Sunday, 2 October 2011

Labour Panic As Black Country Branch Delivers Message Of Hope

Last week, readers will remember how the British National Party's Black Country branch, left the establishment's ''foot soldiers'' of Unite/UAF standing, when they got the place, time, and even the day wrong, planning a second demonstration against our democratic right to leaflet and conduct a table top petition. With all the sophistication of a three legged tortoise trying to run the London Marathon, the local Labour unit, speedily produced a shabby leaflet in response to last week's leafleting session, on a smart border estate between semi-rural Cradley Heath/Halesowen. The leaflet, hastily printed and resplendent with the local councillors faces and names on it, was supposedly to outline their ''anger'' at the closing down of yet another school, and the selling off cheaply, of former council owned buildings. Our local correspondent, John Salvage, who was also present on the previous leafleting sessions and table tops, spoke to Organiser Rob Weale on behalf of the party's web site team, and his response was thus:

''If the local Councillors were that angry, how come they suddenly simply produced this pathetic leaflet, and so close to our first session in this area?'' He continued: ''As sitting Labour Councillors, any concerns they had would have been better served by actually putting a combined motion together, and fully opposing by signature, this disgraceful act of betrayal. The whole point of being elected, is to serve the voters who put you there, respond, control, and organise proceedings, not wait until we get active, and only then craftily pretend they are angry with their own party's actions.''

With locals responding well to the two week session, including an elderly resident on the smart estate, waving the two leaflets and smiling broadly at the team saying she'd love to read them, around 2000 leaflets had so far been put through doors. Evidence of the coalition's disastrous tenure thus far, was all too easily seen. Roads that were meant to have been re-surfaced, hedges clipped, and dangerous trees requiring lopping, have been completely ignored. This government, and it's partners in crime, have also made no effort to genuinely get to grips with issues that locals, in fact the nation as a whole, are up in arms about. Local issues are now so bereft of leadership and organisation that, even the mainstream national media are using British National Party style articles, and policy concerns, to keep their newspapers in profit... just. Our activists are doing a fantastic job countrywide, and with specific, well organised and tactical approaches to activism, the party is well placed to profit from the ongoing disaster that is the old, tired three-party system.

The continued crime spree, unopposed by the political elite, and the ''PC police'' with their hands bound tightly, are also a major concern. Local farmers, haulage contractors, and small business, are all reporting loss of specialist machinery. Most of this machinery is extremely expensive, and ends up in many other parts of the world. It also causes potential loss of viability for the smaller business owner, and could result in otherwise avoidable job losses. Locals seem increasingly vocal in exposing things that the politicians and local media, are not too happy in reporting. With the economy now in relative free fall, job loses at an all time high in the Black Country, and no other political party making any attempt to fight these issues, our leaflets, table top campaigns, and website, are having a fantastic effect. Regional Organiser Alwyn Deacon, has reported healthy enquiries from last week's session alone, so if this is happening with just 2000 leaflets to date, and in virgin party territory, one can only imagine the effect it has had on the opposition. As reported, the Labour group have had to respond with a weak, shabby, and hasty leaflet. This means that the only issues they could come up with, were ones they should have opposed at council level, and face to face with their own party and coalition partners... they didn't... WE WILL.

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