Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Psycho school knife thug allowed to stay

School life should be all about learning in a safe secure environment, parents bestow their trust with teachers knowing their children are looked after by professional qualified individuals ... that belief has recently been shattered over a knife wielding thug that’s been allowed back into my children’s school, pupils and members of staff were the victims of threatening and abusive behaviour on 22nd May just before the school summer holidays this year.
Saltley School originally permanently excluded the teenager, but the decision was overturned by a group of what I can only describe as delusional and incompetent governors who thought it was in the best interest for this knife wielding beast to come back into school.
The head teacher Balwant Bains confirmed a "very serious" incident had been dealt with "through due process", and police confirmed they took "no further action" after the incident; however recent press coverage has heightened tensions within the school including teachers who have refused to teach the thug and the local community also asking why original descion was overruled; but also opening up a whole can of worms over the sheer lack of governance at the school.
An emergency meeting was arranged last Friday (27/09/2013) by the head teacher for parents with a local authority “representative” , parents were furious at the original decision being overturned the majority of the parents being “Asian” and asking for this particular knife thug to be kicked out of school completely!
The meeting also discovered the shocking stories of daily racist verbal and physical abuse that white (English) mothers have to put up with, gasps of shock and disgust echoed around the school hall, daily stories of abhorrent language shouted at young English families, stories of English families having to pre plan journey routes to and from school in the vain attempt to avoid Asian school thugs pelting them with stones or being spat on!
I spoke to one of the local victims who told me she felt helpless afraid and worried sick for the safety of her children “I can’t afford to move out” if it was “Muslims” that had to go through this they would be up in arms and shouting “Jihad” where can I go who’s going to help me she whimpered! The knife saga at Saltley School is literally the tip of the ice berg, the sheer lack of governance beggars’ belief how an institution can carry on operating with such low esteem negative publicity and inherent racism, institutionalised or otherwise?
It seems that the local authority have also dragged their feet haven’t acted sooner or intervened in what can only be described as a disaster waiting to happen, the local councillors (most with chequered pasts including vote rigging, fraud, bent mortgages etc) have shied away apart from one who gave a cameo appearance on his local news channel last week; interestingly enough the current chair governor was also sacked from a previous governorship position due to that particular school slipping away into special measures syndrome!
The real question needs to be asked how local authority school governors are policed and regulated, if at all; surely parents have a democratic say in how their school should be run and be operational. I now have to step up and be counted, I’m not racist but I do know when a bad judgement call has been made, true justice and accountability needs to prevail, integrity needs to be upheld and that’s why I think it’s so important that the “British National Party” hears my plea!

Mr P (Parent & Local Resident)

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