Sunday, 23 October 2011

Black Country Leafleting Takes Message To Halesowen

Organiser Rob Weale, took a small team to Halesowen on Sunday morning, and enjoyed a leisurely, and warmly welcomed leafleting session. In the third of a series of such activities, the team strolled in the unusually mild air with clear skies above, steadily handing out three pieces of literature. All three were relevant to the party's current, and broader political campaigns, and residents on the semi-rural, mainly indigenous well-to-do estate, were very accepting of all the literature the branch offered. Mr Weale, speaking to our Black Country correspondent, exposed the cracks in the coalition's armour, by revealing that a local Lib-Dem councillor has requested a meeting with him, regarding an up and coming local radio interview. Why, the reader may ask. Mr Weale said: ''When you consider the dismal record of all three political has beens, and the glaring double standards of the coalition to date, he has requested a private meeting to apparently discuss the questions being asked, and the possible answers I will be giving''. An odd request really, as the readership of this site knows only too well, when Leader and MEP Nick Griffin has his rightful right of reply, and pre-arranged speaking engagements thwarted twice recently, democracy is now a one way street.

It's either that, or the opposition do all they can to prepare themselves for some sort of ambush. So we await for further news on the radio interview. If left to it's natural conclusion, it will reveal why they are so desperate to resort to such tactics. Let's face it, with the Black Country region overwhelmingly ''saying yes'' to calls for a referendum on the EU, Halesowen school Governors giving the thumbs down to academy status at Colley Lane Primary School, and residents up in arms about massive job cuts in important services, such as the closing of police, ambulance, and fire stations, the opposition have much to worry about. Mr Weale and others in the British National Party Black Country branch, are serving the public well enough already, by attending events and putting our arguments and policies on the agenda. As the morning warmed up, residents were out and about, some walking dogs, some washing cars, and others getting ready to go to church. Those going to church would we are sure, be mindful of yet another Mosque being built nearby, which already has architecture that resembles a castle. Now that is irony.

If many more of these are built, the local Christian population will have no other choice but to seek out the British National Party. Whether some are ready to make that commitment, only time will tell. But as one conversation with a local small business owner made clear, residents on these middle income estates, seem to be ready and willing to listen to the party. The gentleman in question was asking Mr Weale, why so much immigration was allowed to ruin a once prosperous, and relatively crime free, industrious country, and what could be done about it. Mr Weale gave his response in the limited time he had, and the man went away satisfied, with a Voice of Freedom newspaper, and other literature. That we'd explained the fault did not really lie with the immigrants, but with all treacherous governments since the end of the Second World War, and big business wanting increased cheap labour to maximise profit, went a long way to helping the man understand events. All in all, the morning went extremely well, with around three hundred homes and businesses being given what is essentially, a message of hope. Along with concise, honest, and intelligently put answers, the party locally looks like one that is ensuring that message of hope is being accepted warmly. The Black Country branch will keep readers posted as to the local radio interview should it go ahead. We look forward to listening to what both Mr Weale, and the Liberal Democrat councillor has to say on all the important matters of concern.

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