Monday, 5 March 2012

The Growing Black Country: Update by John Salvage

Readers may remember that last year, Members of the Black Country branch took on a chunky sized plot on an allotment deep in the heart of the region. Well, the good news is that one third of this large plot is ready for planting in March. Readers back then were amazed that for just £20 per year, such a plot, which is approximately Sq 4000 feet, could be worked on with such enthusiasm, as it was extremely overgrown, and required much work. The main reason for such a project, was broadly twofold, and prove that when it comes to being green, Nationalists are, and always were, at the forefront of connecting tradition and necessity together. One, is that with the massive price increases in both fuel and purchasing groceries, the branch wished to show others in the party, and supporters and concerned families nationwide that, we need not be at the mercy of the big supermarkets, foreign imported food, and using ridiculous numbers of car journey's to fetch basic food supplies. Two, this sort of self-sufficiency will provide all the necessary basic food sources, sadly lacking in much of what we eat today.

The members were congratulated by the committee on enduring with the plot, due to it's overgrown and uneven condition, and offered as much help and advice as possible. The members were also given a free supply of ''organic growing food''. Plans are also in motion to build a greenhouse on the edge of the plot, a raised car port and shed, and a ''children's section'' to encourage our young to get involved in nature, and what is a traditional, healthy pastime. Chickens will also be purchased, and one of the committee has already offered to ''gift'' his stock of hens and chickens next year. In the mean time, the members will be looking to stock up on this more natural and plentiful food source. Watch this space for the next up-date, and to all readers, supporters, and British families nationwide... get growing, dig for victory, and help create sustainable system within a system. After all said and done, we as a people can't rely on anyone else, and every additional tool we can use for our survival and renaissance, is one less ball and chain to endure.

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