Sunday, 30 September 2012

West Midlands officials receive vital training

Sunday saw Steve Warner the new Worcester fundholder receive some valuable training from James Mole Regional Treasurer at the BNP's dispatch office. Steve said "It was good to spend a morning with some one as capable as James to show and explain the fundholders duties, I can now go away feeling confident that I can do a good job to the high standards required.
Steve Warner pictured with Regional Treasurer James Mole.

Carl Mason Worcester organiser was also present at the office on Sunday, where he got trained in how to do mail merges and other vital computer programmes.

Carl Mason pictured with Alwyn Deacon Regional Organiser

There is more training planned over the next couple of months for both officials and members in the West Midlands Region.

Monday, 24 September 2012

Friends of schoolboy, 14, who died from cancer are banned from the classroom for wearing wristbands in his memory

Wristbands were sold at the school with all proceeds donated to the Teenage Cancer Trust charity
But pupils have now been ordered to take them off because they are 'not part of the uniform'
One close friend of the boy who died was sent home for refusing to take his off

Friends of a 14-year-old boy who died after a long battle with cancer are being sent home from school for refusing to remove wristbands worn in his memory.

Jordan Cobby, from Nuneaton, was diagnosed with a tumour behind his eye in 2008 and died aged 14 last March

Tribute wristbands in memory of Jordan were sold at his school, the Nuneaton Academy, following his death, with all proceeds donated to the Teenage Cancer Trust charity.

Friends of the teenager bought the bands and have worn them ever since, but now the school has banned pupils from wearing them, saying they are not part of the uniform, his mother Joanne Meuse said.

One pupil, a close friend of Jordan’s, has even been sent home for refusing to remove the wristband.

While the school has offered a compromise, saying it will pay for a cover, designed by the pupils, for their planners in memory of Jordan, Mrs Meuse said the wristbands have sentimental value.

The 45-year-old, from Nuneaton, said: 'Jordan was a former pupil of the Nuneaton Academy and was, still is, a much-loved and valued friend of these students.

'When he passed away in March 2011 from cancer, I and my family found a great deal of comfort from the many thoughts and actions of these young people. They showed great compassion and a maturity far beyond their years.

'They are a credit to the Nuneaton Academy. They gave and continue to do so, a sincere commitment to fundraising for the Teenage Cancer Trust and I believe the positive feeling this created has helped them to deal with their grief.

'All of them should be congratulated for having such strong and caring values. The Nuneaton Academy should recognise this, encourage and be very proud of them.'

Mrs Meuse said the school had been happy for the children to wear the bands for the last 18 months and it was only in the last few weeks she had heard of pupils being told to remove them or face disciplinary action.

She added: 'The bands do not affect their learning but it is their way of showing respect and keeping a part of Jordan with them.

A quote from one of Jordan’s friends was ‘I write with my right hand and my band is on my left, when I am struggling or going through a tough time, I just look at my band and remember what a brave hero Jordan was and all that he went through’.'

The school principal, Helen McEvoy, told her last week that she was unaware the pupils had been wearing the bands.

'If that is the case, then it proves the point that the bands are unobtrusive and not distracting in any way', Mrs Meuse said.

She added: 'I am very angry and shocked but even more so heartbroken for the students, that after all these months have passed, they are now being asked or rather told to remove their bands by Mrs McEvoy, which I believe is bad judgment and leadership. What is this teaching the students?'

Zoe Ashby, whose son Harris was a friend of Jordan’s, said she was disgusted when the school rang to say her son was being sent home for refusing to take off his wristband.

Ms Ashby said: 'I don’t think the headteacher realises how much Jordan’s death affected them. The bands have sentimental value and mean so much to the kids.

'My son Harris played football with Jordan since they were seven and this morning I got a call from the school to say he was being sent home as he had refused to take the band off. It’s just ridiculous.'

Kay Southall, whose son Daniel was a close friend of Jordan’s and attends the academy, has launched a petition urging the school to rethink the wristband ban. Some 350 parents and children have already signed.

Mrs Southall said: 'The children aren’t being difficult. They went on a journey with Jordan from the time he was diagnosed and just want to keep him with them until June next year when they finish school, just as he would’ve been had he not been cruelly taken.

'I’m extremely proud of all the lads and girls that are making a stand for something they truly believe to be wrong.

'Their commitment to honouring Jordan’s memory and their support for Joanne and the rest of the family is humbling.

'I look forward to that phone call home, as do the rest of the parents because we fully support and admire the stance our kids are taking'

The full article can be read here,

Shropshire BNP around the Villages

Our Shropshire correspondent reports:

The Shrewsbury group were once again out and about during the weekend. This time it was the turn of several nearby villages to receive the party's 'Out of the EU' campaign message.

The residents of Hanwood, Minsterley and Bayston Hill were very pleased to see our activists, with a number of locals commenting that the British National Party were the only political party who had bothered to visit their area in ages - adding that they had not even seen their local councillors since they were elected over three years ago!

Residents were also keen to express their contempt for the political traitors in Westminster - Hardly surprising, given that those odious anti-British crooks have totally betrayed these rural communities - just as they have betrayed British people all over the country.
The closure of local schools, shops, pubs and post offices have devastated many of our once thriving, happy rural communities and the blame for this lies squarely at the feet of the political elite with their disastrous policies.

So now these Shropshire residents are fully aware that British National Party is active in their communities. They are also aware of our key policies including our stance against the EU and our demand for the full restoration of British freedom and democracy. - Job done!

The Shrewsbury group's activists thank the residents of the villages they visited for their warm welcome and we promise that we will see them again soon.

Seasoned veteran Mick and Will - a young new activist delivering our message of hope and freedom.

Sunday, 9 September 2012

West Midlands officials Meeting

Sunday saw party officials from all over the West Midlands meet for their regional meeting, Being Regional Organiser I chaired the meeting. The agenda was packed of different items and all the officials had their input.
First on the Agenda was the campaign for the European elections in 2014, I gave a quick update on our last 2 days of action in Newport, Shropshire and also in Kidderminster, with both being well attended with activists as was our Demo against grooming that we had in Stafford, everyone agreed that these days are proving very popular not only with the public but also helping to build the activist base in the region. We are planning further days of action, this time we will be hitting Villages that are spread across the region, we all agreed that by the time of the EU election we will have visited every corner of the region.

Ken Griffiths

Next I welcomed back a very good and long standing nationalist, who sadley left the party a couple of years ago due to personal problems, He has since visited a rival nationalist party but soon came to the conculsion that the only forward for this country is the British National Party.
Welcome back to the family Ken, Ken said " It is nice to belong to such a wonderful family again, I did a bit of soul searching over the last couple of years and I realised that there is only one true nationalist party and that is the British National Party, I feel like I have never been away, I have had long chats with Alwyn over the last couple of months, and with people like him and the officials here today this party is going places"

There has also been some group changes as well, Black Country BNP is now to be split up, this is due to the size of the Black Country, so Black Country Organiser Rob Weale will over see the changes and his main duties will be the formation of Dudley BNP, Ken Griffiths will also be helping Rob in Dudley and their first meeting is already being planned.

Steve Warner was also announced as the new fundholder for Worcester BNP, I wish Steve all the best and will be working closely with him over the next few weeks.

Steve Warner.

We all agreed this was a very succesful meeting and very productive, the future for the BNP in the West Midlands looks very bright with some very dedicated officials.

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Michael Coleman, Business as Normal

A message from Mike Coleman, Stoke British National Party

I've been out leafleting I have on most Saturdays over the last twenty years. Despite being convicted on Wednesday (5th September) of racially aggravated speaking my mind on my personal blog...I organised a number of Stoke BNP Activists to go onto the streets of Stoke-on-Trent and distribute approximately 1000 of the excellent 'I Love GB' party leaflets. We had a couple of reds who cam running out of their rat holes and complained at receiving the magnificent BNP leaflet....we explained to them (in terms that they would understand) that Britain is a free country and that we were within our rights to campaign for political support within their community!

Well done Mike from West Midlands British National Party

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Freedom of Speech is now DEAD

Mike Coleman former Stoke on Trent councillor and current Organiser for Stoke British National Party has today been charged with racially-aggravated harassment, this is yet another political victimisation for speaking out and telling the truth against the left wing Marxist police state that we are now living in.

Below is what was reported on the website today.

STOKE-ON-TRENT'S BNP leader posted racist articles on a website including claims the city was being 'flooded with Muslims and blacks', a court heard.
Former city councillor Michael Coleman has gone on trial at Stoke-on-Trent Crown Court accused of racially-aggravated harassment.
The 46-year-old was reported to police after two blogs he wrote in response to last summer's London riots appeared online.

In them, he said the riots were a perfect example of 'the difference in personality, perceptions and values of people of the darker races and ourselves'.

And he accused Stoke-on-Trent City Council of 'flooding this city with Muslims and blacks, a complete population replacement programme. Darkies in, whites out.'

Police were called in by Labour city councillor Joy Garner who had been asked to read the blogs by a member of the public.

Coleman, of Caverswall Road, Weston Coyney, admitted writing the entries, but denies intending to cause harassment, alarm or distress.

Mrs Garner told the jury: "I couldn't believe it. It really angered me. I felt real disgust."

The blogs, which were posted by Coleman on on August 9 and September 12, were read out in court.

In the first he wrote about the riots saying: "London darkies have reacted with violence. The darkies have exposed their true nature in siding with criminality."

In the second, Coleman, who became a BNP councillor for Meir North in 2007 and lost his seat in 2011, criticised the council.

Talking about immigration, the father-of-three wrote: "The ultimate outcome will be a city with no jobs, 100 mosques, a massive crime wave and thousands of very poor elderly folk."

Following Mrs Garner's complaint, Coleman voluntarily attended a police interview. He was later charged with intending to cause racially-aggravated harassment, alarm or distress by displaying writing, a sign or other representation, which was threatening, abusive or insulting.

Giving evidence yesterday, former JCB worker Coleman said he used the website to express his personal views and communicate with BNP members.

Asked about the language he said: "We had been warned against using the word 'black' in the party. Instead of using that 'darkie' came to mind. It's a good old English word, I'm a good old English boy. If people are offended I'm sorry."

Mike has to return to court for sentancing on the 28th September, I will be there giving Mike, mine and the party's full support.

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Labour Councillor suspended from party for 2 years for bullying

Bill Sheppard councillor for Wembrook ward in Nuneaton & Bedworth has been suspended from the Labour party after allegations of bullying a fellow Labour Councillor Julie Jackson who is also the other ward councillor on Wembrook.

The bullying goes back over a couple of years, but the local Labour party did not act because it would have cost them control of the Nuneaton & Bedworth Council, but now they have a very comfortable control of the council they can afford to suspend Bill and still keep control of the council.

I had this information passed to me from a very good and reliable source, the local press have not printed or mentioned this story anywhere, but thats to be expected of a labour supporting paper. The only indication of this is on the council website where they now have Bill listed as being an Independent councillor. His suspension runs until 2014, this is when his seat his up for re election.

Bill has always been very vocal in shouting abuse at local BNP members, He calls us Bullies and thugs, Now we know who the real bully and thug is don't we. I think the people of his ward should know what kind of person they voted for.

Saturday, 1 September 2012

West Midlands BNP machine rolls into Kidderminster

West Midlands British National Party arrived for a day of action in Kidderminster on Saturday morning. Activists from all over the West Midlands region came together for yet another busy day of action; following on from last months busy day of action in Newport. The activists were prepared for an eventful days work.

A small team lead by Worcester Organiser, Carl Mason set up the tabletop in the busy market place and soon people were flocking to the stall for leaflets, newspapers and to sign the anti EU petition.

Me sorting the leafleting gangs out with local maps

We also had teams out in different areas across the town leafleting. Mike Coleman, Stoke on Trent Organiser had his Stoke team leafleting one area, and Mick White, Stoke activist said, "I can't believe the response we have had on the doorsteps, people were very pleased to see us."
South Shropshire Organiser Phil Spencer and his team were in a different area, here they got handed a Liberal Party leaflet from one resident who was laughing at the leaflet because in big bold letters it read, "The Liberal Party, NOT the Liberal Democrats" this just shows how divided the Liberals have now become since they got into bed with the Tories.

Mike Colman and Mick White posing for a quick photo

some of the Team after a hard days graft.

These days of action are proving very successful and we are already planning next few months, we are also planning to hit all villages in the region over the coming months.