Friday, 10 February 2012

Solihull leafleting session

Activists from Birmingham teamed up with Solihull candidate Simone Neale to begin the Solihull local election campaign for May 2012. West Midlands Regional Organiser Alwyn Deacon came along to help with a box of the Salford designed ‘Heat or Eat’ leaflets.
Simone explained she had purchased a few hundred ‘We want our Country Back’ leaflets last year to test the water in the ward. She said the response had been very positive and this had contributed to her decision to stand as a candidate for the British National Party in 2012. Some 500 leaflets were delivered in the ward which will be followed by regular leafleting sessions up to the election.

Birmingham activist David Campion said he will assist Solihull branch with future activism in addition to running the campaign in East Birmingham this year. Birmingham Organiser Paul Hickman said he is delighted to have found a keen and reliable candidate for the target ward and that Simone would make an excellent British National Party Councillor. Paul will be giving Solihull candidates full support in addition to running the South Birmingham campaign.
If you would like to help out in Birmingham or Solihull please get in touch with Paul Hickman on 07523182706.

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