Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Lobbying, Lying, And Treachery: The Legacy Of Post War Governments

The last general election saw David Cameron bemoan the fact that: "secret corporate lobbying, like the expenses scandal, goes to the heart of why people are so fed up with politics. It's the next big scandal waiting to happen." And happen it did, but he allowed it to. Former Defence Secretary Liam Fox, has become the latest wounded political animal, in a series of controversial collaborations between the wholly undemocratic, powerful internationalist lobbyists, the mass media, and ministers. It exposes the serious horror of what has, and will continue to be, the downfall of truly independent British government. The coalition is now promising to set up a ''statutory register'' of lobbyists, however, time and time again, it has allowed this matter fade from the public's mind. Rupert Murdoch, has also had Cameron, and previous leaders in his pockets, but sheer arrogance and a feeling that they were above the law, provided the public with knowledge all involved would rather have been kept secret. For something real to be done about it, it will require Nationalists to both privately, and openly in some cases, insert themselves into groups that now profess to want action, such as the Take Back Parliament Campaign.

According to their own statistics, over 90% of Take Back Parliament's supporters, had called for the organisation to campaign for a register on lobbying activity. ''Lobbying government isn’t a bad thing in itself, it’s a part of the democratic process. The problem is when it’s done in secret, and the public have no way of knowing who has been putting pressure on the government to do what'', say's one of their spokeswomen. If lobbyists were forced to register such meetings, and made it publicly known whom every civil servant, and major politician's name was, and why they want what they ask, disgraceful episodes like the one Liam Fox and his ''special friend'' were embroiled in, probably would not have happened in the first place. Even the United States has rectified the issue of openness in lobbying in the last few years. However, as a recent email from Take Back Parliament suggested, there is no apparent shame, or wish to change things evident here in Britain. This is how dangerous, and sinister our government behaves, here's the most important quote from the email:

''Even more bizarrely, the Cabinet Office have been BLOCKING freedom of information requests, inquiring about the meetings they've had with lobbying firms about transparency - you couldn't make it up''.

It remains to be seen, as to whether the organisation feels truly democratic regarding Nationalists, even though they, and other groups opposed to secrecy and underhanded goings on with our government, are voicing concerns. Let's face it, a brief look at their supporters indicates a rather telling coalition. As we discussed earlier, individual membership or support of such groups, would swell any opposition to what is going on, without necessarily politicising it, or being partisan. On the other hand, there is the case for testing to destruction their want of true democracy. A local BNP branch for example, could openly suggesting that they be added to their list of friends, such as Social Liberal Reform, Friends Of The Earth, and Greenpeace, on their website. Also, Ekklesia, a supposedly Christian intellectual and philosophical collective, seems to be rather one sided, when appraising US immigration, and is one of the organisations on the campaign's list of supporters, and say's:

''In a climate where immigrants are increasingly considered a threat to economic growth and stability, efforts to solidify borders and punish “illegals” may be seen in an analogous fashion''.

Lobbying is one thing, but where do these organisations stand when the British National Party, so bereft of such high minded friends, wish to oppose the exact same system they deride and loathe so much? The reader will make up his or her mind up on this of course, but we won't hold our collective breaths. Thus we have as they say, a situation. The main theory of the article, is that although we agree on so many things, other organisations and groups, are essentially one and the same. Thus, as individuals, we can get in on the act, and see from inside what is happening, and whether we can do our bit. As a political party, the British National Party can also throw it's weight behind them all... and see the smoke rise, and the ashes fall, all whilst knowing what was going to happen, and laughing at their miserable attempts to ''distance themselves from the bigots''. Politics and activism does not have to be all work and no play, after all, the various groups and organisations mentioned here, and and heard seen elsewhere, are themselves having to lobby someone, somewhere. It would be an excellent project to see what would happen, if a two pronged launch occurred, one from the political angle, and one from various individuals.

After the pathetic surrendering of free speech, whereby Nick Griffin, MEP and leader of this party, had his invitation reneged upon to speak at Trinity College, Dublin, the outspoken elements within the established order, are simply not ready to break with Marxist cultural tradition. So any wish to ally our party with like-minded, at least in some aspects, groups and organisations opposed to undemocratic lobbyists and dark forces, looks like it is some years away from having the desired effect yet. By then, it will be far to late, as many of these now vocal, and to a certain degree, ethical groups, will either be banned, sidelined, or disbanded. With so many of these organisations, themselves relying on funding from either government, or ''big business'', the whole system is flawed anyway, and within the next five years, the economic reality of falling revenues from the public, government, and its liberal supporters losing interest, will hit hard. Until then, we can still have fun with them, test the water, and help smash the system from within at the same time.

As government ministers, are allying themselves with powerful companies in what appears to be an everyday part of the system, then by calling British Nationalists, for instance, Fascist, is erroneous. The very existence of 1930's Italian Fascism, whereby our collective enemies use the term to frighten the public from joining or voting for us is used, was only possible by the state, working with business. So Cameron and Dr. Fox and his special friend, are essentially Fascists. On the other hand, such organisations mentioned in this article, and our collective enemies, also enjoy promoting us as Nazis. By their own definitions, the Nazis apparently wanted to ''take over the world,'' thus, they were internationalists. That makes us British Nationalists, and in particular, the British National Party, fundamentally different. Our argument is one from the national perspective, and our goals are in part, the same as those wanting a fairer system. In fact, we are the ONLY party to proffer the system of ''regular referendum'', which means that the majority wishes are what drives government policy, and not big business, bankers, or self serving career politicians that do not deliver on promises. We have a limited window of opportunity, we can individually attack the enemy, or go for broke, and do it politically, either way, we are living in interesting times. Let's make them ours.

By John Salvage

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