Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Stoke BNP Christmas Gathering 2011

Stoke BNP held their Christmas Gathering on December 29th at a venue in Longton, Stoke-on-Trent. We all had a good time, a good laugh - in good company. After the presentations we enjoyed a buffet made up entirely of non-halal food, we also sampled several pints of various beers and lagers.
The first presentation was delivered by myself - the subject was Black Criminality, focussing upon the Black riots of August 2011 that brought devastation to many English cities. I put forward a great deal of evidence for the 'outbreak' of this mass lawlessness, I challenged the establishment view that the Blacks were forced onto the streets of London to steal widescreen TV's and training shoes because of the relentless police racism and terrible poverty that they endure. Instead I put forward my thoughts that the real reason for the Black Riots were as a result of their racial peculiarities! I suggested to the audience that the level of damage and the ultimate threat of social destabilisation and the subversion of 'good order' that is resulting from the Tsunami of Black Crime could be compared to the threat as posed by the rise of Radical Islam! The pattern of behaviour (of Blacks) seen across the world, wherever they gather in large numbers, of inexcusably large crime rates (60% of serious crime in London is committed by Blacks - Black males account for 6% of the London population!) indicates conclusively that there are characteristics within the Black race that gives rise to very strong opinions regarding their continued presence within our society!
Mickey White gave an excellent presentation on the terrible effects of Mass Unemployment, he revealed many of the hardships being experienced by the people of Stoke-on-Trent. Mickey brought the attention of the audience to the 'traitor class' who are responsible for the economic betrayal of the British working man and woman. He also made it clear that Globalist economics (in its present form) is devastating to the 'Economy Of The Common People' - leading as it does to mass unemployment, low pay, little or no job security. Mickey ended by telling us all that it it vital for political change (at the top) and the only economic salvation for the British People will come on the back of a Nationalist Government, one that embraces the concepts of 'British National Interest' and 'British Folk Interest'.
I ended the meeting by wishing everyone a White Christmas!
By Mike Coleman

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