Thursday, 22 December 2011

Scrap Metal Free Zone in Coventry

The value of scrap metal has gone through the roof of late and has generated a tidal wave of crime which knows no depths. It is a sad reflection of this country that our biggest export is scrap metal going overseas to assist their rapidly growing industries whilst ours sink further into decline. The endless stream of vans trawling British streets scavenging for what metal they can find, and I use the word "find" very loosely as basically if its not bolted down it will be gone. Churches are fair game and now even War Memorials are being targeted. All this and hardly a whimper of concern from the main stream politicians.

However Coventry BNP have now launched a scheme to tackle this problem. Leaflets are being delivered door to door providing a scrap metal collection service upon request. This scheme is run by local BNP volunteers and all metals collected is weighted in with all profits going to selective British charities only.

The service has been warmly welcomed on the street with many residents praising the simple yet effective idea and asking why the council has not adopted such a scheme before now. However Geoffrey Robinson MP for Coventry is not so impressed with the idea and has instructed the council to look into the BNP scheme. The council have already had one meeting in an attempt to find a legal loophole to shut the scheme down. However this backfired as it just generated more publicity for the BNP with both the local paper and local BBC radio covering the story. Basically the council are not happy that the BNP have come up with a solution to a problem that they could not tackle themselves. Another excellent example of local BNP activists getting stuck in and getting problems sorted within the local community.

Monday, 19 December 2011

The BBC's Reputation Goes ''Up In Flames'' As Multi-Cultural Propaganda Snares Mr Reeves

The BBC is already well known for it's bias, partisan programming, and skewed news items. So for many Nationalists, and free thinking people, of which there are increasingly many, the extremely crafty trap with which 80 year old Mr Reeves was snared in, whilst taking part in ''Up In Flames, Mr Reeves And The Riots'' on Thursday the 15th of December, was particularly nasty and opportunist. The family business had been there for 144 years, and had escaped bombing in the Second World War, and the many ''boom and bust'' eras endured by our people since the end of the war. One thing that family could not escape though, was the trap set by the Marxist hate-mongers at the BBC. They well and truly made it impossible for the energetic, proud, and hard working Mr Reeves, to escape what they had arranged... an engineered and sly attempt to make certain that the racial element was totally ignored. They even went so far as to show background TV programmes, and audio snippets saying that ''race was not the issue'', for the subliminal effect to sink in. What they could not do of course, was stop the programme looking ridiculous, and politically motivated later, as this awful corporation sank lower than a copy of Karl Marx's Das Kapital inside a steel case, being thrown into the Thames. The ''Black Youth Awards'', (nothing to do with race then?) see the clip here: ( ) was used to offer Mr Reeves an olive branch, and to placate white indigenous people whom may well have other thoughts on the causes of the riots. The reality should have been an offer of rope, with which to hang the traitors in Parliament and the media with. The programme used Mr Reeve's good nature, and made sure he could not refuse the offer of the two leaders of this awards scheme, aided and abetted by the BBC. When one looks at the health scare Mr Reeves also went through in addition to his store burning down, it was a very nasty trick indeed. He said:

''My other worst moment in the aftermath of the riots was when I was taken into hospital with a stress-related complaint, two weeks after the riot. I had so much to do and I willed myself to get out. With the help of my wife we managed to persuade the consultant that I was OK. It turned out to be the right decision''

What if it had not been, and all the pressure by the BBC, had gone pear shaped? The whole programme was a disgraceful use of license payers money, and one that showed the BBC, and the so-called ''Youth Workers'', up for what they are... opportunistic and cynical. The process by which a people can be ethnically cleansed, ranges from outright violence, military action, and destruction of socio-economic and cultural lives and opportunities to exist without oppression... and that last one is what we are suffering from. Mr Reeves was shown to have kindness, and in some ways, a liberal view point by the programme makers. However, a man with much to lose at his time of life, and with so much family tradition, and pride in his home town, it was obvious he, his wife, his sons and employees, presumably think differently in private. What they would have done, and whether they would have stayed in Croydon, is one we can all have opinions on. One thing everyone agrees on, is that the riots, and many more actions engineered by the likes of the alien parasite, Jason bard-Rosenberg, were and will be, nothing short of a ''hate fest''. The UAF (United Against Fascism) with whom Rosenberg is linked, and the Socialist Workers party (SWP), will be amongst many extremist groups, winding up the ''yoof'' in future protests and violence against white Britons. This is proven by what he stated on his Twitter page: "For anyone heading to places where riots are: 1 - Mask up. Properly, not just a hood. 2 - Bindmans solicitors if you get nicked. Bindmans solicitors will of course be glad to handle your case, because the whole project that we see in practice, is of course crammed with ''nice little earners'' for Zionist profiteers, whom regularly moan about the British National Party and others, standing up for their own nation and populace, but insist and agree that, Israel ''deport the infiltrators'' when referring to 50,000 Black immigrants whom arrived there in recent months and years. The BBC is no friend of white Britons, and alien hate mongers like Jason Bard-Rosenberg, have been air-brushed out of a very dark, evil picture. Other parasitical Marxists and hate cult fanatics, are also to be found slushing around in the mud, dust, and blood of Mr Reeves' once happy and prosperous country.

What Mr Reeves, and his family should be reminded of, or more appropriately advised on, is that an innocent man, Richard Mannington Bowes, aged 68, was killed/murdered during the riots that spread through England, with the help of Left-Wing extremists and sly profiteers. Jennifer Izaakson, a Trotskyist alien, UAF president at the (LSE), London School of Economics, made the claim that she was ''inside the Tottenham police line'', and mocked the violence which ended up with Mr Mannington-Bowes being murdered. Both she and her brother-in-arms, Rosenberg, glorified the stabbings. How easily it could have been one of Mr Reeves' own relatives. The BBC, and let's be frank, all media outlets are essentially, when it comes right down to brass tacks, all the same. The BBC is so ''British'' of course, it once promoted the Communist Party of Great Britain, and had a representative on it's ''100 Greatest Britons'' programme some years back... but not Mr Nick Griffin, a real Briton, nor any other true patriot, group, or individual. As time goes by, it may be that we all collectively see through the haze as a nation, and Mr Reeves will be with us for many more years, and will also see what they have done in his name, and the way he was used by the hateful BBC. Some of us may even think he and his family already does, but was put in a terrible situation. After all, if he'd refused all those invites, and stated the obvious, he would have become a target, along with his business, and we all know how evil the BBC are, and how deep its Marxist tentacles reach. Rosenberg and Izaakson wouldn't give a fig for the life of one of ours, nor does the BBC.

By John Salvage

Thursday, 8 December 2011

The Second Great Depression: 2007 - ? by John Salvage

When Captain Mainwaring and his merry band of Home Guards were captured in their own town, and held by the enemy in one of many embarrassing moments for them, during that excellent series ''Dad's Army'', he made a statement that echoes down the decades. When the enemy officer asked the young volunteer for his name, Captain Mainwaring quickly and angrily shouted: ''Don't tell him Pike'', giving the whole scene a humorous touch, in what was essentially a dangerous situation. That ''Don't tell him Pike'' slip up, is now used by the media, and opposition politicians, to pretend that somehow, at some point in the last four or five years, we had an economic recovery, but now face a double dip recession. We didn't, and many business people, those small to medium employers and self-employed folk, and many ordinary working people, know that a double dip recession, is propaganda, and an insult to our collective intelligence. Back in 2007, some colleagues and myself, ran a small hand-made furniture business. In that year, we kept getting international phone calls, mainly from the USA, and thousands of emails, asking us if we'd like to purchase shares. At the same time, we noticed that even back then, retail industry giants had started to offer massive discounts, all year long sales campaigns, and longer and longer terms for not paying immediately, and all the rest. ''Something is going on'' we said, and that statement was repeated to everyone, including our immediate families, whom at that time, thought we were quite wrong, and possibly paranoid. Then, one of the most well known retailers, Woolworths, closed down, followed by hundreds of other stores, many of them independent, along with large and traditional manufacturing companies. Because so many people, and businesses, were debt ridden, and credit was freely and stupidly available en-mass, the con-trick enabled the establishment to cloak the reality of the situation, and then the whole sordid affair exploded, or rather imploded. The boom and bust lie had finally come home to roost. Official figures were engineered to offer a supposed upward show of growth, closely followed by frantic re-financing, in other words another bundle of debt, at least according to the media and official statements regarding this supposed ''growth.'' Any sensible and free thinking individual, knew full well that there was never a recovery, of any sorts. The whole western world is, and will be for generations to come, drowning under a sea of toxic debt. Manufacturing, as proven by the treachery of this coalition government's ''give away'' of the contract to a foreign railway company, and not Bombardier in Derby, is all but finished here. This year, the debt interest alone on UK debt is £48.6 Billion, or 3% of GDP. With all the companies we once knew, gone, or having to cut costs and salaries, that debt is never likely to be paid off, ever.

The true cost of total debt to this nation alone according to ( is now in excess of Five Trillion pounds. Without the businesses that once employed people and thus, paid taxes, there is, and never was a recovery, and a threat of a double dip recession... we were never out of it. Many writers and thinkers in nationalist circles have of course, noted that the Second World War was the actual start of our problems, at least in terms of mass national and personal debt. In fact, just to blow the minds of newer readers, and some who are only just getting the gist of our demise, if it wasn't for the ''war chest'' syndrome of yesteryear, whereby the populace produced from their hard earned pennies and shillings, a percentage of those earnings amongst other items, we may not have endured what we see today. What we know now, as ''Income Tax'', was first introduced here, by William Pitt (the younger), during his budget of late 1798, so as to pay for weapons and equipment for the Napoleonic Wars. These wars were furnished with debts provided to both this nation, and the French, by the worlds richest bankers, the Rothschild dynasty, whom made vast amounts of money lending to both sides. An early Rothschild banker hit the nail on the head, when he bragged: Give me control of a nations money, and I care not who makes it's laws. Such insanity is of course now run of the mill. With the Euro catastrophe dragging Britain deeper into the abyss, and not enough income tax with which to pay for foreign wars, the debt crisis is not really a debt crisis, it has become a credit crisis. Leaders all around the west, are without exception, aiding and abetting our slavery at the hands of the bankers, and with mass immigration, foreign aid, and another two countries on the agenda for regime change, or outright military action, no end to our woes are in sight. Taxes of course are only a problem for ordinary people to worry about. Backdoor taxes such as increased fuel costs, and so-called Value Added Tax, or VAT, are certainly not a problem for the super rich. Many of these are completely out of the system altogether, many not paying anything towards the burden we have to pay for. The Unions have also garnished at least £113 million of taxpayers money. Last year, Trade Unions grabbed direct grants, and taxpayer-subsidised “facility time”, and do little to offset our economic problems, rather, their leaders help facilitate them, by supporting immigration. All in all, there is no alternative but to become self-sufficient in all and everything. Supporters and voters of the British National Party, and all its activists, should be looking at every opportunity and every avenue, to taking their assets, skills, and food purchases out of a system that is doomed to failure.

The nation is not in a position to offer us, or the next generation anything of value, especially worthwhile employment or career prospects. We are now at the gates of a serious, and to be honest, far more deadly depression than the late 1920's one, and nothing other than a Nationalist revolution will stave off the coming destruction of all we know and love. Businesses that have no democratic choice but to ''comply'' with EU regulations, pay a staggering £28 Billion. The Common Agricultural Policy, and additional food related costs total another £17 billion. The cost of foreign trawlers costs our fishermen and industry, £3.3 Billion, and £14.6 Billion is paid into the EU budget, and other EU funding ''contracts''. The argument for a swift withdrawal from this monster, and to re-negotiate our total debt to international finance houses, has never been more immediate. Britain will probably be better off becoming nil rated, and classed as bankrupt. Our economy is nothing more than a fat, but very unhealthy cow, milked to death by greedy bankers, and those companies merely operating pathetic, and rather pointless ''services'' or other such rubbish. Our benefits system makes us the ''Benefits Riviera of The World,'' so there would be no loss on that point. The fiscal strategy for inclusion into the EU, was supposedly that no nation could fall below a certain amount of operating money, a little bit like a well run business. That has been ignored, as almost every nation involved in this gigantic tote system, is in debt, and cannot pay it's way... it is therefore a defunct monolith, and is ''illegal'' under the terms of it's own constitution. With all we have discussed here, it is safe to say that, we would lose nothing if we as a nation, started from scratch, printed and minted our own money, say, a return to Pounds, Shillings, and Pence, nationalise all important services and infrastructure, re-write the English Bill of Rights for modern times, (1689) and keeping traditional elements within it, extend them to include a united Britain. Re-write and do the same with the Act of Settlement (1701), and the Magna Carta. Thus, those living here, regardless of ethnic background, would have choices. Those disagreeing with the majority, would be funded to leave.

With this depression now turning into a war on our kith and kin, and starting when it did, in around 2007, the above, and what will be discussed in the final chapter of this article, will have to be instituted into the form of a ''British Constitution'' as it were, between like minded people, and drawing in our closest friends, colleagues, and fellow activists. Legally, we have rights, (just about) and legally, we can opt out of anything that does not sit well with us, the majority. There is going to be no end, at least not a good one, to what we are witnessing today. The second great Depression of 2007 - ? is a serious, long term, multi-generational situation. We need a strategy, and we need to act now. We have nothing, and no-one except our own political leadership at the British National Party, and that in many respects is just one component in our struggle. Recent splits are as many will remember... pointless and useless, as history has shown. Those amongst us with assets, businesses, skills, and the means to produce food, should now create a system within a system, bypassing the ugly debt ridden, credit based black hole. Finance is dead, and so are pensions, savings, and continued reliance upon the traditional working week and employment values. The King as they say, is dead, but long live the King. Our chances of survival in this insane system, a system of Trotsky influenced ''Perpetual Revolution'', are nil. Talking, and writing constantly about the problems and causes of them, are getting us no where, what we need is action. We need to start implementing the strategy of ''cause and effect.'' We all know the cause, so we now need to prepare to effect those doing us harm. Our combined talents, numbers, and sheer willpower, should be able to conflict enough damage on the enemy, so as to cause them great loss... money, control over our lives, control over food and water, and control over our health and well being, should all be brought back to our hands. Let's put a date or year in place of that question mark in the title of this article. And when that date or year is finalised, let us make that date and year the start of our renaissance, one that will be written in the annals of the history books still to be written.

Friday, 2 December 2011

College Tutor tells Students Emma West is a deluded racist

I have had a phone call today from a member of the public who's Niece attends Hinckley College, What they told me is quite unbelivable concerning Emma West aka the tram lady, who is currently being held in HMP Bronzefield for her so called racist outburst on the tram.

The phone call went on to tell me that on Thursday, a College Tutor heard his Niece and her mates talking about the Tram lady. Following this the Tutor told them that they have to attend a discussion about why the Woman was wrong to say what she said.
Today she went along to the discussion and they were told the following, "The woman is a deluded racist & it's good thats she is in prison & her kids are better off in care than with that piece of filth".

Do you think this is acceptable for a college tutor to talk in this way to their students ?

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Modern Education: One Rant That Paints A Thousand Pictures

In the wake of ''that racist rant'', by the unfortunate mother, Emma West, it is worth considering the subject of not only what could have led her to this outburst, but how she managed to escape indoctrination of the Marxist education system. Bertrand Russell wrote a book called The Impact Of Science Upon Society, in 1957. In the book, he suggested that when mind control over the masses had been perfected, those charged with educating our children would one day, be able to control its subjects securely, without any need for armies or policemen. Emma West had obviously broken free of it, at least latterly, and was angry enough to produce a performance that many, at least in public, thought was not particularly prudent, given the alien laws now heaped upon our society. However, that rant, and her language proves one thing, and proves it beyond doubt... those who ''teach'' our younger generation, cannot reach all of us, and even when they do manage their longed for brainwashing of our very young, probably never thought it possible that, some of them would still escape their clutches.

That all people are the same, and there is no such thing as ''race,'' is to many free thinkers, utterly ridiculous. But that doesn't stop the lunatics whom for at least two generations, have held enormous power over the education of our youngsters, and that includes men and women now in their early 50's, who were subjected to the process known as ''progressive teaching.'' Thus, poor Emma West, now held up as proof positive that ''Britain is still racist'', could be in line for having her child taken away from her, and a prison sentence or a heavy fine. We will all suffer for this as white British, but the problem lies not with her lack of co-ordination, and intellectually inspired reasoning for her, and our problems due to immigration, but of her lack of real education. She is a product of the three-party dictatorship, ruling over us since the last world war. She is a product of lack of opportunities for white working people, to extend themselves and their capabilities beyond what is normally offered to people of her generation.

Many reading this, will be well aware of the usual organisations and systems, associated with our destruction as a civilised, well educated peoples. The Bilderberg Group, the Frankfurt School, and the whole system of interlinked, leftist unions and groups, are the ones normally in our ''court'' so to speak. However, The Tavistock Institute seems to have escaped many people's gaze. Aldous Huxley, was himself linked to the Tavistock Institute, and was considered by many to be the guru of the 60s ‘social revolution’, but he revealed their whole sordid agenda whilst lecturing at the California Medical School, in San Francisco in 1961, just three years before the explosion of insanity that eventually led to ''free love'', unobtainable equality, student protest, and Feminist hatred of white males: He said:

“There will be in the next generation or so, a pharmacological method of making people love their servitude, and producing dictatorship without tears so to speak. Producing a kind of painless concentration camp for entire societies so that, people will in fact have their liberties taken away from them, but will rather enjoy it, because they will be distracted from any desire to rebel - by propaganda, or brainwashing, or brainwashing enhanced by pharmacological methods. And this seems to be the final revolution.”

Do please check the Tavistock Institute's site ( where you will be possibly surprised, or not, at the list of organisations that enjoy their ''coaching'', which includes the Police, NHS, Army, Probation Service, Prisons, Banking, and Government. Is it any wonder that, all those services, once proud and world renowned, are now so bereft of anything resembling their former greatness and abilities? Is it any wonder that Emma West, thrown to the dogs like many of our people, came to proffer only what she could lay her tongue to, whilst in her hour of absolute anger and frustration? No. The millions of students, turned out from universities with little hope of any worthwhile career prospects, are in many ways going to experience what Emma West has, and many already have. But as usual, with their brains thoroughly washed and cleansed of natural thought, those at the top level, will simply go along with the whole project of anti-nationalist sentiment. The poorer ones, those pushed into so-called higher education, will of course not be able to withhold their frustrations. And that is both a blessing, and a danger to us all. The danger is that, the ethnic minorities, or majorities, depending upon where one lives, will rise to the bait of ''revolution'', and will repeat August 2011's riots. The whites will in part join them, but will hold their biggest anger for the minorities.

And this is what our Chairman, MEP Nick Griffin, has cleverly warned of for the last five or so years. Anger should, and must be, directed at those pulling the strings, and the political elite whom have facilitated the whole disaster, whilst ensuring that little Jemima and Tarquin are educated at Fastrackford and Financebridge. Emma West got away from the grip of the Marxist education system, but in many ways, so have the top politicians and their offspring. Emma got angry, built up resentment, and in the only way she knew, expressed it, but Jemima and Tarquin will show their frustration in other ways. They'll either whisper and nudge as things get worse, and speak out at posh dinner parties, or they'll do what their social circle will just about allow.. join the Tories or UKIP. Thankfully, things do appear to be changing somewhat, and some of the former ''nose in the air'' types, are suffering enough, and seeing the British National Party as the only real way out of this mess. The by-product of an alien education system, with its built in ''cause and effect'' syndrome, will no longer be enough to grip the coming generation, as they see the whole socio-economic wonder of Gordon Brown's ''no more boom and bust'' rubbish turn to dust. Education (brainwashing) is one thing, but real life is another, and Emma West showed the whole country what real life is like, both the state of the nation, and the frustration such a state brings.