Thursday, 22 December 2011

Scrap Metal Free Zone in Coventry

The value of scrap metal has gone through the roof of late and has generated a tidal wave of crime which knows no depths. It is a sad reflection of this country that our biggest export is scrap metal going overseas to assist their rapidly growing industries whilst ours sink further into decline. The endless stream of vans trawling British streets scavenging for what metal they can find, and I use the word "find" very loosely as basically if its not bolted down it will be gone. Churches are fair game and now even War Memorials are being targeted. All this and hardly a whimper of concern from the main stream politicians.

However Coventry BNP have now launched a scheme to tackle this problem. Leaflets are being delivered door to door providing a scrap metal collection service upon request. This scheme is run by local BNP volunteers and all metals collected is weighted in with all profits going to selective British charities only.

The service has been warmly welcomed on the street with many residents praising the simple yet effective idea and asking why the council has not adopted such a scheme before now. However Geoffrey Robinson MP for Coventry is not so impressed with the idea and has instructed the council to look into the BNP scheme. The council have already had one meeting in an attempt to find a legal loophole to shut the scheme down. However this backfired as it just generated more publicity for the BNP with both the local paper and local BBC radio covering the story. Basically the council are not happy that the BNP have come up with a solution to a problem that they could not tackle themselves. Another excellent example of local BNP activists getting stuck in and getting problems sorted within the local community.


  1. Excellent idea... have a good Christmas and a happy and healthy new year.


  2. Wow. So...with the price of scrap metal "...[going] through the roof", you have decided to cash in and thus have written (and i use that term loosely) and distributed these propaganda leaflets--demonizing in all likelihood, MOST people who recycle anything more than plastic bottles and tin cans--in an all-too-transparent attempt to monopolize the "supply"???

    ...and i thought the US was bad...