Thursday, 26 January 2012

Wolverhampton British National Party moving forward

Wednesday 25th January 2012 saw the first meeting of the year for the Wolverhampton branch of the British National Party. There were plenty of old faces as well as new.

As Regional Organiser, I chaired the meeting and spoke about the upcoming campaigns that are planned for the West Midlands as well as the parties plans for national campaigns. I raised the importance of putting candidates up in this years local elections, to which several people nominated themselves.

Next on the agenda was activism; there was a varied selection of ideas discussed between those in attendance at the meeting - which most will be used. Each member was given 100 leaflets to distribute however they see fit.

The Voice of Freedom newspaper sales were very good with most members agreeing to buying 5 copies each - to either sell or pass on to friends. Some were even purchased to for the purpose of being left in specific places such as Doctors or Dentists surgeries. This is a very good way of building branch funds, as well as spreading the British National Party message.

The members who attended were very keen on holding more regular meetings, so the room is booked again for late February. Once the meeting was bought to a close, the evening continued into an informal social - people staying to chat. This proved a very good night, and a late one!

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  1. Excellent news folks. Good to see Simon still at it, keep it up everyone. See you soon hopefully.