Thursday, 17 October 2013

UPDATE Saltley School

Following on from the article on this website on the 1/10/13 psycho-school-knife-thug-allowed-stay
This is a statement from the parents who are desperate to protect their children.

Please find for your attention the following statement:

We the local parents of Saltley School, the centre of the “school knife thug saga”would like to inform the people of the UK our continued struggle for justice, we sent our children to this school on the principality of a safe environment, impartial teaching, to seek a good rounded education, we didn’t subscribe to a faith school and we certainly didn’t elect any of the parent/community governors.

Knife crime, drugs, anti- social behaviour and all other kinds of delinquency are a direct manifestation of weak leadership of the current board of governors, who seem to think a knife brandishing money extortionist child thug has “equal rights” to stay at our school.

We the local parents feel appalled and let down by the local authority, Councillors and politicians all of whom have assumed this particular incident will go away.

The nation needs to know that the corrupt vile mechanics of institutionalised racism will be well oiled, the school board of governors will meet today (17/10/2013) at 3pm (Birmingham City Football Club) to elect a new vice chair; the previous vice chair was “white” and resigned we can also confirm the current board has no white parent/community governors and all are Muslim.

We have lost all confidence in the “system” many parents are pursuing transfer requests due to the school not being fit for purpose the board of governors, and the local authority should all hang their heads in shame for systematically bringing this school into disrepute, for bolstering their own agendas, policies, egos, political compulsions and propagating racist ideologies and steering the school into academy status.

Saltley School board of Governors should all be sacked with immediate effect, local children’s lives can’t be put at risk anymore, we parents have limited resources but we’re fighting on, a fight that will envitably have major consequences on 23rd May 2014 local elections!

Concerned and frustrated Parent.

Birmingham education dept are trying to sweep this under the carpet, we can not and will not let this happen.
Please feel free to email or telephone the

Governor Services Manager
Steve Edmonds
0121 464 2216
Assistant Governor Services Manager:
Bill Welsh
0121 464 2222

and let them know we will not tolerate this kind of behaivour.

Please also visit

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  1. If there are any doubts among those "fencesitters" about the horrors of social engineering aand multcult. now is the time to join and vote for the BNP!