Sunday, 4 November 2012

Conference and the West Midlands motion

Well I have just got back from a very hard 3 days work in Blackpool at the British National Party conference, this years conference was one of the best that I have attended, I was very pleased with the West Midlands members that attended both days.

The party Chairman Nick Griffin MEP opened the conference on Saturday morning to a full house, next up was me, as I am the National Elections Officer I spoke about the plans in place to get us Back to Winning, this was also this years conference slogan "Back to Winning"

On Sunday the regions motions were debated, these motions are debated and then voted on, any motions that are passed become part of our policies.
The West Midlands motion put forward this year was supplied by Mike Coleman and Stoke BNP,
Dudley organiser and deputy organiser Rob Weale and Ken Giffiths both spoke on this motion, and I am pleased to say that this motion was passed without any objections, not one person voted against the motion, this is a record for a motion.
Here is the Motion in full.

Protecting an iconic British industry – a model for economic revival
West Midlands

This conference calls for measures to revive the pottery industry by ‘internalising’ the economics of the state. This would involve a policy that would require all state institutions to purchase pottery produced in this country.

Such ‘internalising’ is common throughout the world and is essential to help build the healthy, stable economy needed to provide individuals with jobs, communities with cohesion and the state with a broad tax base.

This policy would ensure that all pottery ware purchased for schools, colleges, universities, hospitals, government departments, etc would be produced in the United Kingdom.

Such policies are used in countries such as France and Germany in the way in which home-produced vehicles are used for the emergency services, military and so on.

There are many cities in Britain that face a dire economic future unless we embrace such ‘patriotic economics’. This policy is aimed primarily to aid such cities in crisis, but a close secondary aim is the revolutionary economic revival of our entire nation.

This policy should be extended to many other products that this nation produces, or used to produce. Motorcycles, computers, foodstuffs, vehicles – in fact everything purchased by local or national government and other state institutions should be done under a legally enforceable obligation to buy British if practically possible.

This conference affirms that such legislation would be a huge step towards reviving much of what our nation has lost due to the disastrous globalisation policies of Conservative and Labour governments since the war. This policy will reverse the resulting devastating decline and provide the stable jobs and community identity that our people deserve.

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