Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Cannock Group Meeting

Cannock British National Party appoint new group secretary, Shaun Grimsley was introduced as the new group secretary by Terry Majorowicz the groups fundholder.
Terry Majorowicz opened the meeting by announcing the new appointment of Shaun and details of what his duties will consist of in his new role, Terry then went on to tell the members what the group has planned for the next couple of months with planned table tops including the EU petition.
I then spoke on how succesful the party conference was and also show the members the excellent new leaflets that party now has, everyone agreed the party is moving forward. I then did a Question and Answer session about all aspects of the party, this lasted for over an hour.
The group now armed with leaflets and a nice new table banner are getting ready to hit the local towns.
I gave each member 100 We want our Country back leaflet to go out there and distribute them, the meeting ended with a group photo showing off the new table banner and leaflets.

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