Sunday, 30 October 2011

Conference Weekend

This weekend saw the British National Party held their annual conference, and what an excellent conference it was. I was very pleased to see a lot of members attending from the West Midlands,

The conference weekend started for me on Friday evening, Being the West Midlands regional organiser I sit on the National Executive council, (formally the advisory council) This meeting was very productive and went on to very late in the night.
I was up nice and early Saturday morning and off to the conference venue and helped the set up team, Being a staff member of the party means working and making sure the conference goes smoothly, With the help from my wife the Excalibur merchandise stall was soon set up.
Saturday's conference was opened by the party chairman Nick Griffin, this was followed by Treasurer Clive Jefferson giving an in-depth financial report, The members then heard lots of talks throughout the day. Saturday night then saw the traditional hog roast followed by a well enjoyed social night.

Sunday means motions day and plenty of debate with this years motions, Paul Hickman Birmingham organiser proposed the West Midlands motion and Black country organiser seconded the motion, the motion was passed,
Here is a shortened version of the motion as prepared by Paul Hickman.

In 2011 it is well known that first cousin marriages greatly increase the chance of having a child with serious leaning/physical disabilities. In a modern Western society it is immoral and cruel to knowingly induce such a birth by way of first cousin marriage. The cost to the tax payer is also enormous.
Furthermore first cousin marriages create a immigration ‘loop hole’ which should be closed. Family reunification is one of the most common ways to immigrate to Europe today. This means that immigration laws in host countries have transformed immigrant youth into virtual human visas. The commonality of cousin marriages to aid the extended family or to keep resources within the family encourages marriages between immigrants and family members back in the host country.
It is time for the British people to be heard on this issue for moral, ethical, and financial reasons.
During the day saw the Liverpool Labour council leader ordering the licensee to stop the conference or face losing his licence first thing Monday morning, read the full report here–-attempt-shut-down-party-conference-fails-miserably

The Chairman closed the conference with an inspiring speech, and he received the usual standing ovation, and then the singing of Jerusalem.

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  1. Great to see Captain Birdseye on our side... LOL. Well done all West Mids units on being there, sadly some of us were not able to. By all accounts, it was a fantastic success.