Sunday, 2 December 2012

Oswestry Muslim Society Submits Plans for Prayer Centre

North Shropshire British National Party is beginning its campaign to halt development plans submitted by Oswestry Muslim Society regarding the Change of Use from ‘Furniture Store’ (previously Presbyterian Church) to ‘Oswestry Muslim Centre’ including internal alterations at Oswald Road Fine Furniture, Oswald Road, Oswestry, Shropshire, SY11 1RE.

Speaking about this campaign, local organiser councillor Phil Reddall said,

“Shropshire Branch are planning numerous days of action in Oswestry in the weeks leading up to Christmas. We intend to ensure local residents are made aware of the plans submitted by Oswestry Muslim Society. We will be leafleting the area and speaking to residents and shoppers. Also a press release is being prepared.

“I believe this application has been carefully timed to catch local people unawares as they prepare for the festive period. Furthermore, the word ‘Mosque’ has been deliberately omitted in this ‘softly-softly’ approach towards the gradual colonisation of Oswestry.”

Shropshire Branch would like to make it clear that in order to oppose planning applications for Muslim Prayer Centres and Mosques, leafleting and days of action are only a part of what must be done.

Objections must be submitted in significant numbers to the Planning Department.

Most if not all local authorities advise that objections are best submitted online.

It is important to note that any comments made online appear in the Public Domain and objections will only be taken into account if they refer to planning matters. There is absolutely no point on commenting on religious or ethnic grounds per se, and comments must be well considered before posting. Valid comments might include concerns over parking or noise.

It would be advisable to read the following before comments are made:

Should readers wish to view the application and make a well informed comment after viewing all documentation supplied, the link to follow is:

Readers can view the location which is situated next door to the Border Counties Advertizer office by searching Google Maps using the postcode SY11 1RE.

As a final note, all BNP organisers should visit the website of their Local Authority and bookmark the planning page which can be swiftly disseminated to local people should a Mosque proposal be submitted in their area.

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Back to Winning - Election Strategy

Alwyn Deacon, our newly appointed National Elections Officer started the 2012 British National Party conference 2012 with a very clear lecture on how he intends to get back to winning elections.

The key points of his lecture are below.

There is no quick fix, just hard work, methodical, targeted smart work.
To get BACK TO WINNING we need to start NOW!

Start now for next May’s County Council elections.

TARGETING: We must target if we are to win. Choose your target ward-1 ward in each area and start work now.

Each target ward needs a newsletter/leaflet at least once a month. The generic party literature is fine but a local newsletter is also required.

We need to get candidates in place now – not next April, the candidate needs to start working the target ward and the local unit must have the discipline to stick to the target ward.

They need to start attending local council meetings; resident’s association meetings and they need to start writing to local papers, getting their name and face known.

The whole group needs to work on finding the local issues; our publicity department needs your info from the actual ward, LOCAL ISSUES MATTER TO LOCAL PEOPLE, get involved in the community,
We need good quality photos of candidates NOW, today in fact, please make sure everyone gets their picture taken today by our professional photographer, and a very good 250 words about the candidate. All these things can and should be prepared as early as possible.

Each group/branch needs to get a new electoral register in December and ask for monthly updates, and keep the register updated monthly.

Ask me about this process after the conference and I will issue you the paperwork and advise you on the data management of the registers.

There should be as many paper candidates as possible; this is mainly to spread the anti BNP brigade, therefore diverting their efforts away from the target ward. We should also monitor these wards to see what a vote we get.

We need to get people signed up to postal votes; we need to harvest these people. We should always make sure we offer to sign them up to postal votes on every leaflet we put out.
We need to get more people trained to do simple mail merges, and canvass sheets, when leafleting activist need to stop and talk to residents, find out what their concerns are and take note and always make sure if they support us keep them on file, a VoF through their door regularly.

Activists should always be smart and polite when out leafleting, even under pressure and if taking abuse stay polite; you don’t know who is watching or listening, no swearing.
Candidates should always be on the streets when activism is taking place,

We need to show the voters that we are there all the time and not just at election times.

Our leaflets need to be good quality, we should all focus on positives about the party and not the negatives, and there also should be a return box on the leaflet.

The simple steps above are enough for now, the exact election campaigns will be rolled out in precise detail at the organisers and activists conference in January, but I say it again, next year’s election must be won NOW. Only by following the steps outlined here today will you put your team into a winning position.

The long term plans and constant target work detailed above WILL WORK – is proven to work – there really is no quick fix, or magic bullet, we know what to do, we even know how to do it, but it is up to each and every person in this room to make the decision here and now that they want to GET BACK TO WINNING because no one can win these elections for you.

You must win the elections yourselves but with our help.

Basically my message is we will get BACK TO WINNING, we have taken the first steps today, I am here to help you through the process of electioneering from start to finish, so let’s all go away from this conference, energised, with a clear target in mind – GETTING BACK TO WINNING.

Thank you,

Alwyn Deacon

PS: In your conference letter this week you had a sample of all our new leaflets, the A5 are only £15 per 1,000 plus Postage and Packaging, the A4 are only £25 per 1,000, you can buy these with group, branch or regional funds.

The “Out of the EU” Nick Griffin MEP leaflets ARE FREE so no one has any excuse at all not to get out into your target wards and start your first round of leafleting right away.

See me over the weekend as we have a full stock of literature here at the conference.

Every serious activist or group must be ordering regular literature and also we have the Voice of Freedom newspaper so please make sure your local group orders the paper every month.

Everyone attending your local meetings should be sold the VoF and local “paper rounds” should be built up in the target wards.

Tel: 0844 809 4582


Sunday, 4 November 2012

Conference and the West Midlands motion

Well I have just got back from a very hard 3 days work in Blackpool at the British National Party conference, this years conference was one of the best that I have attended, I was very pleased with the West Midlands members that attended both days.

The party Chairman Nick Griffin MEP opened the conference on Saturday morning to a full house, next up was me, as I am the National Elections Officer I spoke about the plans in place to get us Back to Winning, this was also this years conference slogan "Back to Winning"

On Sunday the regions motions were debated, these motions are debated and then voted on, any motions that are passed become part of our policies.
The West Midlands motion put forward this year was supplied by Mike Coleman and Stoke BNP,
Dudley organiser and deputy organiser Rob Weale and Ken Giffiths both spoke on this motion, and I am pleased to say that this motion was passed without any objections, not one person voted against the motion, this is a record for a motion.
Here is the Motion in full.

Protecting an iconic British industry – a model for economic revival
West Midlands

This conference calls for measures to revive the pottery industry by ‘internalising’ the economics of the state. This would involve a policy that would require all state institutions to purchase pottery produced in this country.

Such ‘internalising’ is common throughout the world and is essential to help build the healthy, stable economy needed to provide individuals with jobs, communities with cohesion and the state with a broad tax base.

This policy would ensure that all pottery ware purchased for schools, colleges, universities, hospitals, government departments, etc would be produced in the United Kingdom.

Such policies are used in countries such as France and Germany in the way in which home-produced vehicles are used for the emergency services, military and so on.

There are many cities in Britain that face a dire economic future unless we embrace such ‘patriotic economics’. This policy is aimed primarily to aid such cities in crisis, but a close secondary aim is the revolutionary economic revival of our entire nation.

This policy should be extended to many other products that this nation produces, or used to produce. Motorcycles, computers, foodstuffs, vehicles – in fact everything purchased by local or national government and other state institutions should be done under a legally enforceable obligation to buy British if practically possible.

This conference affirms that such legislation would be a huge step towards reviving much of what our nation has lost due to the disastrous globalisation policies of Conservative and Labour governments since the war. This policy will reverse the resulting devastating decline and provide the stable jobs and community identity that our people deserve.

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Stoke BNP Are Fighting To Save Smallthorne Community Centre From Closure.

Micky White And Stoke BNP Are Fighting To Save Smallthorne Community Centre From Closure. Stoke-on-Trent City Council Finds Funds To Give Hundreds Of Council Houses To Foreigners Each Year, Spends More Than £150,000 On Translation Services Each Year And Pays Its 10,000 Employees The Highest Wage Rates In The City....And Yet Can't Find £30k To Keep Our Community Centre Open!

Sunday, 14 October 2012

NO to Political Police

Why we will NOT be contesting the Police Commissioner elections

A rotten idea that's not for us - Online debate "very helpful" says National Elections Officer Alwyn Deacon as he announces decision not to stand in unwanted poll.

Unwanted. Stacked against us by the bent rules and controlled media bias. And a dangerous attack on Britain's proud democratic tradition of policing free from political interference. A waste of energy and money we can use better elsewhere.

These are the main conclusions of our debate on whether or not the British National Party should take part in November's elections for Police Commissioner in 43 counties in England and Wales.

"Centrally, the National Executive had come to a majority decision that we should abstain from these contests, but had there been a popular grass-roots groundswell in favour of fighting we would have felt obliged to do so despite our reservations.

"So it was good to see a mature debate clearly coming to the same conclusions that we have. Party unity is more important than anything, and having had the debate and given everyone the chance to have their say means that everyone is now happy to abide by the collective will of the members and the final decision of the leadership."

Some members took the position that we should not stand as a matter of principle, because having party political placemen at the head of the police doesn't just mean more parasites gobbling up our taxes, it also abolishes at a stroke the separation between politics and policing that is fundamental to our freedom.

There is a lot to be said for that. There is no public demand for these elections whatsover; they will be an out-of-touch party circus that will leave the public cold and even more angry than ever at being ignored except when it's time to pick up the bill.

Far more, however, were swayed by the practical arguments. Four factors above all others convinced the majority that we should stay out of the contests:

1) When the idea of elected Police Commissioners was first proposed, various members of the political classes openly expressed concern that the BNP could play our 'tough on crime, tough on criminal scum' card and win.

With that dreadful possibility firmly in mind, they imposed on the Police elections an absolute ban on anyone with any kind of criminal record, however old or minor, being accepted as a Police Commissioner. At a stroke, this shuts out potential local mavericks from roughly half of the entire working class population they Criminalised dissent.

Even better, from their point of view, having criminalised political dissent, it meant that their nightmare vision of BNP characters like Nick Griffin or Mike Coleman becoming Police Commissioner in Lancashire or Stoke, was removed.

As they showed in their outrageous stitch-up of Mike Whitby in the Liverpool Mayoral contest, the Labour/Politically correct police/media axis are now ready to stoop as low as fabricating alleged crimes in order to block the BNP from challenging them.

In order to establish the reputation for standing up for ordinary people that you need to win their support and catch their imagination in an unwanted election, you have to be outspoken. But they've criminalised being outspoken, so by speaking out you get disqualified from standing.

The whole thing is an even bigger sham than the normal Third World-style 'elections' that now pass for democracy in the One Party, Three Factions State into which today's Britain has sunk.

2) The other election rigging wheeze hit upon by the elite criminals who want to shut us out was the decision that - contrary to the normal, accepted and democratic precedent and practice in all other major elections - there should be no Freepost. In all other UK elections in which candidates have to put up deposits, doing so entitles them to have their election addresses delivered by the Post Office for free.

That would have made £5,000 per county great value as it would have bought us some £25,000-worth of postage and - with our election leaflets going to every house - we would almost certainly have retained our deposits in any case.

But without the Freepost, we just couldn't afford to post our leaflets, and no party in the country has the manpower to begin to deliver the millions involved by hand. The No Freepost rule is a cynical ploy aimed at sewing the elections into the bag for the Established parties. Only they have the big business or union funding, and the controlled media sympathy, needed to get their message across.

Our policies would be far more popular than anyone else's, but we can be absolutely certain that the controlled media will not do us the favour of telling the public what they are - or even that we are standing at all.

3) Not being able to reach our voters directly, most of them will join the 80% of the population who are predicted to not vote in these elections. The November date has been picked deliberately so that the early dark and probably bad weather depress the turnout. That means that Labour's huge postal vote block will swamp everybody else.

"The Tories must be made to let this go ahead in this way," says Mr. Deacon, "but that's their problem, not ours. We can't influence the outcome of these elections, so we'll keep our limited powder dry for the council elections next May and the European elections in 2014. We're still committed to fighting elections, but we all know that we must concentrate on the ones we can win."

4) It would cost us at least £55,000 in deposit, printing and postage to fight each seat. While we could undoubtedly raise the money to fight a few of them, huge areas of the country would have to be left untouched.

In terms of building the party, it is widely understood that we need to build up our funds for future winnable elections, and to invest in the assets we need to raise our campaigning profile even higher and keep ourselves in the public eye.

There is no point trying to pretend that the troubles, external attacks and 'internal' subversion we suffered from 2009 to 2011 didn't hit us so badly. In particular, the fleet of digital printers that were the basis of our local campaigning ability has been downgraded. Many are worn out by hard use, some were even stolen by individuals who let us down. We need to re-equip ourselves and train our new officials and activists so as to restore our ability to produce large amounts of instant response publicity material at the drop of a hat.

Over the last year, we have greatly increased our experience in, and enthusiasm for, local and regional demonstrations. Some of these, even those held on weekdays when only a few people can get time off work to attend, win us fantastic publicity. They grab the headlines, get our spokesmen in the media, boost traffic to our website and win us fresh recruits or reinvigorate the old hands who have realised that the also-rans they went off with are going nowhere, and who are particularly welcome back.

But to make the most of this new culture of demos and spirit of activism, we also need to invest in regional demo equipment so that our events are clearly streets ahead of anyone else.

We need every region to have its own supply of crisp new national flags on smart poles. We need to get a big run of our own BNP flags, with our Heart for Britain logo on, to keep on getting our logo into the public's collective consciousness.

We need banners ready with slogans for all our most important campaigns (No British Blood in Foreign Wars; opposition to racist attacks on our community; EU Referendum Now, British Jobs for British Workers, etc) and we need a standard leaflet on each key subject held ready in stock for use as soon as needed.

We need placards, both with their own messages and blank ready for instant use on whatever issue arises. We need loudspeaker systems, vehicle-mounted and for use on foot. We're even looking at high-tech equipment such as mass text senders for automated 'push marketing' to mobile phones.

Individually, none of these things costs a vast amount. But taken together - as they must be if our demos are to do justice to our activists' efforts and sacrifices - and multiplied a dozen times and more so that a party quartermaster's stores is never more than a couple of hours away from any possible demo, we need to invest thousands of pounds in all of this.

There is also the question of time and energy. We have over the last couple of years learned a great deal about fighting winnable elections really hard, but much of that knowledge is locked up at Head Office level or in the heads of a few scattered experts with experience in fields such as sales.

If we get bogged down fighting the unwinnable and unpopular Police Elections, we will end up on the Christmas break before we know it, with that all that knowledge still locked away, instead of having made a good start turning it into online training material and videos from which old and new activists alike can learn and benefit.

In many ways, our manpower and energy are even more important and rarer commodities than money. We certainly can't afford to throw any of these away on a push to fight elections that we can't win.

By avoiding them, of course, we will have to put up with a few snide media smears about the BNP having 'disappeared'. But we'll soon prove them wrong and make them look ridiculous when the best equipped activity teams in the history of British nationalism, start to push their way into the headlines.

"Thanks to everyone who took the time to express their views. In the end, it is of course a leadership decision, but it has been informed by everyone who got involved in the discussions." - National Elections Officer Alwyn Deacon.

"It was really useful to be able to feel the party's collective pulse and to see the consensus emerging that we're better off out, so thanks to all those who took part in the debate." - Nick Griffin MEP, Leader, British National Party.

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Shropshire Organisers' Meeting

A meeting of key Shropshire Branch officials took place on Sunday 7th October to discuss future activism and election plans.

Local organisers gave reports from their areas which included a councillor's report.

Leaflets and Voice of Freedom newspapers have been regularly distributed in towns and villages. Many pubs have received multiple copies of 'Freedom' and a 'Saturday Night Team' has been out and about, recruiting new members by word of mouth in pubs and clubs. A number of people were keen on joining in with future demonstrations.

Fund raising boxes are currently being distributed amongst members to raise cash for election campaigns and a number of friendly landlords have kindly agreed to place a collection box on the bar.

The 'Shropshire Striders' walking group has been out and about visiting some scenic and historical places, including a walk along a 23 mile section of the Offa's Dyke Path. This walk saw a good turn out.

Funds are stable with a decent 'war chest' available to all Shropshire Units, however efforts are well underway to increase our fighting funds. Usual collections at meetings plus occasional Patriot's Dinners and collection boxes will ensure that elections can be fought now and in future.

Activism will continue during the latter part of 2012 as usual before a traditional short Christmas break.

A large social for members and supporters has been organised and a report on this will follow at a later date.

Shropshire Branch have a tradition of support for the Party Chairman and have some of the longest serving local organisers in the BNP.

It is imperative that local people support the British National Party, whether in terms of activism or by offering their financial support. At the very least, all our people should be voting BNP and passing on the nationalist message via word of mouth.

Sunday, 30 September 2012

West Midlands officials receive vital training

Sunday saw Steve Warner the new Worcester fundholder receive some valuable training from James Mole Regional Treasurer at the BNP's dispatch office. Steve said "It was good to spend a morning with some one as capable as James to show and explain the fundholders duties, I can now go away feeling confident that I can do a good job to the high standards required.
Steve Warner pictured with Regional Treasurer James Mole.

Carl Mason Worcester organiser was also present at the office on Sunday, where he got trained in how to do mail merges and other vital computer programmes.

Carl Mason pictured with Alwyn Deacon Regional Organiser

There is more training planned over the next couple of months for both officials and members in the West Midlands Region.

Monday, 24 September 2012

Friends of schoolboy, 14, who died from cancer are banned from the classroom for wearing wristbands in his memory

Wristbands were sold at the school with all proceeds donated to the Teenage Cancer Trust charity
But pupils have now been ordered to take them off because they are 'not part of the uniform'
One close friend of the boy who died was sent home for refusing to take his off

Friends of a 14-year-old boy who died after a long battle with cancer are being sent home from school for refusing to remove wristbands worn in his memory.

Jordan Cobby, from Nuneaton, was diagnosed with a tumour behind his eye in 2008 and died aged 14 last March

Tribute wristbands in memory of Jordan were sold at his school, the Nuneaton Academy, following his death, with all proceeds donated to the Teenage Cancer Trust charity.

Friends of the teenager bought the bands and have worn them ever since, but now the school has banned pupils from wearing them, saying they are not part of the uniform, his mother Joanne Meuse said.

One pupil, a close friend of Jordan’s, has even been sent home for refusing to remove the wristband.

While the school has offered a compromise, saying it will pay for a cover, designed by the pupils, for their planners in memory of Jordan, Mrs Meuse said the wristbands have sentimental value.

The 45-year-old, from Nuneaton, said: 'Jordan was a former pupil of the Nuneaton Academy and was, still is, a much-loved and valued friend of these students.

'When he passed away in March 2011 from cancer, I and my family found a great deal of comfort from the many thoughts and actions of these young people. They showed great compassion and a maturity far beyond their years.

'They are a credit to the Nuneaton Academy. They gave and continue to do so, a sincere commitment to fundraising for the Teenage Cancer Trust and I believe the positive feeling this created has helped them to deal with their grief.

'All of them should be congratulated for having such strong and caring values. The Nuneaton Academy should recognise this, encourage and be very proud of them.'

Mrs Meuse said the school had been happy for the children to wear the bands for the last 18 months and it was only in the last few weeks she had heard of pupils being told to remove them or face disciplinary action.

She added: 'The bands do not affect their learning but it is their way of showing respect and keeping a part of Jordan with them.

A quote from one of Jordan’s friends was ‘I write with my right hand and my band is on my left, when I am struggling or going through a tough time, I just look at my band and remember what a brave hero Jordan was and all that he went through’.'

The school principal, Helen McEvoy, told her last week that she was unaware the pupils had been wearing the bands.

'If that is the case, then it proves the point that the bands are unobtrusive and not distracting in any way', Mrs Meuse said.

She added: 'I am very angry and shocked but even more so heartbroken for the students, that after all these months have passed, they are now being asked or rather told to remove their bands by Mrs McEvoy, which I believe is bad judgment and leadership. What is this teaching the students?'

Zoe Ashby, whose son Harris was a friend of Jordan’s, said she was disgusted when the school rang to say her son was being sent home for refusing to take off his wristband.

Ms Ashby said: 'I don’t think the headteacher realises how much Jordan’s death affected them. The bands have sentimental value and mean so much to the kids.

'My son Harris played football with Jordan since they were seven and this morning I got a call from the school to say he was being sent home as he had refused to take the band off. It’s just ridiculous.'

Kay Southall, whose son Daniel was a close friend of Jordan’s and attends the academy, has launched a petition urging the school to rethink the wristband ban. Some 350 parents and children have already signed.

Mrs Southall said: 'The children aren’t being difficult. They went on a journey with Jordan from the time he was diagnosed and just want to keep him with them until June next year when they finish school, just as he would’ve been had he not been cruelly taken.

'I’m extremely proud of all the lads and girls that are making a stand for something they truly believe to be wrong.

'Their commitment to honouring Jordan’s memory and their support for Joanne and the rest of the family is humbling.

'I look forward to that phone call home, as do the rest of the parents because we fully support and admire the stance our kids are taking'

The full article can be read here,

Shropshire BNP around the Villages

Our Shropshire correspondent reports:

The Shrewsbury group were once again out and about during the weekend. This time it was the turn of several nearby villages to receive the party's 'Out of the EU' campaign message.

The residents of Hanwood, Minsterley and Bayston Hill were very pleased to see our activists, with a number of locals commenting that the British National Party were the only political party who had bothered to visit their area in ages - adding that they had not even seen their local councillors since they were elected over three years ago!

Residents were also keen to express their contempt for the political traitors in Westminster - Hardly surprising, given that those odious anti-British crooks have totally betrayed these rural communities - just as they have betrayed British people all over the country.
The closure of local schools, shops, pubs and post offices have devastated many of our once thriving, happy rural communities and the blame for this lies squarely at the feet of the political elite with their disastrous policies.

So now these Shropshire residents are fully aware that British National Party is active in their communities. They are also aware of our key policies including our stance against the EU and our demand for the full restoration of British freedom and democracy. - Job done!

The Shrewsbury group's activists thank the residents of the villages they visited for their warm welcome and we promise that we will see them again soon.

Seasoned veteran Mick and Will - a young new activist delivering our message of hope and freedom.

Sunday, 9 September 2012

West Midlands officials Meeting

Sunday saw party officials from all over the West Midlands meet for their regional meeting, Being Regional Organiser I chaired the meeting. The agenda was packed of different items and all the officials had their input.
First on the Agenda was the campaign for the European elections in 2014, I gave a quick update on our last 2 days of action in Newport, Shropshire and also in Kidderminster, with both being well attended with activists as was our Demo against grooming that we had in Stafford, everyone agreed that these days are proving very popular not only with the public but also helping to build the activist base in the region. We are planning further days of action, this time we will be hitting Villages that are spread across the region, we all agreed that by the time of the EU election we will have visited every corner of the region.

Ken Griffiths

Next I welcomed back a very good and long standing nationalist, who sadley left the party a couple of years ago due to personal problems, He has since visited a rival nationalist party but soon came to the conculsion that the only forward for this country is the British National Party.
Welcome back to the family Ken, Ken said " It is nice to belong to such a wonderful family again, I did a bit of soul searching over the last couple of years and I realised that there is only one true nationalist party and that is the British National Party, I feel like I have never been away, I have had long chats with Alwyn over the last couple of months, and with people like him and the officials here today this party is going places"

There has also been some group changes as well, Black Country BNP is now to be split up, this is due to the size of the Black Country, so Black Country Organiser Rob Weale will over see the changes and his main duties will be the formation of Dudley BNP, Ken Griffiths will also be helping Rob in Dudley and their first meeting is already being planned.

Steve Warner was also announced as the new fundholder for Worcester BNP, I wish Steve all the best and will be working closely with him over the next few weeks.

Steve Warner.

We all agreed this was a very succesful meeting and very productive, the future for the BNP in the West Midlands looks very bright with some very dedicated officials.

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Michael Coleman, Business as Normal

A message from Mike Coleman, Stoke British National Party

I've been out leafleting I have on most Saturdays over the last twenty years. Despite being convicted on Wednesday (5th September) of racially aggravated speaking my mind on my personal blog...I organised a number of Stoke BNP Activists to go onto the streets of Stoke-on-Trent and distribute approximately 1000 of the excellent 'I Love GB' party leaflets. We had a couple of reds who cam running out of their rat holes and complained at receiving the magnificent BNP leaflet....we explained to them (in terms that they would understand) that Britain is a free country and that we were within our rights to campaign for political support within their community!

Well done Mike from West Midlands British National Party

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Freedom of Speech is now DEAD

Mike Coleman former Stoke on Trent councillor and current Organiser for Stoke British National Party has today been charged with racially-aggravated harassment, this is yet another political victimisation for speaking out and telling the truth against the left wing Marxist police state that we are now living in.

Below is what was reported on the website today.

STOKE-ON-TRENT'S BNP leader posted racist articles on a website including claims the city was being 'flooded with Muslims and blacks', a court heard.
Former city councillor Michael Coleman has gone on trial at Stoke-on-Trent Crown Court accused of racially-aggravated harassment.
The 46-year-old was reported to police after two blogs he wrote in response to last summer's London riots appeared online.

In them, he said the riots were a perfect example of 'the difference in personality, perceptions and values of people of the darker races and ourselves'.

And he accused Stoke-on-Trent City Council of 'flooding this city with Muslims and blacks, a complete population replacement programme. Darkies in, whites out.'

Police were called in by Labour city councillor Joy Garner who had been asked to read the blogs by a member of the public.

Coleman, of Caverswall Road, Weston Coyney, admitted writing the entries, but denies intending to cause harassment, alarm or distress.

Mrs Garner told the jury: "I couldn't believe it. It really angered me. I felt real disgust."

The blogs, which were posted by Coleman on on August 9 and September 12, were read out in court.

In the first he wrote about the riots saying: "London darkies have reacted with violence. The darkies have exposed their true nature in siding with criminality."

In the second, Coleman, who became a BNP councillor for Meir North in 2007 and lost his seat in 2011, criticised the council.

Talking about immigration, the father-of-three wrote: "The ultimate outcome will be a city with no jobs, 100 mosques, a massive crime wave and thousands of very poor elderly folk."

Following Mrs Garner's complaint, Coleman voluntarily attended a police interview. He was later charged with intending to cause racially-aggravated harassment, alarm or distress by displaying writing, a sign or other representation, which was threatening, abusive or insulting.

Giving evidence yesterday, former JCB worker Coleman said he used the website to express his personal views and communicate with BNP members.

Asked about the language he said: "We had been warned against using the word 'black' in the party. Instead of using that 'darkie' came to mind. It's a good old English word, I'm a good old English boy. If people are offended I'm sorry."

Mike has to return to court for sentancing on the 28th September, I will be there giving Mike, mine and the party's full support.

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Labour Councillor suspended from party for 2 years for bullying

Bill Sheppard councillor for Wembrook ward in Nuneaton & Bedworth has been suspended from the Labour party after allegations of bullying a fellow Labour Councillor Julie Jackson who is also the other ward councillor on Wembrook.

The bullying goes back over a couple of years, but the local Labour party did not act because it would have cost them control of the Nuneaton & Bedworth Council, but now they have a very comfortable control of the council they can afford to suspend Bill and still keep control of the council.

I had this information passed to me from a very good and reliable source, the local press have not printed or mentioned this story anywhere, but thats to be expected of a labour supporting paper. The only indication of this is on the council website where they now have Bill listed as being an Independent councillor. His suspension runs until 2014, this is when his seat his up for re election.

Bill has always been very vocal in shouting abuse at local BNP members, He calls us Bullies and thugs, Now we know who the real bully and thug is don't we. I think the people of his ward should know what kind of person they voted for.

Saturday, 1 September 2012

West Midlands BNP machine rolls into Kidderminster

West Midlands British National Party arrived for a day of action in Kidderminster on Saturday morning. Activists from all over the West Midlands region came together for yet another busy day of action; following on from last months busy day of action in Newport. The activists were prepared for an eventful days work.

A small team lead by Worcester Organiser, Carl Mason set up the tabletop in the busy market place and soon people were flocking to the stall for leaflets, newspapers and to sign the anti EU petition.

Me sorting the leafleting gangs out with local maps

We also had teams out in different areas across the town leafleting. Mike Coleman, Stoke on Trent Organiser had his Stoke team leafleting one area, and Mick White, Stoke activist said, "I can't believe the response we have had on the doorsteps, people were very pleased to see us."
South Shropshire Organiser Phil Spencer and his team were in a different area, here they got handed a Liberal Party leaflet from one resident who was laughing at the leaflet because in big bold letters it read, "The Liberal Party, NOT the Liberal Democrats" this just shows how divided the Liberals have now become since they got into bed with the Tories.

Mike Colman and Mick White posing for a quick photo

some of the Team after a hard days graft.

These days of action are proving very successful and we are already planning next few months, we are also planning to hit all villages in the region over the coming months.

Sunday, 5 August 2012

The BNP's Reach Is Far And Wide!

Thirty five BNP activists gathered in the Shropshire town of Newport today. We distributed 4000 leaflets to the folks of the town...some of the locals welcomed our presence....a handful, did not! Newport is a very affluent town...there is no measurable poverty here...there were only a handful of foreigners, that we noticed. And so, Newport doesn't tick any of the boxes that we in the BNP usually look for when selecting a place to campaign. This sleepy town, however, is full to the rafters with English people...comfortable, safe, smug...English people, and we in the BNP have a duty to take our message to them - and to make them aware of the ugly developments occurring in the large cities that are nearby.

Many of the, cosy, comfy, easy, relatively wealthy English people wont react well to the BNP the truth that we speak threatens the comfort (of this English enclave) and ease that these people have become accustomed to. Well, we in the BNP are bound by duty to our people...and to truth take the message to the naive and the foolish. If these people find our message 'difficult' to handle then....we understand....we know that the truth is hurtful sometimes. But regardless of the angst and upset (also the hope and enlightenment) that the truth that the BNP has brought to Newport, and despite the inevitable protests from the cosy gang of that town, those people who would rather live in a comfortable ignorance...I have to inform those people (it is vital to their political education) that "you are having it, whether you like it or not!"
By Mike Coleman

Sunday, 29 July 2012

Veteran Birmingham British National Party Activist Dave Gould reflects on a recent visit to our 2nd City.

As the sun shines down on Birmingham City Centre on a Saturday afternoon multiculturalism is blossoming but unfortunately one vital ingredient is missing... the traditional Brummie. Nowadays they are becoming rather rare! As one community thrives another disappears, that's the reality we face today and Birmingham is a fine example of this.

Birmingham City Centre on Saturdays can now boast not 1, not 2, but 3 Islamic tables where people are offered free literature from their stalls and are encouraged to convert to Islam. Whilst I was there one of the men behind the table started to heckle an elderly Black man who was preaching from a Bible, and I must admit for a few moments the situation seemed to be escalating and things began to feel uneasy.

Many people have commented that Birmingham BNP is not what it used to be and results have fallen for this reason or that. May I suggest you watch the video below and you may come to your own conclusion why our votes have fell. May I also ask all our old friends and activists who are no longer involved but are reading this to take it as a wake up call, and come and join Paul Hickman and his growing band of new activists and make Birmingham BNP stronger than ever.

We also want to encourage people who have never been involved with the party to come forward and help us in any way that you can as time is not on our side. Only loyalty to the party and hard work will achieve this, as opposed to negativity which is only a poor excuse for doing nothing.

Dave Gould filmed the scenes in the following video over two separate Saturday trips to Birmingham City Centre recently.

Dave has been an activist since the late 90's and continues to support Birmingham BNP in addition to promoting the party in neighboring Bromsgrove.

Friday, 20 July 2012

The silent majority

This is one of the best letters I have read for a long time, it puts it ALL into perspective. PLEASE PASS IT ON to everyone you can, the O.A.P who wrote it has sent it on to the Prime Minister and the Labour party.

To David Cameron (Prime Minister) & Ed Milliband (Leader of the Opposition) ...

You BOTH Worry me ! ( In fact both of your Political parties worry the hell out of me !!!)

Over the last three years, I find myself becoming more and more fearful of the pair of you, and between you, you are turning this country into a place that I no longer feel at home in, or feel a part of! I watch you in parliament, and no, not just the two of you, but every politician that I see, stand up in parliament sneering at each other, and acting like children !!! (..and if you were my children, I would be ashamed of you all . What an example to set!)

Although you would like us all to believe that you are putting the needs of this country at the forefront, NEITHER of you are doing that, you seem more interested in "one-up-manship ", in scoring off each other, & denigrating each other, to the detriment of this country & its people !!! It seems to be all about YOU as individuals, and not about what you can DO for this country !
It is fast becoming a place that I do not recognize, as the place I always thought, was the best place in the world to be !!! But no longer !!!

You are not listening to the people of this country !!!
I am watching the deterioration of living standards in this country, (and according to you, on a world stage we are doing better than most countries . REALLY ???) ... And yet the gap is widening between the "haves" and the "have-nots" . I see our homeless on the streets, our hospitals under-funded, and understaffed, our health system is an absolute mess and a disgrace ... And yet I see multi-millions of dollars being sent offshore, in aid to other countries, before attending to this country's needs !

I see the "selling off of water rights to foreign interests, WHY...? Especially when you go to great lengths to tell us that water is a finite resource, & supposedly, we must ALL be careful with how we use it, so that we ensure we have it for the future ? A Carbon Tax,( which you KNOW is just another tax ) which will make NO appreciable difference, to carbon emissions, AT ALL!
A tax, which in spite of all your arguments FOR it, you are doing alone, when other major countries will NOT & DO NOT embrace it, or believe in it !
All that it will do for this country is put working families and small businesses behind the eight ball, .....what planet are you on, if you think that the tax we must pay will make even a scrap of difference to the effect of the carbon tax on people? Anyone can see the holes in that argument !!! Do you really think we are that dumb ???

Let's talk about Multiculturalism ......People have come here from other countries, for a better life, for more years than I have been alive ( I am 72 years old !)
Pre & Post war immigrants came for a better life, and settled in and became wonderful contributors to this country, ... all have contributed to the rich diversity of this country, and some descendants have even fought FOR this country, and they have become U.K.citizens and were glad to be ...and they had NO handouts from our Government either, ...they worked hard for everything!
I have never before had a problem with all, or any, race of immigrants coming here. However, I DO NOW !!!

Please tell me why we have areas in towns and on large estates all over the country, where police do NOT, & will NOT go, for fear of their life ?
Please tell me why we can no longer have religion in schools for fear of "OFFENDING" someone ? (The latest little gem is that they are not having or being funded, for chaplains any more, but Counsellors!)
Please tell me why religious Christmas observances are no longer allowed in some schools for fear of OFFENDING someone ? Please tell me HOW Christmas decorations in some stores might OFFEND someone ? Please tell me why we have to have segregated days in some swimming centres for fear of "OFFENDING" someone ? Please tell me why we have some RADICAL clerics demanding Sharia Law in this country when if we were in THEIR country, this would NEVER be allowed? Please tell me why our laws need to be changed, so as not to OFFEND someone ? Please tell me why we are fast becoming a MINORITY voice, in our own country, because of POLITICAL CORRECTNESS ? Please tell me WHY Britons cannot legally wear a bike helmet covering their head in a bank and yet it is ok to wear a Burqa which covers the whole of the face ? And please tell me WHY, when those people who want asylum here can wreck our detention centres and STILL be accepted here ?

What does that say about just who and what are this government's priorities ?
The British people that I speak to have genuine concerns about becoming a second class minority in our own country, and the reasons for it are some of the above. Are you so blind that you cannot see this ? And no, I am NOT racist !!! If I did not like Catholics or Protestants would I be considered racist ? Of course not!
Why is it, that if we object to what is happening in our country we are immediately labelled RACIST, in an attempt to shut us up ?

We are fighting Radical Muslims in Afghanistan & Iraq , are we not ? I hear you say, yes but the Muslims we have here are "Not like that " . Well how would we know ? Do we hear ANY of them coming out & speaking AGAINST radicals ? I haven't, have you ? Islam is not compatible with ANY of the values that we hold here in Britain ! Are not the experiences of France and the Netherlands a examples of that? Why do you think it would be any different here ? We even have a British born "radical ", whose message is that Britain WILL become a Muslim country, under Sharia Law, & that we had "better get used to it ".

Will both of you grow some "balls", and start sticking up for this country and its people ? We are the people who put you where you are and PAY you to look after our interests ! And you are NOT doing that by any stretch of the imagination !!! I would appreciate an answer from both of you, if only to convince me that once again I am not talking to a brick wall !
In case it has escaped both of you I would like to remind you that, in the U.K. Government is FOR THE PEOPLE ... OF THE PEOPLE ... & BY THE PEOPLE . Never forget that because you sure have up till now !

Let us get this out to all – please keep forwarding and if you have people in the press or if you know Politicians – let them know we are dis-satisfied with their behaviour !


Friday, 13 July 2012

The 2012 ''Anti-British'' Olympic Tax Dodge And Favouritism Event, by John Salvage

Thousands of unknowing sporting fans, plus people expecting something exciting and different in the guise of the supposedly ''British'' Olympics who'll actually be attending, after paying for their tickets from hard earned cash, will be surprised to see that another event has been added. Not many know about it though, its called the ''Olympic Sponsors Tax Dodge And Favouritism Event''. The focus has been on London, the former capital city of England and Great Britain for quite a while now, but the spotlight we are shining on the event, is one that many big business owners and shareholders, may wish to shy away from. The opportunity, from the nation winning the bid to host the games of ancient times until now, could have been a stage for the best of British business, inventors, and our many thousands of indigenous unemployed. However, the big international business lobbyists were not going to let national pride, nor contributions to our hard pressed tax payers, get in the way of those profits.

Multi-National companies, such as Coca-Cola, Adidas, and McDonald's, are set to rake in millions in a tax free extravaganza. Experts recon that Britain could lose tens of millions of pounds in revenue. The event itself, having cost some £9 Billion to host, is hard enough for taxpayers and people expecting to get employment from the event, but in this un-British, and Multi-Cultural ''plastic Brits'' fest, the whole thing seems to have been nothing but yet another con-trick, solely to slap us real Brits in the face with, and to proffer the Globalist Multi-Racial propaganda machine. Below is the link to show your disgust. The more people put their signatures where their mouths are, the more we can actually do something, and with thanks to the folks at ''38'', you can all get the message across big time.

There are already known tax dodgers in the form of non-domestic people, (non-doms) whom make billions from large stores, services, and other pointless money making schemes, why should a supposed ''national'' event be another profit over integrity opportunity for these parasites? The companies involved are not interested whatsoever in the games, nor in British pride, they are simply sponsoring the event for the massive PR and marketing chance that, will see their profits expand even more so. What will upset the apple cart is millions of people signing the petition, and being handed in at their high profile stores etc. If we have to suffer from mass unemployment, loss of medical staff, police on our streets, and our once proud and mighty armed forces facing dreadful, and dangerous cuts, then the least we can do is take action. The people at are non-political, and are not linked to the British National Party in any way, but such a campaign cannot be ignored by us Nationalists.

Another ''leaving a bad taste'' aspect regarding the ''British'' Olympics, is what has become known as the Plastic Brits controversy. Not only is this national event, the first of it's kind since 1948, (when Britain was still British) been completely operated as an opportunists and anti-British alien agenda fest, it is becoming a millstone around our collective necks. World Taekwondo secretary, Jean-Marie Ayer, has publicly stated that: ''The sport can move on towards an unforgettable Olympic games''. Despite a successful fight to retain the European title this very summer, plus being ranked No1 in his weight class, young Aaron Cook, a Devon born lad, was apparently ''overlooked'' by bosses, in favour of Lutalo Muhammad.

According to some sources, at least Eleven percent of ''Team GB'' athletes are not people born here, a little like those in the world of big business then. After Seven years of preparation, and excitement at hosting the Olympics here, and a great ancient Western idea, we seem to have once again been relegated to third class citizens in our own land. Lastly, some words of wisdom must surely go to Jean-Marie Ayer, and Baron Pierre de Coubertin respectively, founder of the modern Olympic games, as they both sum up perfectly what these games have really become, and what motivates the organisers and sponsors:

''The WTF strongly hopes that both can continue making a positive contribution to our GLOBAL community''. (Jean-Marie Ayer)

''There's no such thing as plastic Brits, I think sport, and the Olympic games in particular, is about bringing people together. It's about inclusion. It's not about separation or exclusion.'' (Baron Pierre de Coubertin)

Foreign born athletes, foreign born businesspeople, and alien concepts of equality and ethnic quotas, seem to be more important than an event specifically designed for national pride, and sheer personal competition and teamwork. The best of the best, need not apply necessarily, the home grown entrepreneur is ignored, thousands of immigrants and minorities employed in security, checking people for weapons and other illegal contraband, and thousands of our own folks returning home, after failed interviews for positions at the games, and in addition, twice the original cost of the project, all entwined in a logo that some have recognised as an alien elitist symbol of control... Aah, the British Olympics 2012... I'm sure we'll all remember where we were when the ''event'' takes place.

Sunday, 8 July 2012

The BNP Is Developing An Excellent Challenge To The Traitor State In Stafford!

Thirty patriots and nationalists came together in Stafford (principle town of Staffordshire) today. Members of the British National Party and the English Defence League held a demonstration in the main shopping area of the town; our main objective was to raise awareness of the fact that several Muslims are standing trial in the town for their alleged involvement in the sexual exploitation of young English girls. In all, 2000 ‘Public Enquiry Now’ leaflets were distributed to shoppers and delivered to houses in the ‘troubled’ Corporation Street area of Stafford. Once again our activists were shocked to find that the vast majority of the public that we talked to were completely unaware of the immense crimes being perpetrated by a certain religious minority, against the British majority.
One of the Muslims who is on trail in Stafford today.

The BNP members and our EDL colleagues were also angered to be confronted by several members of the public who refused to accept the truth that we were delivering to them. These silly people (affluent, middle class college lecturer types, who mostly wear corduroy jackets with leather patches on the elbows!) simply would not hear the truth from us; they closed their eyes and ears to our (difficult but necessary) message. We activists have therefore added to our list of campaign objectives in Stafford the need to confront the ignorance, stupidity and cowardly conformity of an element of the British public. The days when the BNP and our comrades in the EDL will stay quiet in the face of the gutless apathy of some members of the British public are over! These spineless sycophants are as implicated in the ‘conspiracy of silence’ surrounding the issue of the sexual grooming of young/vulnerable English girls by Muslims as is the BBC or certain senior police officers!
Mike Whitby leading a team of activists leafleting the Student area.

The campaign in Stafford, to expose and confront all arms of the traitor state (teachers, police, courts, controlled media), is growing! Our first demo was attended by fifteen activists, today’s demonstration was attended by thirty activists, it is our determined intention that the next demonstration in that town will consist of sixty or more patriots and nationalists. BNP and EDL members from Stoke-on-Trent, Shropshire, Cannock, Birmingham and Derby are all in agreeance– we have chosen Stafford to be the town (ground zero) in which we will develop and build our campaign to challenge all wings of the establishment who are responsible for the monstrous betrayal of our young British girls and their families.
All of the BNP members who attended today’s demonstration in Stafford are committed to returning to the town on the days of the trials of each of the nine Muslim’s responsible, allegedly, for the heinous crimes against the innocent young girls of Telford and Shropshire. Our campaign will last for many months and probably years. I will end this report by appealing to all BNP members and patriots from all ‘comrade’ organisations to join with us in our glorious efforts to win justice for the girls and young women of Britain!

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Brown's bar in Coventry turns away grieving comrades of Corporal Michael Thacker

A COVENTRY bar has sparked outrage by turning away the friends and family of a city soldier Michael Thacker before his funeral - because they were wearing their military uniforms.

A huge internet campaign sprang up after Brown's bar in Coventry allegedly turned away the pall bearers of city hero Corporal Thacker - including his own brother Matthew - before his funeral.

Hundreds of people flocked to Coventry Cathedral on Monday to say farewell to Michael, who was killed on duty in Afghanistan earlier this month.

After making all the preparations the six pall bearers - including Michael’s brother Matthew - walked round the corner to Browns bar in Jordan Well for tea and coffee.

However, they were turned away by staff for wearing their ceremonial uniforms.

His wife Catherine later posted on the group: “As Cpl Michael Thacker’s wife I have to say when I found out this news I was horrified ,especially seeing as one of the men in uniform was his grieving brother!"

"The lack of respect you have shown my husband, me and the lads yesterday will never be forgotten by the people in Coventry.”

More than 33,000 people have already joined the Facebook group calling for a boycott of Brown's on Saturday, which is Armed Forces Day.

Many are now calling on people to write to Coventry City Council to demand that it revoke the bar's license.

The hashtag #boycottbrowns was also trending on social networking site Twitter.

In creating the Facebook group last night, friends of the fallen soldier wrote: “On Monday June 25, Browns Independent Bar in Coventry refused to serve a group of grieving soldiers, because they were wearing their military uniform, on the day they were burying a brother, Cpl Michael Thacker. Truly disgusting!

“The six pall-bearer’s (and others, including their Commanding Officer) had been rehearsing their duties in the morning before the funeral and had an opportunity to refuel on teas and coffees.

I have tried to contact the Owner/manager of the Bar, and they are refusing to comment.

To show your disgust their contact details are as follows.

Browns Bar, 02476 221100

Friday, 15 June 2012

Stoke-on-Trent's International Council House Allocation Programme!

Please study the table of Stoke-on-Trent City Council house lets displayed below. The data seems to confirm that around 16% of the council houses in the city are being allocated to persons describing themselves as 'black African' or 'Asian' or some other non-British description! It's important to remember that although the figures in the table may seem modest, each one of the lettings will actually refer to a family - and, as I have observed, the foreigners coming into my city have very large families!

Of course the Red Socialists down at the council love giving the prized assets of the British People away to do so is in keeping with their Marxist philosophy that dictates that 'property is theft' and that 'we are all equal, all the same' (that the people of the world are all equal - have equal entitlement to any of the property of the British People)! We see this insidious programme in every facet of the controlled state - Britain famously has it's (international) National Health Service that gives free health care to hundreds of thousands of foreign 'health tourists' each year - pushing needy Britons to the back of the queue. Also, our much abused Social Security Service (perhaps the most abused and corrupting organisation in the history of the world) now costs £90billion per year - vast sums of which is lavished upon foreigners who have barged their way into my country, who in turn send very large amounts of the British People's money to Africa, the Indian sub-continent and Poland!

This Marxist philosophy and it's capitalist bed partner 'Globalism' are the anti-pole of Nationalism and patriotism and have led Britain (and every other nation that has fallen into it's hands) into a spiral of decline, cultural destruction, racial destruction, and destruction of Independence and sovereignty.
The data provided here does not give an accurate indication of the 'inflow' of foreigners into my city as this data only refers to council properties, each year there are thousands of properties going to foreigners through the private rented sector - also of note is the way that housing associations are allocating properties to foreigners under the same 'shared protocals' as Stoke-on-Trent City Council uses.
And so, if we calculate the movement of population within the City of Stoke-on-Trent then clearly, horribly, the truth of future developments are becoming clear. The headlong rush by the old Stokies to get out of this city and to find a better, more palatable future in other towns and cities will play an even greater role in our cruel new masters 'Stoke-on-Trent population replacement programme' than even the influx of foreigners will play. You see, Stoke-on-Trent will become a Muslim city - within 60 years! The Stokies are aware of this and, as we have seen from every English, city population that have been confronted with a similar circumstance (from Cockneys to Brummies) since the 1950's, they are upping sticks and moving away from the dark invaders!

Each year 1500 Stokies leave this city, they are being replaced by foreigners, this process will inevitably (forcibly, by design, by the enemies of Stoke-on-Trent) convert this city from being a proud, English, industrial city - to being a Muslim city where the Muslim religion reigns, Muslim values reign and where, I predict, Muslim law (Sharia) will reign!
And there ladies and gentlemen is the political battleground that I and my fellow members of the British National Party will be fighting. Our principle opponents will be the foreign, inserted regime that sits in all key positions of power and control in our country, our secondary opponents will be the quisling traitor class (the Cameron, Milliband and Clegg class) that has lent itself to the ' British Holocaust Programmes' of our enemy masters. There are other opponents that we must fight against to preserve our future, a future for our children, they are many and varied. To all Stokies reading this I would appeal to you to put aside any thoughts of running (away to the hills) away from this city in search of a better life - better to stay here and fight on this ground (our ground) against those responsible for your betrayal and suffering - to all Stokies I say "join the BNP and fight for the future of your children and grandchildren"!


Thursday, 17 May 2012

Coventry's Scrap metal update.

Coventry BNP launched a scheme last Christmas to tackle the problem of metal theft which has escalated across the country due to the high value of scrap metal. The scheme certainly got more than its fair share of publicity as the labour council went all out to try and stop the BNP scheme.

The local media both press and radio also covered the story extensively. The "Scrap Metal Free Zone" scheme has now been running for almost 6 months. In that time 1,000s of Scrap Metal Free Zone leaflets have been delivered across Coventry. The response has been very good with many residents happy to donate scrap metal to the BNP rather than let it go to the endless cavalcade of dodgy dealers trawling the streets often in illegal and dangerous vehicles.

Local organiser, Mark Badrick, said many members and supporters had donated scrap and it has also been nice to see random members of the public come forward with their unwanted metal. All were rewarded with a BNP info pack and some have gone onto to join the party. One elderly gentleman calls us regular with items he has collected off his neighbours. All metal is carefully separated and then weighted in with all profits going to British charities only. Mark Badrick said, "the council can't or won't tackle the problem of scrap metal theft, hence the BNP stepped in and turned a negative into a positive", the scheme is ran by local BNP volunteers and is something that all branches should consider taking up".

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Stoke British National Party hard at work

Lets clean Bentilee up

The decent people of Bentilee have suffered for years under the red socialist council,whose main priority seems to be to ruin decent council housing estates (and their communities). I have a message for Stoke On Trent city council "YOU'VE BEEN RUMBLED,WE NOW KNOW YOU ARE PRIMARILY RESPONSIBLE FOR THE MISERY WE SUFFER,I AND MY FELLOW BNP MEMBERS ARE GOING TO EXPOSE YOU AND CHALLENGE YOU."

Monday, 14 May 2012

Coventry Post Election Meeting

Coventry branch held their post election meeting on Saturday 12th May 2012. It is always a pleasure to attend a Coventry meeting as the members are always very welcoming, but also nice to see some new faces as well. Coventry's fundholder Mark Badrick (Badger) opened the meeting with an overview of the election results for Coventry and then gave an update on the Scrap Metal campaign, which is proving very popular with the Coventry residents.
As West Midlands regional organiser I was up next. I spoke about the elections that took place in the West Midlands, and also about the plans for activism and future elections in the region.
Former Councillor and Organiser for Stoke on Trent, Mike Coleman - who was the guest speaker was next. Mike spoke about the constant work that has taken place in Stoke over the last 20 years, and how they are still are out leafleting every week without fail. Mike emphasised how important it is that we are constantly on the street campaigning on local issues week after week and not just at election time.

There was a brief Question and Answer session, following that it was time to relax and socialise which is always the best part.

Monday, 7 May 2012

Silent Revolution

In the wake of the recent local elections where turnout from white working class communities was at an all time low, this short film aims to do three things. Firstly it seeks to show how mainstream government has brought Jihad to Britain; secondly it shows how bankers and big business have dictated our economy and brought us to financial ruin; and thirdly it shows how the British National Party are still strong, despite suffering from a frightening level of State persecution, whilst showcasing how the BNP are positively greeted on the streets by young, white people. There is a revolution of whispers happening in Britain today. Currently the ballot box is shunned by two thirds of our community, however in pubs and on the street - in fact everywhere white people meet - there is talk of rebellion against the Establishment. The British National Party offers our people a chance for peaceful revolution, albeit with forceful demonstrations and a powerful message of change. At some point in the not too distant future, the chance for peaceful change may pass us by. Shropshire British National Party desperately want to avoid that scenario. So, in the light of poor election results for minority parties, we're offering a final shot at resurrecting the health and integrity of Britain and the restoration of the British spirit. By Shropshire British National Party

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Cradley Heath and Old Hill BNP election row rumbles on

Monday, 9 April 2012

West Midlands Local Elections 3rd May 2012

I am pleased to announce that the West Midlands region will be standing 48 candidates in this years local elections, there a lot of areas in the West Midlands that have no Local Elections this year.
Here are the areas that have British National Party candidates,
Nuneaton & Bedworth

Lots of party literature have already gone out in these areas and there are still loads to put out,
If you would like to help in any area please contact me for details.

Shropshire's GLA Fundraiser Dinner

Our Shropshire correspondent reports:

Party Chairman Nick Griffin received a warm Salopian welcome when he recently attended the first Shropshire Patriots Dinner of 2012.

The sell-out dinner was held at a beautiful venue in the quintessentially English town of Shrewsbury. Guests enjoyed a roast dinner, a dessert plus a good selection of fine wines and real ales.

Mr Griffin gave an enthralling after-dinner speech that covered various subjects which included his work as an MEP, the public's ever growing contempt for the 'old gang' parties and how the traitorous 'Establishment' had utterly failed in it's vain attempt to break Britain's only serious nationalist party.

A collection raised £220 which will be donated to the party's Greater London Assembly (GLA) campaign.

Friday, 23 March 2012

France Looks Towards Le-Pen: ''Far Right To Blame'' Accusation Crumbles

With the powers that be in Europe and the west having much to lose regarding the state of our economies in Europe, national debt, and undemocratic foreign wars proving to be influenced by murderous ''false flag'' interference, what happened recently in France, lends itself to the potential of the accusation by some commentators, of a possible false flag operation, or at the very least, a convenient and ugly opportunity to blame such ''hate'' and ''racism'' on the so-called far right, by what is effectively the ''world leadership''. As Marine Le-Pen attained her 500 signatures to stand for the Presidency, the ugliness and political point scoring deserves all the contempt it gets. So called professional Journalists, writers and commentators, are still even now, prattling on about the ''threat of the rise of the far right'' across Europe and Britain, and are clueless as to why anger, by both violent Muslims, and politically active white Nationalists, seems to be on the increase.

“the systematic use of violence to create a general climate of fear in a population, and thereby bring about a particular political objective, and is employed by governments, or more factions within governments, against that government's citizens, against factions within the government, or against foreign governments or groups.”

The above Definition is produced by the Encyclopedia Britannica. As black operations and false flag violence have been identified in Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, and now Syria, these tactics are being noticeably used to destabilise their once independent nations. No-one with an ounce of knowledge and common sense, doubts that in Europe, Britain, and almost anywhere in the former white nations, the same is applied politically. As terrible and evil as the recent killings are, especially involving innocent children, it should be ever present in the minds of free thinking people that, any thought of breaking away from the grip of the real terrorists, that of the supposed leaders of the free western ''democracies'', and their banking and big business friends, is almost impossible. Our own Chairman has many times, and quite recently again, had the full weight of the opposition, and third party groups and individuals, thrown at him, and many others fighting for our very survival have, and will face similar attacks.

The seriousness of some of the accusations, has led to factional and destructive times for British Nationalism, but still we fight on, and with dignity. Such cannot be said for the collective enemy camp. Not only has there been undeniable allegations of foreign state sponsored killings lately in Syria, and media coverage of black operations gone pear shaped, with special operatives actually being captured, a former secret agent with the French secret service, the DGSE, one Dominique Fonvielle, spoke candidly about the role of Western intelligence operatives, being used by the west, to destabilise the Romanians a good few years ago. Whatever the rights and wrongs of the former dictator in Romania back in the 1990's, this regime change proves we ourselves are simply not safe in our own countries today. The state and it's many institutions, are simply a shadow of their former selves, and have been completely taken over by a murderous, hateful, and alien elite.

The former DGSE operative was quoted in a documentary as saying:

''I believe the first step is to locate oppositional forces in a given country. It is sufficient to have a highly developed intelligence service, in order to determine which people are credible enough to have influence at their hands, to destabilize the people, and then disadvantage the ruling regime''.

Now that really does sound relevant, and is exactly what is happening to the poor unsuspecting people of the Middle East. Obviously, there must be more than tittle tattle, and there often is. As our nations become more and more embroiled in a war for the monied elite, people like Marine Le-Pen, Nick Griffin, and their respective party activists and supporters, will face the mass media accusations and assumptions, without so much as a single line of apology once seen as utter rubbish. The killings in France, are now proven to have been carried out by an Islamist extremist, a thug, and a born criminal, but whether he is a genuine lone operative, or was ''guided and cajoled'' into this violent act, we may never really know. One thing is certain though. If the leaders of the west, and their horse whispering controllers continue along the path to a third world war, we will also become unwilling victims and pawns.

Lord knows they have tried to oppress and suppress, the anger of the once silent masses, but what is becoming evident is that sooner rather than later, more trouble making will occur, and sadly, probably on a monumental scale. We as Nationalists will, along with ordinary people, face potential problems that make the 1929 depression seem like a mildly upsetting dream. We will see in our life time, white nation and other former sovereign nation, crushed, oppressed, and made weaker by acts of pure treachery from within. The economies will not grow, as there is too much compound debt, and the cost of living will soar beyond what most families can take... and then we'll see the state act like never before as the anger and frustration, will see parties like the BNP, the Front National, and the Nordic Nationalist bloc, swell its membership and votes. Be prepared, because the powers that be will not allow the white nations to emerge victorious without a serious battle. We can only win by being as one, and by being as active as possible within the British National Party structure.

By John Salvage

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Pensioners First, Not Drug Addicts

North Shropshire BNP councillor Philip Reddall talks about today's Day of Action in Market Drayton and also shows his disgust at a proposal by Shropshire County Council to offer free gym passes to ex-drug addicts.

Saturday, 17 March 2012

The British National Party - A Grassroots Perspective

By Cllr Philip Reddall - On 1st May 1997 I set out from my house and walked briskly towards my local polling station, determined to vote National Front. I knew nothing about politics. All I knew was that I was frustrated and that I needed to vent my frustration by voting for a radical political alternative to the mainstream.

I was eighteen years old, fresh out of college, and it was my first time in a polling station. A lady gave me a ballot paper, and pointed me towards a little kiosk where a pencil hung on a piece of string.
Below is a small video introduction to the following artice:

“Things Can Only Get Better”

I opened my ballot paper and when I saw there was no NF candidate I put a big cross next to Labour. In my naivety I thought all parties would be represented, however I walked home with a spring in my step as during the previous week I’d received a VHS video tape, addressed to me, from the Labour Party. I’d played the video and watched as Tony Blair marched down an urban street with hundreds of people in tow while the D:ream track ‘Things Can Only Get Better’ blasted out in the background. The next day, when I heard John Major’s Tories had been soundly beaten, I was overjoyed. I felt like my football team had won 5-0. The feeling of triumph didn’t last long, however, and it would be some years before I gave politics another thought.

My early years

I was born in 1977 in Stourbridge and was brought up in a little Black Country suburb near to Lye town. My father worked for British Leyland but my earliest memory was of him struggling to make ends meet as a builder after taking redundancy from the Longbridge plant. There was a recession on in the 1980’s and there wasn’t much money about, but there was always food on the table. My mother stayed at home while my father worked, but the mortgage still got paid. Nowadays that would be impossible for any working class family.

The local infant and primary school was a two minute walk away and it was mixed half and half between white kids from my estate and Pakistani kids from down the road. Multiculturalism was the norm for me and I knew no different, but looking back I’m pretty glad I was brought up in that environment as it taught me a lot. Our infant and primary school must have been pretty well funded as we had a swimming pool and pupils from other local schools would turn up in coaches to use our facilities. A member of the PTA told my mother that the head teacher received extra funding for taking the local Pakistani children, although my mother never passed that bit of gossip on to me until years later.

The things that I remember from my early experience of multiculturalism were that the Pakistani kids generally didn’t want to mix with us white kids. There were three or four who did; they played in our football team and so on and they did make more of an effort to be friends with us. I suppose they were what we might now call ‘moderate’ Muslims, but they must only have numbered about 10% of all the Pakistani kids that were in attendance.

My education during those years was awful. There were 35 to 40 kids per class and the smarter kids got little attention from the teachers. I remember in one lesson we didn’t want to do maths so the teacher let us do drawing instead. The maths books we learnt from were called ‘Peak Books’ and were numbered 0 upwards. By my fourth year of Primary school my friends and I were on Peak Book 6 and 7 while many of the Pakistani kids were still flicking uninterestedly through Peak Books 0 and 1. They knew they’d get a job in their family business.

Two other things really stand out for me. The first was when I had my pencil case stolen. In class, we each had a drawer where we could store our things. These drawers didn’t have any kind of lock on them, but crime wasn’t a big issue in our school. However one day I came into class and my pencil case wasn’t there and a table full of Pakistani kids were using my stationary. I told the teacher but he wasn’t interested and I was too timid to confront those who had taken my pencils. The next day my dad wrote a letter to the school, but nothing was ever done. Later on one of the more friendly Pakistani kids gave me one of his pens. It was one of those nice Parker pens with an ink cartridge inside. However before I knew it, a gang of six or seven Pakistanis had surrounded me, demanding I gave it back. I was intimidated, so I did as they asked.

Despite all of the above, possibly the thing that frustrated me the most about primary school was sports day. Coloured ribbons were awarded to those who finished first, second and third, but the words ‘first’, ‘second’ and ‘third’ were never used. I remember feeling cheated each year when I did well in the sprint race and received a coloured ribbon. From what I hear there are still many teachers out there who dislike competition and true winners rarely seem to receive proper praise and recognition. The kind of society those teachers have helped build and are still encouraging can be seen clearly on today’s streets.

The things I am writing about may appear to be a one sided view, but it’s all true. I wasn’t at all switched on at the time to the differences between races, cultures, religious faiths or the liberal, left wing views which subdued vigour and competitive spirit. Only looking back do I see things in a different light. The Pakistani kids acted in a different way to us white kids. They had their own separate lessons sometimes called ‘Mother Tongue’ where I presumed they studied their language. Thinking back, they probably studied their faith in those lessons too.

Growing up, I saw the local High Street in Lye change dramatically. There used to be a wool shop, a greengrocer and even a gun shop. I drove along that High Street recently and there are now over 17 Indian take-aways, which is strange as all of them are run by Pakistani’s. There has always been a Mosque in that town for as long as I can remember. I’ve seen white women spat on by Pakistani’s leaning over the railings of that mosque. But I never remember feeling angry as a kid. I just accepted it.

So am I prejudiced?

Are my views prejudiced? The word ‘prejudice’ means: ‘to pre-judge; an unfavourable opinion or feeling formed beforehand or without knowledge, thought, or reason; any preconceived opinion or feeling’. I spent my whole childhood living amongst different races, cultures and religions. I saw with my own eyes. I didn’t ‘pre-judge’ at all; in fact my views were formed in the correct way; by experience.

The years rolled on and I moved up to a secondary school which was almost 100% white. In our first maths lesson there I realised how poorly educated I actually was. I’d never done long division or long multiplication, while some of the kids from other schools had done basic algebra in their primary schools. I was way behind and I struggled, but eventually left school with a number of decent GCSE’s. I had my dad to thank for that; he’d gone to grammar school and had retained a good knowledge of maths, English and science even though he’d have preferred a technical education.

My political awakening really didn’t occur until I was in my early 20’s, notwithstanding that first foray into a polling station two years previous. I’d gone to college after school and studied engineering, but had struggled to find work upon leaving, so our family decided to move from our Black Country home and purchase a business in Shropshire.

In our first year of business we had an internet connection installed; It was a slow ‘dial up’ connection, but it opened the door to a whole new world for me. I’d developed a love for books and I found the internet offered a much wider array of literature that the average High Street bookshop could provide.

From Dar al Sulh to Dar al Islam

I read about Islam and learned of the three stages of Islamic conquest: Dar al Sulh, where Muslims are a peaceful minority community and must abide by the laws of the land they occupy; Dar al Harb, where that territory becomes a war zone as Muslim numbers reach a level where they can push forwards towards their aim of a Sharia state; to Dar al Islam - the Islamic state in its entirety. (Reference: ‘The Sword of the Prophet’ by Serge Trifkovic). But I didn’t just concentrate on studying Islamic scripture. I read about politics and nationalism and soon came to realise that the real problem in Britain were our own politicians; white, liberal politicians who had come through university and been indoctrinated with globalist, communist views, carefully packaged into what we often now refer to merely as ‘liberalism’. Suddenly Britain wasn’t a vigorous nation anymore; it was a ‘tolerant society’.

Angry and Frustrated

Before long I was looking at my country through new eyes. I understood a bit more about politics since that day I’d voted Tony Blair into Number 10, and I’d pieced together some of the lessons I’d unknowingly learned from my early experiences of multiculturalism. I clearly remember the day I did an internet search for both the National Front and the British National Party, which were the two political parties I now knew existed as a nationalist alternative to the mainstream. I could have gone either way at that point, being a little angry and very frustrated, but the more polished look of the British National Party website swung it for me.

Although angry and frustrated, I remember feeling exceptionally scared too, and rather than join the British National Party I opted to join the Trafalgar Club, which is a fundraising diner’s club attached to the Party. I rang the number provided and nervously asked if I could leave if I decided it wasn’t for me. The well spoken lady who I now know as Jean explained that I could, of course, leave if I wanted to and that any financial commitment I offered could be withdrawn at any time.

From then on every single time I took a step forward I felt nervous, and I always promised myself that the next step would be a step too far. However my resolve intensified over the following months and I soon joined the Party as a full member, became an activist, organised a local group, stood in elections and became a Parish councillor.

I found that the Establishment and the media used scare tactics to try and deter people from getting involved with the British National Party, but I saw these threats as bullying plain and simple. And now that I’m a family man with a son to take care of, my resolve is even stronger. I don’t want any child of mine to be a second class citizen, I don’t want them to receive a poor education and I don’t want them to be afraid to walk the street in their own country.

My mother first saw a knife fight aged 10 on the streets of Smethwick near her home. It was a fight between rival Asian gangs. That was 50 years ago, and the colonisation of Britain has been taking place ever since, via immigration and high birth rates. Gaddafi once said that Islam would rule the world through the wombs of its women, and he wasn’t joking. It is high time every patriotic white individual left behind their egos and petty disagreements, got up and worked for justice. Too much time has been wasted and the door of opportunity will not stay open forever.

In recent years I have come to some startling yet accurate conclusions; Mainstream politicians say one thing and do the opposite. Immigrant numbers rise no matter whether we have a Labour or Conservative or Lib Dem government. The British government has no control over the laws which govern British citizens. Our towns and cities are no longer British; they are little versions of Islamabad, Somalia and Iraq. The war on terror should be fought here on the streets of Britain, not on the streets of Afghanistan. Our country’s population is changing at an alarming rate. The government which is supposed to protect us has imported what amounts to a foreign army, many of whom hate the people whose country they are now living in, and at the same time our government has sent our troops as far away as is possible to go, into wars which are impossible to win.

I’ve watched news reports of paedophiles placed in halfway houses overlooking seafronts where come summer, young children will roam about half naked. I’ve read reports in the daily Telegraph which state Harriet Harman, a senior political figure, once wanted to water down child pornography laws:

The liberal internationalists who run the Britain would have us believe that what they’re doing is good for us, and there is no point disagreeing because we can’t change what’s been done. But we can and will do whatever we set our minds to.

Anyone who has frequented a public house where lips have been loosened by alcohol will know that there is a huge amount of passive resistance simmering away deep inside most white folk, especially amongst the working classes (the class where armies are traditionally raised). What we in the British National Party must do is prove that there is a way forward, and we can only do that by hard work and by stepping up to the front line, where the battle is being waged. The time has passed for silent discontent.

Brains and brawn

Our Establishment will attempt to deter you with psychological warfare, using fear to keep you in line. Many generations ago, our rulers used force to keep the population in check. Nowadays fear is their weapon of choice. Are you frightened of losing your job? What happens when you lose it anyway because of the recession? When you step back and look at today’s society and consider what your children will have to put up with (predatory paedophile gangs in our towns and cities; positive discrimination in favour of BME (Black, Minority, Ethnic) groups, failing schools) you will realise that the time for excuses is over and the time for radical change is here.

I hope my story inspires others to action. I realise many younger people are currently looking to the EDL for an answer, and that politics may not seem to offer the same adrenaline buzz. To this I would offer two observations. Firstly, British National Party demonstrations are every bit as exciting as anything the EDL can offer. Secondly, without a sound political backing a Cause will go nowhere. Demonstrations are a means to an end rather than an end in itself. Brains and brawn will win the day for us.