Monday, 27 February 2012

Cannock British National Party Meeting

February 27th saw Cannock group of the British National Party hold their second meeting of the year, this meeting started with long standing Organiser Bill Vaughan giving his reason for standing down as organiser due to ill health.
Bill has been a very hardworking organiser who started Cannock group from scratch with the help of Cannock's Fundholder Terry Majorowicz and have built it up to what it is today, a very strong and active group that is an asset to the West Midlands region. Bill was then presented with a framed certificate of appreciation for all his hard work, this was presented by me.

Regional Organiser Alwyn Deacon presenting Bill Vaughan with his Certificate.

Shaun Grimsley was then Introduced as the new Organiser, Shaun said it would be hard to follow in Bill's footsteps but promised he would show the same commitment and dedication that Bill has shown over the years.

Derek Evans with his activity notice board

There was still time to make one more announcement, this was the appointment of super local activist Derek Evans, Derek was made the groups Secretary. Derek produced a notice board at the meeting of all the activities that the party have done over the last few months, Derek handed me another 12 postal vote forms tonight, which takes his total of postal forms now collected to 62.

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  1. All the best Bill. I hope we will still see you in some role or other (a bacon one?) See you soon and all the best mate.