Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Over 300 Signatures at Kidderminster Table Top

Carl Mason the Worcestershire Organiser took his team to Kidderminster town centre and set up the table top for the ever popular EU Referendum petition campaign.

Carl Mason gave the following report.
After setting up the eye catching table they soon had crowds flocking around us , all eager to sign our petition, Phil Spencer the Telford organiser and his wife turned up to help, we collected well over 300 signatures in 2 and a half hours, we had to buy more pens to help people sign quicker ,so more people could get to our table , we also gave out all our leaflets to people who wanted to know more about the British National Party, we also spoke to a large number of the public who wanted to discuss the EU with us. The response from the public from all ages was tremendous, we were on occasions pushed off our table to let the public at the petition forms, After the response we received from the people of Kidderminster , and visitors to the town we all agreed to stage a tabletop once a month in our group area, it,s a pity the politicians can,t give the people what they want " We want our country back"

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