Sunday, 8 July 2012

The BNP Is Developing An Excellent Challenge To The Traitor State In Stafford!

Thirty patriots and nationalists came together in Stafford (principle town of Staffordshire) today. Members of the British National Party and the English Defence League held a demonstration in the main shopping area of the town; our main objective was to raise awareness of the fact that several Muslims are standing trial in the town for their alleged involvement in the sexual exploitation of young English girls. In all, 2000 ‘Public Enquiry Now’ leaflets were distributed to shoppers and delivered to houses in the ‘troubled’ Corporation Street area of Stafford. Once again our activists were shocked to find that the vast majority of the public that we talked to were completely unaware of the immense crimes being perpetrated by a certain religious minority, against the British majority.
One of the Muslims who is on trail in Stafford today.

The BNP members and our EDL colleagues were also angered to be confronted by several members of the public who refused to accept the truth that we were delivering to them. These silly people (affluent, middle class college lecturer types, who mostly wear corduroy jackets with leather patches on the elbows!) simply would not hear the truth from us; they closed their eyes and ears to our (difficult but necessary) message. We activists have therefore added to our list of campaign objectives in Stafford the need to confront the ignorance, stupidity and cowardly conformity of an element of the British public. The days when the BNP and our comrades in the EDL will stay quiet in the face of the gutless apathy of some members of the British public are over! These spineless sycophants are as implicated in the ‘conspiracy of silence’ surrounding the issue of the sexual grooming of young/vulnerable English girls by Muslims as is the BBC or certain senior police officers!
Mike Whitby leading a team of activists leafleting the Student area.

The campaign in Stafford, to expose and confront all arms of the traitor state (teachers, police, courts, controlled media), is growing! Our first demo was attended by fifteen activists, today’s demonstration was attended by thirty activists, it is our determined intention that the next demonstration in that town will consist of sixty or more patriots and nationalists. BNP and EDL members from Stoke-on-Trent, Shropshire, Cannock, Birmingham and Derby are all in agreeance– we have chosen Stafford to be the town (ground zero) in which we will develop and build our campaign to challenge all wings of the establishment who are responsible for the monstrous betrayal of our young British girls and their families.
All of the BNP members who attended today’s demonstration in Stafford are committed to returning to the town on the days of the trials of each of the nine Muslim’s responsible, allegedly, for the heinous crimes against the innocent young girls of Telford and Shropshire. Our campaign will last for many months and probably years. I will end this report by appealing to all BNP members and patriots from all ‘comrade’ organisations to join with us in our glorious efforts to win justice for the girls and young women of Britain!

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  1. Well done all you fine patriots. Protect our girls from muslim grooming gangs!