Monday, 7 May 2012

Silent Revolution

In the wake of the recent local elections where turnout from white working class communities was at an all time low, this short film aims to do three things. Firstly it seeks to show how mainstream government has brought Jihad to Britain; secondly it shows how bankers and big business have dictated our economy and brought us to financial ruin; and thirdly it shows how the British National Party are still strong, despite suffering from a frightening level of State persecution, whilst showcasing how the BNP are positively greeted on the streets by young, white people. There is a revolution of whispers happening in Britain today. Currently the ballot box is shunned by two thirds of our community, however in pubs and on the street - in fact everywhere white people meet - there is talk of rebellion against the Establishment. The British National Party offers our people a chance for peaceful revolution, albeit with forceful demonstrations and a powerful message of change. At some point in the not too distant future, the chance for peaceful change may pass us by. Shropshire British National Party desperately want to avoid that scenario. So, in the light of poor election results for minority parties, we're offering a final shot at resurrecting the health and integrity of Britain and the restoration of the British spirit. By Shropshire British National Party

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