Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Stone Cold Hatred, By John Salvage

As with all struggles, conflicts and wars, it always seems to be the insiders, traitors, and underground networks of revolutionary and liberal types that ensure victory for the enemy, and loss of freedom for the defenders. Dr Richard Stone, awarded an OBE last June, for ''services to the public and voluntary sector'', now works on building bridges between the Jewish community, and the Muslim community, through his charity ''Alif-Aleph UK''. Dr Stone is also president of the Jewish Council for Racial Equality, and was a member on the panel of the Stephen Lawrence Inquiry from 1997 until 1999, as adviser to Sir William Macpherson. He is one of many supposed ''professionals'' whom take it upon themselves to placate the already perverted, hateful, and warmongering establishment, ever ready to promote democracy to other cultures, nations, and sections of society, deemed to poor, or oppressed to fend for themselves. Although a Doctor, (GP) thus professional in a medical sense, Dr Stone was quoted in the Guardian, saying "It is a crime to waste police time in this country. A racist officer is an incompetent officer, and if they're wasting police time they should be charged."Wasting police time is a crime, so why are certain professionals in this country, wasting police time, along with billions of tax payers money, concerning themselves with what is essentially an invention of Trotsky and his ilk?

The term(s) racism, racist, racialist etc, were used to bring divisions in what were once, the healthy, prosperous, sovereign nations of Europe, Britain, and America. Those whom enjoyed the wealth and favours of the bankers of old, Abraham Kuhn, Solomon Loeb, and the Rothschild dynasty, were also displaying an evil duplicity, in that they used the working classes, ethnic groups, and religious zealots, to produce a kind of ''Social Balkanisation'', and thus create conflict. Dr Stone and the other cultural aliens, many whom have been allowed to prosper since Cromwellian times, are the modern version of the old style Revolutionary extremists. They now have almost the whole of the world's media to act as a further comfort blanket for their hatred of our people and nation. Any death, especially murder, is an evil act, but the modern, wrongly termed ''British media'', ensured that those formerly alleged to have murdered Stephen Lawrence, were found guilty. Thus, readers were offered what some consider ''trial by media'', normally frowned upon, resulting in a case being thrown out. Where was Dr Stone when 15 year old Kris Donald was brutalised, hacked to death, burned, and left bleeding to crawl on the floor in Glasgow by wealthy immigrants?

Were were his ilk, and others like him, when Ross Parker was savagely beaten by a hammer, and stabbed to death in Peterborough by Pakistani youths? Where were the dogged press reporters, normally hounding everyone until justice was done? Nowhere. There are of course, many hundreds of cases like those above, and the usual agenda is an all out attack on bigotry and racism until we are all worn down mentally. Oddly though, the TV press was eerily quiet recently, when Emma West was arrested for her so called ''racist rant'' on a London tram. There were snippets of internet news, and some mention of the case in certain newspapers, but no media outrage we would normally expect. Presumably, this was because although her language may have been angry and unladylike, what was actually said was not aimed at anyone, but was aimed at the state of the country, and was more in tune with what many believe to be the problem. She did not call anyone names, and that is probably what the media blackout on TV etc, was all about. Millions would have then seen for themselves, the actual facts, rather than the bias of the foreign controlled media.With the aforementioned ''Cultural Balkanisation'' of western nations, especially our own, now nearing some kind of fracture, or potential crossroads scenario, the media requires more ammunition with which to offset the coming disaster(s).

A report now suggests that at least 160,000 jobs have been taken from British born people, with the influx of non-EU immigrants. The big con-trick is of course that, we are supposed to be so brainwashed and dopey, as to think the EU is the correct home for us, and that immigration from inside the EU is normal. The real headline should be: GLOBALISM destroys British jobs. But why let facts get in the way of further propaganda? Obviously, there had to be a balance, so the ''National Institute for Economic and Social Research'', suggested that immigration has little, or no impact on the number of jobless benefit claimants. Let's be honest, you the reader knows the truth, but again, the government had to be given the last word, because the BBC reported it, so it needs to be confused, and our plight taken lightly and smirked at. In effect, when all things that have befallen this nation are taken into account, every problem, every hate crime, every murder, rape, and every pound we pay towards keeping up the facade of a Multi-Racial society, is subtly and not so subtly, aided and supported by foreigners, or those of foreign descent. We the British, have been the victim of alien belief systems, mainly coming from the extreme leftist agenda from the early 20th century. The only race hate victims in this country, are us. Over the last few years alone, never mind the long held plans of the Marxists powered by the bankers, and wealth via government grants, the immigrants that Cromwell allowed back into this country, to aid his plan to make England a republic through their money lending businesses, there has been not one single immigrant that has stoop up, or supported the race and nation they came to live amongst.

Keith Vaz, a Yemeni immigrant, and MP for Leicester East, said he was ''glad that Britain had been transformed''. After being elected in back in 1989, Vaz led a march of thousands of Muslims in Leicester, calling for Salman Rushdie's book The Satanic Verses to be banned. Obviously, Vaz's version of democracy did not include proportionality for his ''host nation,'' because in 1990, this immigrant suggested that the Army had ''stored explosives on the premises'' after a bombing attack by the IRA at the Leicester British Army recruiting centre. Another well known, enriching element of our enforced Multi-Racial society, is ''race and religion based'' quotas. The police force, sorry, service, has been left battered by recent events as we all know, but one ''ethnic achiever'' in particular, a certain Ali Dizaei, floats to the top of the cess pit. After being parachuted into a top position, this Muslim from Iran, had an eventful, and some say colourful career. In April 2008, he was promoted to Commander of West London. In August 2008, he was awarded the Long Service Good Conduct Medal by the then-Commissioner, Sir Ian Blair. In early 2010, he was convicted on charges of perverting the course of justice, and misconduct in a public office, and promptly jailed for four years. He had been previously suspended on full pay since September 2008. In March 2010, he was formally dismissed from the Metropolitan Police.

Such is life in modern Britain, where immigrants can be allowed and encouraged, to behave the way they want to, then shout ''racism'' when they are caught acting exactly as they would in their third world country of origin. Those that have produced this atmosphere, a kind of socio-political culture dish experiment, are a mixture of pathetic British born collaborators, and the ancestors of immigrants that arrived on our shores decades, or centuries ago. Once here, they did what they always seem to do, and dug deep into our institutions, not working very hard in the physical sense, but quietly creating a system of ''I know best''. Being in academia, allowed these parasitic types to earn good income, and then in turn, push for social change in the country that took them, or their ancestors in, having being oppressed in their former regions and countries. Many now realise that they did the same thing there, and were not oppressed, but made their living greedily grabbing everything they could, or causing trouble by sneaky, or outright revolutionary tactics that destabilised their own nations. Such a character is one ''Professor'' Ted Cantle, recently writing ''Community Cohesion: A New Framework for Race and Diversity''. He once said that Heanor, in Derbyshire, England, was ''unhealthily white'', and was a leading member on various committees pushing the race card to the forefront, especially in light of the ''Oldham Riots''. Of course, non of the aforementioned enriching leaders, all of foreign origins, would venture to establish such a format, or acts of change and social cohesion, in Israel, Iran, or Yemen, from whence they either came directly, or their origins and hearts really are. Only we can change any of this, and we will not accomplish one jot until we are as one... until that day, enjoy the foreign take away, festooned with lashings of stone cold hatred.

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  1. A must read. This is an excellent, balanced Post by Alwyn Deacon, a true Nationalist and Patriot with whom I have the utmost respect.