Monday, 30 January 2012

West Midlands Members meeting January 2012

The first West Midlands Regional members’ meeting of the year was held in Coventry on the 28th of January. West Midlands Regional Organiser Alwyn Deacon opened the meeting and told the audience that groups and branches in the County have been busy with several different community politics projects. Alwyn stated that the build up to the Euro Elections in 2014 starts now and that all the work that is currently going on is also building up to getting a West Midlands MEP elected in 2014. Alwyn also stressed the importance of Organisers standing good quality local candidates in this May’s local elections.

Next up was Coventry Organiser Mark Badrick. Mark talked about the recent ‘This is a no scrap metal zone’ initiative which has resulted in a local Councillor making a complaint and publicity from the local press. Mark explained that the leaflet has been successful and there are another 9000 to go out across Coventry and surrounding areas over the coming months. Mark also updated the audience about the successful VOF paper round which Coventry British National Party started a few years back and reported that the branch now has 300 local subscribers!

Alwyn then introduced London Regional Organiser Steve Squire. Steve talked about his history briefly and then went on to explain the dedication and enthusiasm shared by his activists and Organisers in and around London. Steve reported activism is taking place in the Capitol City every weekend and a huge mail shoot will accompany London British National Party efforts to gain a Greater London Assembly member (or two) this May.

The meeting then went to a break with Alwyn introducing London Mayoral candidate Carlos Cortiglia afterwards. Carlos gave an impassioned speech in which he underlined the betrayal of the three main parties against the British people. Carlos asked why the Lib/Lab/Con politicians are afraid to engage with the British National Party in debate and spoke about the disgusting attempt by the Labour ‘Stasi’ in Liverpool, who are trying to take away the license of the publican who hosted the British National Party annual conference.

Finally the raffle was drawn and a healthy collection amount was raised. New members’ and activists present said they greatly enjoyed their first meeting and are looking forward to the next one.

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