Monday, 21 November 2011

Money, Brutality, And The Coming New World Order by John Salvage

Whatever one thinks of the on going ''occupy wall street'', and various other campaigns raging across the world, many ordinary people, including those occasionally looking at articles on this and other Nationalist sites, may be quite shocked at the less obvious links between big business, banks, the established political elite of the West, and those unfortunate enough to campaign against them. Not so long ago, it was the ''conspiracy nut cases'' in White Nationalist circles that were smeared, lambasted, and ridiculed for describing each stage of the now familiar, new world order, with ultimately, a one world government. Now those angry protesters, the middle class ''I'm all right Jack'' types finally watching their savings and pensions dwindle, and ordinary family moms and dads, appear to be getting it, only this time, they are really getting it. As Nationalists once again prepare to waste yet another decade, arguing amongst themselves, and creating petty opposition parties that will end in zero accomplishments, the very people we all blame for our current problems... the bankers (banksters), are once again doing what comes naturally. They are financing their own protection, survival, and eventual total control over the world's once free peoples.

JP Morgan Chase, with assets of some Two Trillion dollars, last month donated a never before seen sum, of $4.6 million to the ''New York City Police Foundation''. This financial gift, is the largest in the history of the foundation. Apparently, it will facilitate the New York City Police Department in strengthening ''security'' in New York. The money will pay for approximately 1,000 new patrol car laptops, as well as ''security monitoring software'' in the NYPD’s main data base. Some readers may even ask if any of this actually matters. Yes, it matters because with such a donation, the police in New York will essentially be inclined to protect the wealthy, over and above any other group. New York police have already become openly more brutal, and ''1984'' in their treatment of protesters. Nationalists are of course, at odds with a large proportion of what most protesters believe in generally, but when it comes to rampant ''illegal'' treatment of peaceful protests against large corporations, we are of one mind. A single payment, in this case, $4.6 million, smacks of underhandedness, and flies in the face of morality. It is obvious to most people that, with this donation, there already seems to be a dedicated use for it, ie: ''security monitoring software'', and that is extremely worrying. In Britain for instance, we are the most spied upon nation on the planet, and even the most apolitical amongst our own, must be wondering why this is.

We as a people, and as a political entity, are now being targeted with an unprecedented, mutli-front attack, and as this party campaigns and continues to offer the public real choice, do not be surprised if our ''Amercianised'' political elite, create the same engineered options to attack our people even more openly. The media knows only too well what the agenda is, and with the three main components of a one world government, now in the hands of the elite... banking, media, and military technology, only a solid, combined defence strategy from nationalists in the UK, Europe, and the western world, will suffice. The leftist attitude that is prevailing, has nothing to do with equality, good working and living standards, our safety, and all the other bluff and rhetoric we hear and see, it is just a smokescreen. The reality is corporate dictatorship. Once such a thing would have been only read about in fiction, but corporations have since the end of the last century, been growing more and more influential. It is in fact, part Fascist, part Communistic. After all, those of us whom have studied the topic of why the left and their famous spokesmen and women, always seem to be wealthy, will know that it was the bankers whom funded Karl Marx. With this funding, came everything we as a people, witnessed last century. And now, a re-run is on the cards.

Some of the ''Bernie Madoff victims'', have filed a law suit of some $19 Billion, because JP Morgan Chase, in their words ''was thoroughly complicit'', and ''chose to enable Madoff's fraud''. Sadly though, the people who became victims, were only too happy to watch as the rest of the world became poorer, and more and more rights were dismantled in America and the west... until they were affected. They are now facing much the same as the rest of us. With all the disparate campaigns, and all the various groups and individuals involved in their own little battles, they and us, are reminded that even though the propaganda against Nationalists, has led them to supposedly oppose what we stand for, the time is fast running out for ''personal pet battles''. And the biggest battle, the one for our freedoms and that of the next generation, should see a combined effort to oppose the NWO, one world government, and the horror that will go before all that.. police and establishment brutality. Imagine the impact of a million of us, all with different political and cultural opinions, coming together for a single, targeted campaign? What the government here, in Europe, America, and those engineering conflict in the Middle East want, is warring tribes of agenda driven activists, many shouting and placard waving, but some smashing the place up, but none of us achieving anything. Then they can bring in the national equivalent of ''the patriot act.'' see

As Russia has in the last few years, enabled itself to pull free from its old parasitical alien oligarchs, or should that be oily-garchs? it has become the new, ''old enemy'' in some quarters. China is making moves to show America, or at least its wealthy leaders and bankers that, it has intentions to become not only a rival, but THE superpower on a global basis. All this leads many in Nationalism, to wonder what the outcome will be, and who, if anyone, is engineering this strategy. Russia has now more or less, been accepted into the fold of the World Trade Organisation (WTO), and for this, its farmers are being challenged, because of the lower tariffs agreed as part of its ''welcoming pack.'' So-called ''Patriots of Russia'', a party registered only in 2005, are being touted in some quarters, as lovers of the traditional Russia, the ''land of the Rus'', or white Russia. Do not be fooled. They have apparently said they ''reject extremism and Nationalism''. The Russians, part of our ancient brethren, are not going to get any real choices are they? If China does lend the EU a massive multi-billion Euro bailout, from it's almost $3 Trillion in foreign reserves, we will see far more antagonistic, and violent scenes on the streets of the west, as it must be remembered, the ''debtor is always the slave'', and Red China will pull many strings once it has got the power. There will be more ''Rover and LDV'' style buy outs, and nothing will be off limits.

Is all this an engineered strategy though? Well, when we consider the wars of the last century, and reasons for more of them since the 1960's, and the fact that ''the most wanted man on earth,'' Bin Laden, held massive reserves with other world leaders knowledge, and only recently got ''found'' and killed, it could be exactly that. Also, it is alleged that he, and others in the region, have held shares in western controlled oil companies. Is there far more to all this, than we could ever really know? Are the once free peoples of planet earth, with its diverse and wondrous cultures, being manipulated by more than simply greedy conglomerates and treacherous world leaders? The evidence so far, suggests that it could be the case that, a few hundred of the wealthy elites, and their various collaborators in what we all think are ''separate nations'', are until they wish otherwise, together in a conspiracy to control every national institution, religion, and culture. So-called new enemies from ''rogue nations'' are seemingly old buddies and trading partners, and so many old ''rogue nations'', are now in a delirious state of ''democracy'', having been bombed and then rebuilt. There is a feeling that we are all being laughed at, played if you will, like the old Greek gods of ancient times... causing wars, disasters, and creating extreme wealth for themselves. Only a consolidated, and genuine ''people power'' type protest, alongside the emptying of traditional bank accounts, withdrawal of labour, and agreements between disparate groups, will see the change we all want. It's time to stop the elites in their tracks, and take control of our national assets, before we all pass the point of no return. Brutality and oppression will be the blue print of a future world, if we do pass that point of no return.

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