Thursday, 17 May 2012

Coventry's Scrap metal update.

Coventry BNP launched a scheme last Christmas to tackle the problem of metal theft which has escalated across the country due to the high value of scrap metal. The scheme certainly got more than its fair share of publicity as the labour council went all out to try and stop the BNP scheme.

The local media both press and radio also covered the story extensively. The "Scrap Metal Free Zone" scheme has now been running for almost 6 months. In that time 1,000s of Scrap Metal Free Zone leaflets have been delivered across Coventry. The response has been very good with many residents happy to donate scrap metal to the BNP rather than let it go to the endless cavalcade of dodgy dealers trawling the streets often in illegal and dangerous vehicles.

Local organiser, Mark Badrick, said many members and supporters had donated scrap and it has also been nice to see random members of the public come forward with their unwanted metal. All were rewarded with a BNP info pack and some have gone onto to join the party. One elderly gentleman calls us regular with items he has collected off his neighbours. All metal is carefully separated and then weighted in with all profits going to British charities only. Mark Badrick said, "the council can't or won't tackle the problem of scrap metal theft, hence the BNP stepped in and turned a negative into a positive", the scheme is ran by local BNP volunteers and is something that all branches should consider taking up".

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Stoke British National Party hard at work

Lets clean Bentilee up

The decent people of Bentilee have suffered for years under the red socialist council,whose main priority seems to be to ruin decent council housing estates (and their communities). I have a message for Stoke On Trent city council "YOU'VE BEEN RUMBLED,WE NOW KNOW YOU ARE PRIMARILY RESPONSIBLE FOR THE MISERY WE SUFFER,I AND MY FELLOW BNP MEMBERS ARE GOING TO EXPOSE YOU AND CHALLENGE YOU."

Monday, 14 May 2012

Coventry Post Election Meeting

Coventry branch held their post election meeting on Saturday 12th May 2012. It is always a pleasure to attend a Coventry meeting as the members are always very welcoming, but also nice to see some new faces as well. Coventry's fundholder Mark Badrick (Badger) opened the meeting with an overview of the election results for Coventry and then gave an update on the Scrap Metal campaign, which is proving very popular with the Coventry residents.
As West Midlands regional organiser I was up next. I spoke about the elections that took place in the West Midlands, and also about the plans for activism and future elections in the region.
Former Councillor and Organiser for Stoke on Trent, Mike Coleman - who was the guest speaker was next. Mike spoke about the constant work that has taken place in Stoke over the last 20 years, and how they are still are out leafleting every week without fail. Mike emphasised how important it is that we are constantly on the street campaigning on local issues week after week and not just at election time.

There was a brief Question and Answer session, following that it was time to relax and socialise which is always the best part.

Monday, 7 May 2012

Silent Revolution

In the wake of the recent local elections where turnout from white working class communities was at an all time low, this short film aims to do three things. Firstly it seeks to show how mainstream government has brought Jihad to Britain; secondly it shows how bankers and big business have dictated our economy and brought us to financial ruin; and thirdly it shows how the British National Party are still strong, despite suffering from a frightening level of State persecution, whilst showcasing how the BNP are positively greeted on the streets by young, white people. There is a revolution of whispers happening in Britain today. Currently the ballot box is shunned by two thirds of our community, however in pubs and on the street - in fact everywhere white people meet - there is talk of rebellion against the Establishment. The British National Party offers our people a chance for peaceful revolution, albeit with forceful demonstrations and a powerful message of change. At some point in the not too distant future, the chance for peaceful change may pass us by. Shropshire British National Party desperately want to avoid that scenario. So, in the light of poor election results for minority parties, we're offering a final shot at resurrecting the health and integrity of Britain and the restoration of the British spirit. By Shropshire British National Party