Sunday, 13 November 2011

Remembrance Sunday 13/11/11

Today as I am a member of the Territorial Army, I was on parade with 4th Mercian Regiment Band in Birmingham's Centenary Square. The sun shone and it was quite a warm day for a change, I have been doing Remembrance day parades for quite a lot of years and it is normally very cold, so this year I put on the normal thermals to keep me warm but instead today I actually sweated.

Also there was Paul Hickman Organiser of Birmingham British National Party and a few of Birmingham's members.

Pictured above is Birmingham Organiser Paul Hickman (2nd from the right) and a few activists from Birmingham and of course me in the middle.
Throughout the West Midlands local groups/branches of the British National Party were taking part in Remembrance services and laying Wreaths on behalf on the party.

Here are just a few photos, there will be more to follow.

George Jones from Coventry branch laying a wreath in Coventry.

Cannock member Derek Evans carrying the Royal British Legion Standard in Hednesford

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