Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Organiser Rob Weale, reports about the excellent Annual party Conference of 2011.

The drive up the M6 from Halesowen was incident free we made great time and the 101 miles seemed to whizz past, we arrived at our digs with half hour to freshen up, before we made the RVP as usual security for these events was on the ball. We procceeded to the venue and were greeted in the now customary fashion of a good hard shake of the hand, nowhere else from cubscouts to other clubs and institutions have I ever felt the warmth and comradeship, as I have this weekend. The start of Day one, began with an indepth presentation of the parties accounts by Cllr Clive Jefferson, the figures and the general health of the party seemed reasonable, considering the situation the 4 other parties that contest elections in our so-called ''democracy'' are in. They of course, haven't had to stave off the attack dogs of the EHRC and mutinous acts from inside and out. Next came a brilliant speech by a YBNP member about how the youth of the BNP, are persecuted and treated by schools, colleges and universities, and some of their brainwashed peers. We then finished of the first part of the morning with a presentation, outlining the future plans for our campaign strategy.

The Venue had mysteriously by now accquired some gentlemen in luminous Jackets and a handful of Zombie looking chanters who can't seem to think of anything original to scream about, It was also drizzling with rain quite heavily and I felt sorry for our security team, although wisely, they were wrapped up against the elements, having not believed the METs weather forecast for a scorching Halloween weekend. After Lunch, we began to split up into groups, as we were shown different workshops from which we could learn useful tips and tools to aid us in our recruitment and electoral campaign. I can't go into greater depth at this particular time, not wanting to give away secrets to the ''reds'' that may be trolling these sites. Anyway we left buzzing, and returned to our hotel to refresh, and to try to order the many things we had heard that day, and sort them out in our minds.

We returned to the Venue some 2 hours later and proceeded to help devour the lovely Traditional Hog Roast that had been prepared for our nourishment after our long day. As usual, this was spectacular, and the accompanying side dishes were splendid too. Then began a sort of networking session where we mingled and discussed issues that previously we had only been able to have over Facebook or Twitter... we need to do this more. The evening went off without a hitch, and we made many promises to meet and see each other in the coming months. I had my first photograph taken with the Chairman Nick Griffin, and Myself and Paul Hickman, Birmingham organiser, were the last ones to leave that evening. The clocks went back an hour, so I relished the extra hour in bed. However, we still arose a 8:00am next morning, and were back at the venue for 9:00am. A larger crowd of chanters had assembled this time, and the luminous jackets had increased their presence too.

The day started with an excellent service from the Reverend West, and the BNP Veterans followed, then came the national anthem 'God Save The Queen'. We we were then treated to another excellent speech, this time from a YBNP member, who promised to make it her duty to try to make her friends and peers see the propaganda being used to brainwash them everyday. It had been announced by now that, the Fascist labour had been trying to get us shut down, even threatening the Licensee with the loss of his liquer licence, if he did not conform. However, this situation was handled superbly by the Chairman, and individuals of the party who are extremely well versed in our rights, and our laws, and he was sent packing with a flea in his ear, and a letter to ponder or get his buddy to about the implications of his actions. After this had occurred wwe were then told that the TV had arrived in the form of Granada Television, who set up whilst we prepared to debate and vote on new policy and manifesto. I will not go into depth about this as it will be shown on www.BNP.co.uk and I would like you all to read it on there.

When we had finished debating and speaking on the 12 motions we sat and eagerly awaited the Chairman's closing address, again I'd like you to watch this on our main website, but as he entered the room to a full standing ovation, and multiple handshakes all around, I'm not ashamed to say my chest filled with pride and love for this man, and the tears flowed freely. The same scene was duplicated all around the room. I need not say this, but I will. The Chairman's speech was stupendous, and although I had been remarked upon on for my height over the weekend, we all felt 12 feet tall at the end of it. The drive back as usual, worse. We had a 3 hour stop-start journey down the entire M6, and we weren't interfered with by the luminous Jackets, or the chanters, and arrived back safely around 9:30 pm. All in all, it was a weekend I will remember for a very long time to come, and I know it is the beginning of a solid, focused political party, moving on with a clear plan for the coming campaigns.

Robert Weale, Black Country British National Party Organiser

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