Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Nuneaton & Bedworth plan for next years election

Nuneaton & Bedworth group held their meeting tonight in the usual venue, This was to be the last meeting of the year so we had an informal meeting. The meeting was well attended by members and 3 new members being welcomed.

I spoke of next years local elections and the importance of putting candidates up. I then asked for volunteers to stand and there was plenty of members that are willing to put there names forward.

Next up was Raymond Casey who wanted to speak about the importance of freedom of speech, he used the recent poppy protest to demonstrate this. Raymond also spoke about his time at this years conference, Raymond was attending the conference for the first time. He spoke about how he took part in a motion debate, and he told everyone how impressed he was at how professional the conference was and he encouraged more members to attend next year.

I then had a Q & A session with plenty of questions, After that we sorted out the most important thing of the night, the Christmas Social. with that everyone was happy and keen to get back on the streets.

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