Saturday, 8 October 2011

The Nationalist Community: Adapt Or Die

In our increasingly fratricidal world (The act of one who murders or kills his own brother), the word ''Community'' is not one Nationalist writers are especially happy to use historically. It's root meaning comes from Communism/commune, and political Communism is the polar opposite to our thinking. However, as with everything in life these days, the term must in this instance, be used to simply both shorten, and attain an easily defined modern term for ''us.'' Our people, where ever they reside, are going through a terrible time. Economically, racially, and culturally, they are on the road to utter destruction. Our ''Community'' is not only reeling from external forces, antagonistic and hateful, warlike, and terminally greedy, in all western countries, our kith and kin are also in danger from each other. Every few years, just as the dawn shone it's glowing light upon our woes and struggles, the darkness blankets all our hopes and dreams, and thus, the eternal collective enemy laughs all the way to the top of his intellectual tree house, and of course... the bank.

Our people never learn lessons, or so it seems. Those that struggle to lead, or use personal examples to show the way, a far too burdened and tired to ever grasp national or local power with an increasingly small minority of helpers, and this is due to decades of similar problems, and both external and internal crisis, mainly due to a large proportion of once loyal and hard working activists, giving up, or sadly, taking one side or another, never actually realising that they are in fact committing fratricide. Obviously not literally, but intellectually, and socio-culturally, that is what it all boils down to. This then leads to the breakup of the potential we all once had. Thus, the enemy takes a back seat, and pulls the strings as always, watching as like the ancient Greek gods, they direct storms, disasters, and squabbles, which then end up with far reaching consequences. As a world minority (currently 8%) our ethnic group, whom carved civilisation from ice, rock, desert, and mountain, is facing its final generation of potential, it is in fact, looking at the precipice and sliding towards it, and arguing as it does so. Imagine our combined strength, if all those that lost their way, for whatever reason, were still amongst us? We would be in number ten already.

We must adapt to something we had no dealings in... a new order. The new order is one of post democratic, ''1984'' oppression, spying, war mongering, and deliberate economic downgrading of western industrial power. This is not our doing, so we must adapt. How, some might ask, can we achieve this. It is not easy, but look t the history books, look at the massive struggles of past military and political battles. We can achieve it only as an organic mass. A single entity, working together, and for once and for all time, leaving behind personal differences and essentially, simplistic opinions that a either black or white, or as they say, ''them and us.'' There is only one ''them and us,'' the eternal enemy. We are not each others enemies, and we are not in a position to take up any more time and energy for squabbling. Our opposite numbers are reaping what we are ourselves, sowing. Soon, we will see yet more hate, more bias, and more poison, this time with the BBC's Panorama programme. Either don't watch it, or prepare your selves, and others, for what is basically a state sponsored ''tick box'' to crush this party once and for all, and ally us in the eyes of the public, with the real money grabbers and fraudsters of the so-called ''mainstream'' political elite.

We have come this far, we have seen worse, and we will see much worse, so be of sound mind when the mud and shrapnel start flying. We know what the enemy is capable of, because it is they whom have more to lose than we have, at least in a monetary and power base way. We have right on our side, and if we are intellectually and morally correct, which we are, then we have nothing to worry about. The weak will fall, and the cattle amongst the public will moan. They will once again be herded in the right direction. But, we have special things to fight for... our future, and all those who died for it. We have only one more decade to turn this around, and then it really will be every family, man, or woman for themselves. Our kind cannot take any more mass immigration, wars, and economic slavery, we are far too weakened, and far too divided at the moment. A decade seems a long time, but those whom have seen what this party, and our fellow European Nationalists have achieved in the last decade, will instinctively know that it is enough time to halt, and turn back the pages of our as yet, unwritten history. The dark forces are as we speak, targeting Syria next, and talking about various options for closing down opposition groups here, and they are already preparing to curtail the use of internet and email facilities that have until now, been freely available to all people.

They have already large enough amounts of tax-payers (stolen) cash, so as to produce a world that is engineered to suit their ultimate goal, and this means more internationally sanctioned wars. Rogue states as they call them, are only the beginning, it will not be too long, before ''rogue regions'' or ''rogue communities'' are targeted. We cannot afford to further weaken our options, nor be spread too far geographically, or politically. We are the 8%, we are the British, and we are the ancient European warriors, druids, and intellectuals of old, and along with those traditionalist Christians, whom know full well that God wanted nations and different groups, and ''confused the languages and dispersed the people'', we can eventually take the battle to the enemy, and defeat them. Only of course, if we are as one. Only if we honour our ancestors, and only if we smile instead of frown at those we dislike or have issue with. We have but one decade, a decade in which all that has gone before will either be washed away for ever, or honoured for a thousand years. It is also a timely, but sad reminder that, in recent weeks, three Nationalists from this party, dear to us all, have gone from our midst... we owe it to them to be as one, and fight together until the hour of victory.

This article is dedicated ALL those who have worked hard for the British National Party, and are no longer with us, but specifically for the latest of our three fallen brothers: John Mills, David Hannam, and Robbie Jacobs.

By John Salvage

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