Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Brown's bar in Coventry turns away grieving comrades of Corporal Michael Thacker

A COVENTRY bar has sparked outrage by turning away the friends and family of a city soldier Michael Thacker before his funeral - because they were wearing their military uniforms.

A huge internet campaign sprang up after Brown's bar in Coventry allegedly turned away the pall bearers of city hero Corporal Thacker - including his own brother Matthew - before his funeral.

Hundreds of people flocked to Coventry Cathedral on Monday to say farewell to Michael, who was killed on duty in Afghanistan earlier this month.

After making all the preparations the six pall bearers - including Michael’s brother Matthew - walked round the corner to Browns bar in Jordan Well for tea and coffee.

However, they were turned away by staff for wearing their ceremonial uniforms.

His wife Catherine later posted on the group: “As Cpl Michael Thacker’s wife I have to say when I found out this news I was horrified ,especially seeing as one of the men in uniform was his grieving brother!"

"The lack of respect you have shown my husband, me and the lads yesterday will never be forgotten by the people in Coventry.”

More than 33,000 people have already joined the Facebook group calling for a boycott of Brown's on Saturday, which is Armed Forces Day.

Many are now calling on people to write to Coventry City Council to demand that it revoke the bar's license.

The hashtag #boycottbrowns was also trending on social networking site Twitter.

In creating the Facebook group last night, friends of the fallen soldier wrote: “On Monday June 25, Browns Independent Bar in Coventry refused to serve a group of grieving soldiers, because they were wearing their military uniform, on the day they were burying a brother, Cpl Michael Thacker. Truly disgusting!

“The six pall-bearer’s (and others, including their Commanding Officer) had been rehearsing their duties in the morning before the funeral and had an opportunity to refuel on teas and coffees.

I have tried to contact the Owner/manager of the Bar, and they are refusing to comment.

To show your disgust their contact details are as follows.

Browns Bar, 02476 221100

Friday, 15 June 2012

Stoke-on-Trent's International Council House Allocation Programme!

Please study the table of Stoke-on-Trent City Council house lets displayed below. The data seems to confirm that around 16% of the council houses in the city are being allocated to persons describing themselves as 'black African' or 'Asian' or some other non-British description! It's important to remember that although the figures in the table may seem modest, each one of the lettings will actually refer to a family - and, as I have observed, the foreigners coming into my city have very large families!

Of course the Red Socialists down at the council love giving the prized assets of the British People away to do so is in keeping with their Marxist philosophy that dictates that 'property is theft' and that 'we are all equal, all the same' (that the people of the world are all equal - have equal entitlement to any of the property of the British People)! We see this insidious programme in every facet of the controlled state - Britain famously has it's (international) National Health Service that gives free health care to hundreds of thousands of foreign 'health tourists' each year - pushing needy Britons to the back of the queue. Also, our much abused Social Security Service (perhaps the most abused and corrupting organisation in the history of the world) now costs £90billion per year - vast sums of which is lavished upon foreigners who have barged their way into my country, who in turn send very large amounts of the British People's money to Africa, the Indian sub-continent and Poland!

This Marxist philosophy and it's capitalist bed partner 'Globalism' are the anti-pole of Nationalism and patriotism and have led Britain (and every other nation that has fallen into it's hands) into a spiral of decline, cultural destruction, racial destruction, and destruction of Independence and sovereignty.
The data provided here does not give an accurate indication of the 'inflow' of foreigners into my city as this data only refers to council properties, each year there are thousands of properties going to foreigners through the private rented sector - also of note is the way that housing associations are allocating properties to foreigners under the same 'shared protocals' as Stoke-on-Trent City Council uses.
And so, if we calculate the movement of population within the City of Stoke-on-Trent then clearly, horribly, the truth of future developments are becoming clear. The headlong rush by the old Stokies to get out of this city and to find a better, more palatable future in other towns and cities will play an even greater role in our cruel new masters 'Stoke-on-Trent population replacement programme' than even the influx of foreigners will play. You see, Stoke-on-Trent will become a Muslim city - within 60 years! The Stokies are aware of this and, as we have seen from every English, city population that have been confronted with a similar circumstance (from Cockneys to Brummies) since the 1950's, they are upping sticks and moving away from the dark invaders!

Each year 1500 Stokies leave this city, they are being replaced by foreigners, this process will inevitably (forcibly, by design, by the enemies of Stoke-on-Trent) convert this city from being a proud, English, industrial city - to being a Muslim city where the Muslim religion reigns, Muslim values reign and where, I predict, Muslim law (Sharia) will reign!
And there ladies and gentlemen is the political battleground that I and my fellow members of the British National Party will be fighting. Our principle opponents will be the foreign, inserted regime that sits in all key positions of power and control in our country, our secondary opponents will be the quisling traitor class (the Cameron, Milliband and Clegg class) that has lent itself to the ' British Holocaust Programmes' of our enemy masters. There are other opponents that we must fight against to preserve our future, a future for our children, they are many and varied. To all Stokies reading this I would appeal to you to put aside any thoughts of running (away to the hills) away from this city in search of a better life - better to stay here and fight on this ground (our ground) against those responsible for your betrayal and suffering - to all Stokies I say "join the BNP and fight for the future of your children and grandchildren"!