Sunday, 5 August 2012

The BNP's Reach Is Far And Wide!

Thirty five BNP activists gathered in the Shropshire town of Newport today. We distributed 4000 leaflets to the folks of the town...some of the locals welcomed our presence....a handful, did not! Newport is a very affluent town...there is no measurable poverty here...there were only a handful of foreigners, that we noticed. And so, Newport doesn't tick any of the boxes that we in the BNP usually look for when selecting a place to campaign. This sleepy town, however, is full to the rafters with English people...comfortable, safe, smug...English people, and we in the BNP have a duty to take our message to them - and to make them aware of the ugly developments occurring in the large cities that are nearby.

Many of the, cosy, comfy, easy, relatively wealthy English people wont react well to the BNP the truth that we speak threatens the comfort (of this English enclave) and ease that these people have become accustomed to. Well, we in the BNP are bound by duty to our people...and to truth take the message to the naive and the foolish. If these people find our message 'difficult' to handle then....we understand....we know that the truth is hurtful sometimes. But regardless of the angst and upset (also the hope and enlightenment) that the truth that the BNP has brought to Newport, and despite the inevitable protests from the cosy gang of that town, those people who would rather live in a comfortable ignorance...I have to inform those people (it is vital to their political education) that "you are having it, whether you like it or not!"
By Mike Coleman

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