Sunday, 29 July 2012

Veteran Birmingham British National Party Activist Dave Gould reflects on a recent visit to our 2nd City.

As the sun shines down on Birmingham City Centre on a Saturday afternoon multiculturalism is blossoming but unfortunately one vital ingredient is missing... the traditional Brummie. Nowadays they are becoming rather rare! As one community thrives another disappears, that's the reality we face today and Birmingham is a fine example of this.

Birmingham City Centre on Saturdays can now boast not 1, not 2, but 3 Islamic tables where people are offered free literature from their stalls and are encouraged to convert to Islam. Whilst I was there one of the men behind the table started to heckle an elderly Black man who was preaching from a Bible, and I must admit for a few moments the situation seemed to be escalating and things began to feel uneasy.

Many people have commented that Birmingham BNP is not what it used to be and results have fallen for this reason or that. May I suggest you watch the video below and you may come to your own conclusion why our votes have fell. May I also ask all our old friends and activists who are no longer involved but are reading this to take it as a wake up call, and come and join Paul Hickman and his growing band of new activists and make Birmingham BNP stronger than ever.

We also want to encourage people who have never been involved with the party to come forward and help us in any way that you can as time is not on our side. Only loyalty to the party and hard work will achieve this, as opposed to negativity which is only a poor excuse for doing nothing.

Dave Gould filmed the scenes in the following video over two separate Saturday trips to Birmingham City Centre recently.

Dave has been an activist since the late 90's and continues to support Birmingham BNP in addition to promoting the party in neighboring Bromsgrove.

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  1. I too feel the same way..After visiting the city centre today I was very offended by yes,the three islam tables in such a short walking distance,trying to get people to covert to Islam..Why does our council allow this to go ahead..
    Would we be able to go over to their country and preach Christianity. i dont think so..We would most likely be be-headed for it.
    I've nothing against anyone believing in differant religions but when in a christian country keep it to yourselves instead of trying to convert Great Britain to Islam