Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Labour Councillor suspended from party for 2 years for bullying

Bill Sheppard councillor for Wembrook ward in Nuneaton & Bedworth has been suspended from the Labour party after allegations of bullying a fellow Labour Councillor Julie Jackson who is also the other ward councillor on Wembrook.

The bullying goes back over a couple of years, but the local Labour party did not act because it would have cost them control of the Nuneaton & Bedworth Council, but now they have a very comfortable control of the council they can afford to suspend Bill and still keep control of the council.

I had this information passed to me from a very good and reliable source, the local press have not printed or mentioned this story anywhere, but thats to be expected of a labour supporting paper. The only indication of this is on the council website where they now have Bill listed as being an Independent councillor. His suspension runs until 2014, this is when his seat his up for re election.

Bill has always been very vocal in shouting abuse at local BNP members, He calls us Bullies and thugs, Now we know who the real bully and thug is don't we. I think the people of his ward should know what kind of person they voted for.

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