Sunday, 9 September 2012

West Midlands officials Meeting

Sunday saw party officials from all over the West Midlands meet for their regional meeting, Being Regional Organiser I chaired the meeting. The agenda was packed of different items and all the officials had their input.
First on the Agenda was the campaign for the European elections in 2014, I gave a quick update on our last 2 days of action in Newport, Shropshire and also in Kidderminster, with both being well attended with activists as was our Demo against grooming that we had in Stafford, everyone agreed that these days are proving very popular not only with the public but also helping to build the activist base in the region. We are planning further days of action, this time we will be hitting Villages that are spread across the region, we all agreed that by the time of the EU election we will have visited every corner of the region.

Ken Griffiths

Next I welcomed back a very good and long standing nationalist, who sadley left the party a couple of years ago due to personal problems, He has since visited a rival nationalist party but soon came to the conculsion that the only forward for this country is the British National Party.
Welcome back to the family Ken, Ken said " It is nice to belong to such a wonderful family again, I did a bit of soul searching over the last couple of years and I realised that there is only one true nationalist party and that is the British National Party, I feel like I have never been away, I have had long chats with Alwyn over the last couple of months, and with people like him and the officials here today this party is going places"

There has also been some group changes as well, Black Country BNP is now to be split up, this is due to the size of the Black Country, so Black Country Organiser Rob Weale will over see the changes and his main duties will be the formation of Dudley BNP, Ken Griffiths will also be helping Rob in Dudley and their first meeting is already being planned.

Steve Warner was also announced as the new fundholder for Worcester BNP, I wish Steve all the best and will be working closely with him over the next few weeks.

Steve Warner.

We all agreed this was a very succesful meeting and very productive, the future for the BNP in the West Midlands looks very bright with some very dedicated officials.

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