Monday, 19 December 2011

The BBC's Reputation Goes ''Up In Flames'' As Multi-Cultural Propaganda Snares Mr Reeves

The BBC is already well known for it's bias, partisan programming, and skewed news items. So for many Nationalists, and free thinking people, of which there are increasingly many, the extremely crafty trap with which 80 year old Mr Reeves was snared in, whilst taking part in ''Up In Flames, Mr Reeves And The Riots'' on Thursday the 15th of December, was particularly nasty and opportunist. The family business had been there for 144 years, and had escaped bombing in the Second World War, and the many ''boom and bust'' eras endured by our people since the end of the war. One thing that family could not escape though, was the trap set by the Marxist hate-mongers at the BBC. They well and truly made it impossible for the energetic, proud, and hard working Mr Reeves, to escape what they had arranged... an engineered and sly attempt to make certain that the racial element was totally ignored. They even went so far as to show background TV programmes, and audio snippets saying that ''race was not the issue'', for the subliminal effect to sink in. What they could not do of course, was stop the programme looking ridiculous, and politically motivated later, as this awful corporation sank lower than a copy of Karl Marx's Das Kapital inside a steel case, being thrown into the Thames. The ''Black Youth Awards'', (nothing to do with race then?) see the clip here: ( ) was used to offer Mr Reeves an olive branch, and to placate white indigenous people whom may well have other thoughts on the causes of the riots. The reality should have been an offer of rope, with which to hang the traitors in Parliament and the media with. The programme used Mr Reeve's good nature, and made sure he could not refuse the offer of the two leaders of this awards scheme, aided and abetted by the BBC. When one looks at the health scare Mr Reeves also went through in addition to his store burning down, it was a very nasty trick indeed. He said:

''My other worst moment in the aftermath of the riots was when I was taken into hospital with a stress-related complaint, two weeks after the riot. I had so much to do and I willed myself to get out. With the help of my wife we managed to persuade the consultant that I was OK. It turned out to be the right decision''

What if it had not been, and all the pressure by the BBC, had gone pear shaped? The whole programme was a disgraceful use of license payers money, and one that showed the BBC, and the so-called ''Youth Workers'', up for what they are... opportunistic and cynical. The process by which a people can be ethnically cleansed, ranges from outright violence, military action, and destruction of socio-economic and cultural lives and opportunities to exist without oppression... and that last one is what we are suffering from. Mr Reeves was shown to have kindness, and in some ways, a liberal view point by the programme makers. However, a man with much to lose at his time of life, and with so much family tradition, and pride in his home town, it was obvious he, his wife, his sons and employees, presumably think differently in private. What they would have done, and whether they would have stayed in Croydon, is one we can all have opinions on. One thing everyone agrees on, is that the riots, and many more actions engineered by the likes of the alien parasite, Jason bard-Rosenberg, were and will be, nothing short of a ''hate fest''. The UAF (United Against Fascism) with whom Rosenberg is linked, and the Socialist Workers party (SWP), will be amongst many extremist groups, winding up the ''yoof'' in future protests and violence against white Britons. This is proven by what he stated on his Twitter page: "For anyone heading to places where riots are: 1 - Mask up. Properly, not just a hood. 2 - Bindmans solicitors if you get nicked. Bindmans solicitors will of course be glad to handle your case, because the whole project that we see in practice, is of course crammed with ''nice little earners'' for Zionist profiteers, whom regularly moan about the British National Party and others, standing up for their own nation and populace, but insist and agree that, Israel ''deport the infiltrators'' when referring to 50,000 Black immigrants whom arrived there in recent months and years. The BBC is no friend of white Britons, and alien hate mongers like Jason Bard-Rosenberg, have been air-brushed out of a very dark, evil picture. Other parasitical Marxists and hate cult fanatics, are also to be found slushing around in the mud, dust, and blood of Mr Reeves' once happy and prosperous country.

What Mr Reeves, and his family should be reminded of, or more appropriately advised on, is that an innocent man, Richard Mannington Bowes, aged 68, was killed/murdered during the riots that spread through England, with the help of Left-Wing extremists and sly profiteers. Jennifer Izaakson, a Trotskyist alien, UAF president at the (LSE), London School of Economics, made the claim that she was ''inside the Tottenham police line'', and mocked the violence which ended up with Mr Mannington-Bowes being murdered. Both she and her brother-in-arms, Rosenberg, glorified the stabbings. How easily it could have been one of Mr Reeves' own relatives. The BBC, and let's be frank, all media outlets are essentially, when it comes right down to brass tacks, all the same. The BBC is so ''British'' of course, it once promoted the Communist Party of Great Britain, and had a representative on it's ''100 Greatest Britons'' programme some years back... but not Mr Nick Griffin, a real Briton, nor any other true patriot, group, or individual. As time goes by, it may be that we all collectively see through the haze as a nation, and Mr Reeves will be with us for many more years, and will also see what they have done in his name, and the way he was used by the hateful BBC. Some of us may even think he and his family already does, but was put in a terrible situation. After all, if he'd refused all those invites, and stated the obvious, he would have become a target, along with his business, and we all know how evil the BBC are, and how deep its Marxist tentacles reach. Rosenberg and Izaakson wouldn't give a fig for the life of one of ours, nor does the BBC.

By John Salvage

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