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The 300 Year Old New World Order, By John Salvage

The compound debt of the western world, especially in light of the latest ''bailout'' of Greece, can be traced back to 1694. That year, the wrongly termed ''Bank of England'' was formed, not by ordinary people, nor government, but by private investors. They immediately halted the old ''Tally Stick System''. They realised it was a fairer system, and thus, power and profit lay outside the power of the money changers. Obviously, no one would expect the Tally Stick system to stay in its exact form, where sticks of highly hewed wood, with notches inlaid along one edges to signify the denominations would suffice until today. However, this system, and what could have followed, whereby proof of the holder and the crown, had a legal record through one piece each, worked for over 700 years. It actually became the most fair and equitable form of currency in history. The British Empire, a trading empire essentially, was built through use of the Tally Stick system, now lost in a world without understanding of the system, and in debt to literally a few dozen elitist maniacs. Under King Henry 1, half was kept as proof against any illegal counterfeiting, and then the other spent in the markets, or as payment for goods and services, where it continued as regulated currency. People thus had confidence in accepting these ''sticks'' as money. Such was the greed and insanity of those whom now control, or change nations at their will, the now familiar ''national debt'' reared it's ugly, and illegal head. So much so that, by 1698, just four years after the bank's formation, the national debt rose from £1,250,000 per year, to £16,000,000 per year. The ordinary man in the street, and those hard working families, already pressed into hard labour just to keep a roof over their heads, then had to endure an increase in taxes, simply to supply the facilitation of profit to these alien greed mongers, and their treacherous stooges. Sound familiar?

President James Madison (1809 - 1817) wrote:

''History records that the money changers have used every form of abuse, intrigue, deceit, and violent means possible to maintain their control over governments by controlling money and its issuance."

With that in mind, and considering that even back then, a US president knew what was, and whom, were behind wars and poverty, it then presupposes that in the 21st century, the same clique of war mongers, should now be engineering yet more mass murder, poverty, and total control over the once free peoples of this nation, the western world, and other nations elsewhere. We are not seeing ''a new world order,'' just a three centuries old one, being played out before our very own eyes. Greece, Spain, Portugal, Iceland, Ireland, Britain, France, and America, not to mention other nations with a centralised foreign banking elite, and a ''placebo government'', have been crushed, and have had their economies ruthlessly taken over by stealth, and every other avenue mentioned by James Madison in the above quote. There is almost no nation on this planet, that can be said to be truly sovereign, as the military complex now under the banking cartel's control, are ensuring that there is little room for any real revolution as in days gone past. We, all of us, whether British, fellow Europeans, Americans, and all the other nations, have some serious thinking and planning to do... and that will mean solidarity without egos, and creating a system within a system. Without the traitors, and those whom have ''something on them'' they would rather not share with others, none of this could have been achieved.

Speaking of treachery at a high level, we now hear that those controlling America, are to arm militia close to Al Qaeda, thus bringing another nation, Syria, to their alter of evil. Any member of the western Armed Forces reading this article, including many within the Special Forces, should keep a clear head, remembering that they are simply being used as cannon fodder. What a tragedy, what a stab in the back, especially when one thinks about all those Americans, British, and fellow service men and women, who will never see their loved ones again. Arming ones enemy is not new of course, but the whole pretext of the last twelve or so years of conflict, was supposedly to bring ''democracy'' to the nations of the Middle East, and to stop the supposed killing of civilians. Oddly enough, more innocent people have been killed by the ''coalition forces'' than the numbers allegedly killed by dictators. Money, control over resources, and in part, a cultural and religious agenda, are really what drives the elites, especially the bankers. Here, the Bank of England is a model, a blue print if you like, to show every nation how to operate the ''fractional reserve banking system''. Taxes are the preferred way to pay back the illegal debt, but anyone with an eye on the economy of both America, and the western world in general, will be uncertain as to how our broken and debt ridden businesses, private and public sectors, can ever get free... they can't, and that is the plan.

It's hard to believe, but it was not that long ago, probably just before the Second World War started, but the press and media were actually reporting things as they really were. The media had not at that time, been ''bought off'', and some articles and comment called the system "a great swindle, a vulture, a viper, and a cobra." Those days are long gone, Newcomers to Nationalism, have always, without hesitation, one question they ask.. ''how come the BNP never gets in the news?''. Or, ''you should be on Question Time, or this or that programme, otherwise you'll get nowhere.'' Well, read this, and other articles, then take a look at so-called ''live shows,'' where our Chairman and others have appeared, and you'll see why this never really works in general. Such is the era we are in. Party media, and other patriotic formats, and literature is claiming scalps regularly, and with each new member, ten others will soon know what we are doing, and the message then becomes a tool, a way out of the controlled media grip. What was once considered ''conspiracy,'' is now the talking point amongst the world's free thinkers, and that includes anyone coming to the British National Party. Essentially, knowledge is key. Outside of the political arena, there are many other things we can do. Culturally, and socio-economically, we can work together far more closely, we can create a system within a system, and that includes eating healthily, and trading and working with each other.

A sound mind can only come from a healthy diet, and even food is not off limits to the elite. Napoleon Bonaparte said:

''When a government is dependent upon bankers for money, they and not the leaders of the government control the situation, since the hand that gives is above the hand that takes... Money has no motherland; financiers are without patriotism and without decency; their sole object is gain."

Once gain has been accomplished, everything else, once thought of as free, cheap, or at least easily attainable, becomes just another commodity to the ruthless and greedy alien parasite. As Napoleon suggests, financiers are without patriotism, decency, or a motherland. Speaking of which, George Soros, the billionaire carpet-bagger, and in part, creator of Britain's ''Black Wednesday'', in September 1992, is now doing what his ilk has done for centuries. George Soros is backing Gavilon Grain's purchases, to control food production and grain distribution in the United States. Gavilon, which has become the third largest grain company in that country, with Soros's investment, will result in a similar internationalist capitalist/Marxist strategy that saw energy markets and oil, totally controlled by a small group of already super-rich corporations. The price will then be engineered through their artificial control over its supply. Food brokers consolidating into a few large companies, controlling the majority of any market, will culminate in prices set, not by ''supply and demand'', but by the manipulation of supply. If the price of food, for example in the United States is low, then grain can be shipped to other markets for sale, causing then an artificial supply problem in the very country that produced the grain in the first place. (Source: This smacks of the great depression, whereby this sad, but deliberate scenario, saw people starve, and go broke in the 1920's an 30's. The so-called ''New Deal,'' then indebted the tax payer even more, through programmes that created the US welfare state. History repeating itself, only world wide. Soros has strong ties to the Obama administration, influencing the economic and political outcomes that enable him to consolidate both the purchasing, and shipping of domestic agriculture around the world. If ever there was time for a ''Nationalist Spring'' revolution, this is it.

As mentioned previously, violent revolutions are generally staged, as we are seeing with those engineered by elements within the British, American, and Israeli governments and military, thus, anger must be directed politically, and socio-culturally. Looking around the various controlled media outlets, many people are fooled by a one sided explosion of revolutionary acts of defiance. However, imagine what would become of our people, especially the white population, if the same principle was applied. Let's be honest, one only has to see the various and disparate groups involved here, and in Greece, Spain, and America, to see that no such combined organisational strategy is logistically or intellectually possible when demonstrating against our own or other Euro-Zone government policies. The ''Western Spring'' discussed here, is only possible through a co-ordinated effort, whereby what this party used to describe as ''The Quiet Revolution'' becomes both quiet, and yet sees action through working together. All of the disparate groups currently protesting against what is going on in society, many of them controlled by our enemy politically and culturally, have members amongst them that would also independently be a part of such a move. There is no ''New World Order'', it already happened. What is required now, is a massive, singular dedicated move, no matter what traditional political or cultural side we support, where we, as Freemen and women of this nation, and all others valuing theirs, oppose the coming World Government. It can only be achieved through a new and independent socio-economic freedom, plus the willpower to work and trade with each other. The New World order is already 300 years old, it's now time to create our own system.

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  1. Excellent, informative and very scary post. Thank you Alwyn.