Friday, 2 December 2011

College Tutor tells Students Emma West is a deluded racist

I have had a phone call today from a member of the public who's Niece attends Hinckley College, What they told me is quite unbelivable concerning Emma West aka the tram lady, who is currently being held in HMP Bronzefield for her so called racist outburst on the tram.

The phone call went on to tell me that on Thursday, a College Tutor heard his Niece and her mates talking about the Tram lady. Following this the Tutor told them that they have to attend a discussion about why the Woman was wrong to say what she said.
Today she went along to the discussion and they were told the following, "The woman is a deluded racist & it's good thats she is in prison & her kids are better off in care than with that piece of filth".

Do you think this is acceptable for a college tutor to talk in this way to their students ?


  1. Absolutely not - maybe the BNP should start a legal fund donate drive for Emma West?

  2. What happened to: 'Innocent until proven guilty.' Facts rather than emotion. Examining evidence rather than attacking the person. Debating the ISSUE rather than using derogatory terms. Compassion rather than total condemnation? WHAT A CLASS ACT FROM THE TEACHER IN THE CLASS. What ethnic background does this brainwashed sheep come from? Would he like to see English women return to wearing a bridle scold or their mouth shut up in a burka? Ask your niece to give the teacher this reply. Emma West is being beaten into submission by Slave Owner types like himself because she has dared to be a 'mouthy, uppity Nigger' type as she believed she lived as a free woman in a land of the free. "Women are the Niggers of the World:" John Lennon. Show the teacher this before he runs his own mouth off in front of other classes!

  3. It was vulgar and possibly hurtful- but it was only words. That PC tutor is a disgrace, and so is the judge. Who did she kill, maim or steal from? I will be sending a Christmas card to the poor woman. Emma West c/o HMP Brinzefield, Woodthorpe Road, Ashford, Middlesex, TW153JZ

  4. God, the idiocy of the brain-washed and gutless people in the UK is really irritating me. Emma West commented that a Black woman on a tram was in fact Black and, guess what, the Black woman was actually Black. If you take the time to read the names of those who looted and almost burnt part of Emma's Croydon to the ground you will see that the vast majority "aint English." It would drive many to drink, or force them into 'soldier talk,' if they saw their village being destroyed by strangers. Why would Working class people welcome immigrants with a militant, hate-filled racist- and take-over- mentality towards White people? Why are the British people letting politicians destroy the home of our ancestors. They are obsessed with a Marxist ideology such as that taught at THE FRANKFURT SCHOOL OF CULTURAL MARXISM AND POLITICAL CORRECTNESS that dictates multiculturalism and LOSS OF CULTURAL IDENTITY as a precursor to destroying the White middle class? We are the only ones that have the awareness to stand in their way of WORLD-WIDE communist governance for ALL. Tell that dumb teacher to study the above link before he shoots his mouth off again. Also, get him to explain this anomaly while he has a job and a life: Asia for the Asians. Africa for the Africans. White countries for EVERYONE??? Wake up Proles! Quickly!