Thursday, 17 May 2012

Coventry's Scrap metal update.

Coventry BNP launched a scheme last Christmas to tackle the problem of metal theft which has escalated across the country due to the high value of scrap metal. The scheme certainly got more than its fair share of publicity as the labour council went all out to try and stop the BNP scheme.

The local media both press and radio also covered the story extensively. The "Scrap Metal Free Zone" scheme has now been running for almost 6 months. In that time 1,000s of Scrap Metal Free Zone leaflets have been delivered across Coventry. The response has been very good with many residents happy to donate scrap metal to the BNP rather than let it go to the endless cavalcade of dodgy dealers trawling the streets often in illegal and dangerous vehicles.

Local organiser, Mark Badrick, said many members and supporters had donated scrap and it has also been nice to see random members of the public come forward with their unwanted metal. All were rewarded with a BNP info pack and some have gone onto to join the party. One elderly gentleman calls us regular with items he has collected off his neighbours. All metal is carefully separated and then weighted in with all profits going to British charities only. Mark Badrick said, "the council can't or won't tackle the problem of scrap metal theft, hence the BNP stepped in and turned a negative into a positive", the scheme is ran by local BNP volunteers and is something that all branches should consider taking up".


  1. Mark looks fit and healthy there... LOL. Keep it up folks.

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