Friday, 9 March 2012

West Midlands GLA fundraising meeting

Thursday 8th March saw the West Midlands hold there GLA Fundraising meeting with party chairman Nick Griffin M.E.P.
The meeting was very well attended by both members and supporters, I chaired and opened the meeting and got everyone in the mood, I then introduced the Chairman Nick Griffin M.E.P who arrived straight from Brussels and got straight into his speech, the Chairman gave a very rousing speech and explained how important the GLA elections are. The Chairman then did a Question and Answer session and the questions came quick and fast, to which the Chairman answered all of the questions.

The Chairman then took time to have photos with both members and supporters before his long drive home, the meeting closed and everyone left very happy and full of enthusiasm and looked forward to the campaign ahead.

The meeting collected £1550.22 towards the GLA Election fund.

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  1. Just wish some of the closet supporters would come and See Nick he would open their eyes, and make um think! Thanks Alwyn great venue friendly bunch and good prices. Anonymous Mick R