that appeared on the Daily Mail website on Tuesday, in which a Mr Shahid Akmal said White Women have no morals, Akmal who until recently was the chairman of governor at Nansen Primary School in Birmingham, where he was removed of this post last week because the school has been placed in special measures after it was rated 'unsatisfactory' by ofstead inspectors.
This is what Akmal said at several coaching sessions in London hotels.
He agreed when asked if white children were lazy, before criticising white women, declaring: 'I tell you, our women are much, much better consciously in the heart than any white women. White women have the least amount of morals.' During another conversation, Akmal argued that girls should be taught to sew and cook to prepare them for a role looking after her house and children, while boys should learn skills such as mechanics and construction.
He then attacked leading female politicians, saying: 'She has to sacrifice her family, she has to sacrifice her children, she has to sacrifice her husband, all in the name of equality. And there are so many marriages that have broken up because of this.'
Akmal also argued that homosexuals, adulterers and people who have sex outside of marriage should be exiled, saying the Sultan of Brunei was right to introduce the death penalty for homosexuality and adultery.
And he described British jihadis fighting in Syria and Iraq as freedom fighters, while saying alleged Trojan Horse plotters only wanted the best for Muslim children - and to stop them being suppressed by a lack of education.
He said: 'It's easier to control. If you get an education you get a mind. When you get a mind you ask questions. They don't like that.'
After reading this article my wife Yvonne became very angry and hurt at how he could describe White women in this way and get away with it, Yvonne was not happy and upset and wanted to do something about it, so the first port of call this morning was to visit Nuneaton police station and make a formal complaint of racial hatred and Homophobic hatred, under the race relations act. at first the police typically did not want to take a complaint and just told us to leave a phone number and some one would be in touch, undeterred and unhappy with this Yvonne demanded that some one deals with this crime now, after an hours wait, a police Sgt came who just happened to be Asian, he then tried to tell us that no crime had been commited, we then informed him that under the race relations act there was a big crime commited, he then responded by informing us that because Akmal had said this in London Hotels it was the Metropolitan police force that should deal with it. So we got a number and off home we went and phoned the Met police up, who seemed very helpful and agreed a race crime was commited, they took details and more importantly gave us a crime number and said some one will call us back to discuss how they would investigate it, and sure enough within half an hour they phoned, they also could not believe that Warwickshire police would not act on it, so the investgation is under way.
If anyone else should wish to complain, and this is something that we all should start complaining about here is the phone no, 0207 230 1212.
Here is the link to the full article.


Me and Yvonne both attended Nuneaton Police station last night and made statements about our complaint of racial hatred and homophobic crime, they do it to us so its time we turned the tables, now its a waiting game.
Yvonne outside Nuneaton Police Station