Sunday, 30 October 2011

Conference Weekend

This weekend saw the British National Party held their annual conference, and what an excellent conference it was. I was very pleased to see a lot of members attending from the West Midlands,

The conference weekend started for me on Friday evening, Being the West Midlands regional organiser I sit on the National Executive council, (formally the advisory council) This meeting was very productive and went on to very late in the night.
I was up nice and early Saturday morning and off to the conference venue and helped the set up team, Being a staff member of the party means working and making sure the conference goes smoothly, With the help from my wife the Excalibur merchandise stall was soon set up.
Saturday's conference was opened by the party chairman Nick Griffin, this was followed by Treasurer Clive Jefferson giving an in-depth financial report, The members then heard lots of talks throughout the day. Saturday night then saw the traditional hog roast followed by a well enjoyed social night.

Sunday means motions day and plenty of debate with this years motions, Paul Hickman Birmingham organiser proposed the West Midlands motion and Black country organiser seconded the motion, the motion was passed,
Here is a shortened version of the motion as prepared by Paul Hickman.

In 2011 it is well known that first cousin marriages greatly increase the chance of having a child with serious leaning/physical disabilities. In a modern Western society it is immoral and cruel to knowingly induce such a birth by way of first cousin marriage. The cost to the tax payer is also enormous.
Furthermore first cousin marriages create a immigration ‘loop hole’ which should be closed. Family reunification is one of the most common ways to immigrate to Europe today. This means that immigration laws in host countries have transformed immigrant youth into virtual human visas. The commonality of cousin marriages to aid the extended family or to keep resources within the family encourages marriages between immigrants and family members back in the host country.
It is time for the British people to be heard on this issue for moral, ethical, and financial reasons.
During the day saw the Liverpool Labour council leader ordering the licensee to stop the conference or face losing his licence first thing Monday morning, read the full report here–-attempt-shut-down-party-conference-fails-miserably

The Chairman closed the conference with an inspiring speech, and he received the usual standing ovation, and then the singing of Jerusalem.

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Black Country Leafleting Takes Message To Halesowen

Organiser Rob Weale, took a small team to Halesowen on Sunday morning, and enjoyed a leisurely, and warmly welcomed leafleting session. In the third of a series of such activities, the team strolled in the unusually mild air with clear skies above, steadily handing out three pieces of literature. All three were relevant to the party's current, and broader political campaigns, and residents on the semi-rural, mainly indigenous well-to-do estate, were very accepting of all the literature the branch offered. Mr Weale, speaking to our Black Country correspondent, exposed the cracks in the coalition's armour, by revealing that a local Lib-Dem councillor has requested a meeting with him, regarding an up and coming local radio interview. Why, the reader may ask. Mr Weale said: ''When you consider the dismal record of all three political has beens, and the glaring double standards of the coalition to date, he has requested a private meeting to apparently discuss the questions being asked, and the possible answers I will be giving''. An odd request really, as the readership of this site knows only too well, when Leader and MEP Nick Griffin has his rightful right of reply, and pre-arranged speaking engagements thwarted twice recently, democracy is now a one way street.

It's either that, or the opposition do all they can to prepare themselves for some sort of ambush. So we await for further news on the radio interview. If left to it's natural conclusion, it will reveal why they are so desperate to resort to such tactics. Let's face it, with the Black Country region overwhelmingly ''saying yes'' to calls for a referendum on the EU, Halesowen school Governors giving the thumbs down to academy status at Colley Lane Primary School, and residents up in arms about massive job cuts in important services, such as the closing of police, ambulance, and fire stations, the opposition have much to worry about. Mr Weale and others in the British National Party Black Country branch, are serving the public well enough already, by attending events and putting our arguments and policies on the agenda. As the morning warmed up, residents were out and about, some walking dogs, some washing cars, and others getting ready to go to church. Those going to church would we are sure, be mindful of yet another Mosque being built nearby, which already has architecture that resembles a castle. Now that is irony.

If many more of these are built, the local Christian population will have no other choice but to seek out the British National Party. Whether some are ready to make that commitment, only time will tell. But as one conversation with a local small business owner made clear, residents on these middle income estates, seem to be ready and willing to listen to the party. The gentleman in question was asking Mr Weale, why so much immigration was allowed to ruin a once prosperous, and relatively crime free, industrious country, and what could be done about it. Mr Weale gave his response in the limited time he had, and the man went away satisfied, with a Voice of Freedom newspaper, and other literature. That we'd explained the fault did not really lie with the immigrants, but with all treacherous governments since the end of the Second World War, and big business wanting increased cheap labour to maximise profit, went a long way to helping the man understand events. All in all, the morning went extremely well, with around three hundred homes and businesses being given what is essentially, a message of hope. Along with concise, honest, and intelligently put answers, the party locally looks like one that is ensuring that message of hope is being accepted warmly. The Black Country branch will keep readers posted as to the local radio interview should it go ahead. We look forward to listening to what both Mr Weale, and the Liberal Democrat councillor has to say on all the important matters of concern.

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Lobbying, Lying, And Treachery: The Legacy Of Post War Governments

The last general election saw David Cameron bemoan the fact that: "secret corporate lobbying, like the expenses scandal, goes to the heart of why people are so fed up with politics. It's the next big scandal waiting to happen." And happen it did, but he allowed it to. Former Defence Secretary Liam Fox, has become the latest wounded political animal, in a series of controversial collaborations between the wholly undemocratic, powerful internationalist lobbyists, the mass media, and ministers. It exposes the serious horror of what has, and will continue to be, the downfall of truly independent British government. The coalition is now promising to set up a ''statutory register'' of lobbyists, however, time and time again, it has allowed this matter fade from the public's mind. Rupert Murdoch, has also had Cameron, and previous leaders in his pockets, but sheer arrogance and a feeling that they were above the law, provided the public with knowledge all involved would rather have been kept secret. For something real to be done about it, it will require Nationalists to both privately, and openly in some cases, insert themselves into groups that now profess to want action, such as the Take Back Parliament Campaign.

According to their own statistics, over 90% of Take Back Parliament's supporters, had called for the organisation to campaign for a register on lobbying activity. ''Lobbying government isn’t a bad thing in itself, it’s a part of the democratic process. The problem is when it’s done in secret, and the public have no way of knowing who has been putting pressure on the government to do what'', say's one of their spokeswomen. If lobbyists were forced to register such meetings, and made it publicly known whom every civil servant, and major politician's name was, and why they want what they ask, disgraceful episodes like the one Liam Fox and his ''special friend'' were embroiled in, probably would not have happened in the first place. Even the United States has rectified the issue of openness in lobbying in the last few years. However, as a recent email from Take Back Parliament suggested, there is no apparent shame, or wish to change things evident here in Britain. This is how dangerous, and sinister our government behaves, here's the most important quote from the email:

''Even more bizarrely, the Cabinet Office have been BLOCKING freedom of information requests, inquiring about the meetings they've had with lobbying firms about transparency - you couldn't make it up''.

It remains to be seen, as to whether the organisation feels truly democratic regarding Nationalists, even though they, and other groups opposed to secrecy and underhanded goings on with our government, are voicing concerns. Let's face it, a brief look at their supporters indicates a rather telling coalition. As we discussed earlier, individual membership or support of such groups, would swell any opposition to what is going on, without necessarily politicising it, or being partisan. On the other hand, there is the case for testing to destruction their want of true democracy. A local BNP branch for example, could openly suggesting that they be added to their list of friends, such as Social Liberal Reform, Friends Of The Earth, and Greenpeace, on their website. Also, Ekklesia, a supposedly Christian intellectual and philosophical collective, seems to be rather one sided, when appraising US immigration, and is one of the organisations on the campaign's list of supporters, and say's:

''In a climate where immigrants are increasingly considered a threat to economic growth and stability, efforts to solidify borders and punish “illegals” may be seen in an analogous fashion''.

Lobbying is one thing, but where do these organisations stand when the British National Party, so bereft of such high minded friends, wish to oppose the exact same system they deride and loathe so much? The reader will make up his or her mind up on this of course, but we won't hold our collective breaths. Thus we have as they say, a situation. The main theory of the article, is that although we agree on so many things, other organisations and groups, are essentially one and the same. Thus, as individuals, we can get in on the act, and see from inside what is happening, and whether we can do our bit. As a political party, the British National Party can also throw it's weight behind them all... and see the smoke rise, and the ashes fall, all whilst knowing what was going to happen, and laughing at their miserable attempts to ''distance themselves from the bigots''. Politics and activism does not have to be all work and no play, after all, the various groups and organisations mentioned here, and and heard seen elsewhere, are themselves having to lobby someone, somewhere. It would be an excellent project to see what would happen, if a two pronged launch occurred, one from the political angle, and one from various individuals.

After the pathetic surrendering of free speech, whereby Nick Griffin, MEP and leader of this party, had his invitation reneged upon to speak at Trinity College, Dublin, the outspoken elements within the established order, are simply not ready to break with Marxist cultural tradition. So any wish to ally our party with like-minded, at least in some aspects, groups and organisations opposed to undemocratic lobbyists and dark forces, looks like it is some years away from having the desired effect yet. By then, it will be far to late, as many of these now vocal, and to a certain degree, ethical groups, will either be banned, sidelined, or disbanded. With so many of these organisations, themselves relying on funding from either government, or ''big business'', the whole system is flawed anyway, and within the next five years, the economic reality of falling revenues from the public, government, and its liberal supporters losing interest, will hit hard. Until then, we can still have fun with them, test the water, and help smash the system from within at the same time.

As government ministers, are allying themselves with powerful companies in what appears to be an everyday part of the system, then by calling British Nationalists, for instance, Fascist, is erroneous. The very existence of 1930's Italian Fascism, whereby our collective enemies use the term to frighten the public from joining or voting for us is used, was only possible by the state, working with business. So Cameron and Dr. Fox and his special friend, are essentially Fascists. On the other hand, such organisations mentioned in this article, and our collective enemies, also enjoy promoting us as Nazis. By their own definitions, the Nazis apparently wanted to ''take over the world,'' thus, they were internationalists. That makes us British Nationalists, and in particular, the British National Party, fundamentally different. Our argument is one from the national perspective, and our goals are in part, the same as those wanting a fairer system. In fact, we are the ONLY party to proffer the system of ''regular referendum'', which means that the majority wishes are what drives government policy, and not big business, bankers, or self serving career politicians that do not deliver on promises. We have a limited window of opportunity, we can individually attack the enemy, or go for broke, and do it politically, either way, we are living in interesting times. Let's make them ours.

By John Salvage

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Over 300 Signatures at Kidderminster Table Top

Carl Mason the Worcestershire Organiser took his team to Kidderminster town centre and set up the table top for the ever popular EU Referendum petition campaign.

Carl Mason gave the following report.
After setting up the eye catching table they soon had crowds flocking around us , all eager to sign our petition, Phil Spencer the Telford organiser and his wife turned up to help, we collected well over 300 signatures in 2 and a half hours, we had to buy more pens to help people sign quicker ,so more people could get to our table , we also gave out all our leaflets to people who wanted to know more about the British National Party, we also spoke to a large number of the public who wanted to discuss the EU with us. The response from the public from all ages was tremendous, we were on occasions pushed off our table to let the public at the petition forms, After the response we received from the people of Kidderminster , and visitors to the town we all agreed to stage a tabletop once a month in our group area, it,s a pity the politicians can,t give the people what they want " We want our country back"

Saturday, 8 October 2011

The Nationalist Community: Adapt Or Die

In our increasingly fratricidal world (The act of one who murders or kills his own brother), the word ''Community'' is not one Nationalist writers are especially happy to use historically. It's root meaning comes from Communism/commune, and political Communism is the polar opposite to our thinking. However, as with everything in life these days, the term must in this instance, be used to simply both shorten, and attain an easily defined modern term for ''us.'' Our people, where ever they reside, are going through a terrible time. Economically, racially, and culturally, they are on the road to utter destruction. Our ''Community'' is not only reeling from external forces, antagonistic and hateful, warlike, and terminally greedy, in all western countries, our kith and kin are also in danger from each other. Every few years, just as the dawn shone it's glowing light upon our woes and struggles, the darkness blankets all our hopes and dreams, and thus, the eternal collective enemy laughs all the way to the top of his intellectual tree house, and of course... the bank.

Our people never learn lessons, or so it seems. Those that struggle to lead, or use personal examples to show the way, a far too burdened and tired to ever grasp national or local power with an increasingly small minority of helpers, and this is due to decades of similar problems, and both external and internal crisis, mainly due to a large proportion of once loyal and hard working activists, giving up, or sadly, taking one side or another, never actually realising that they are in fact committing fratricide. Obviously not literally, but intellectually, and socio-culturally, that is what it all boils down to. This then leads to the breakup of the potential we all once had. Thus, the enemy takes a back seat, and pulls the strings as always, watching as like the ancient Greek gods, they direct storms, disasters, and squabbles, which then end up with far reaching consequences. As a world minority (currently 8%) our ethnic group, whom carved civilisation from ice, rock, desert, and mountain, is facing its final generation of potential, it is in fact, looking at the precipice and sliding towards it, and arguing as it does so. Imagine our combined strength, if all those that lost their way, for whatever reason, were still amongst us? We would be in number ten already.

We must adapt to something we had no dealings in... a new order. The new order is one of post democratic, ''1984'' oppression, spying, war mongering, and deliberate economic downgrading of western industrial power. This is not our doing, so we must adapt. How, some might ask, can we achieve this. It is not easy, but look t the history books, look at the massive struggles of past military and political battles. We can achieve it only as an organic mass. A single entity, working together, and for once and for all time, leaving behind personal differences and essentially, simplistic opinions that a either black or white, or as they say, ''them and us.'' There is only one ''them and us,'' the eternal enemy. We are not each others enemies, and we are not in a position to take up any more time and energy for squabbling. Our opposite numbers are reaping what we are ourselves, sowing. Soon, we will see yet more hate, more bias, and more poison, this time with the BBC's Panorama programme. Either don't watch it, or prepare your selves, and others, for what is basically a state sponsored ''tick box'' to crush this party once and for all, and ally us in the eyes of the public, with the real money grabbers and fraudsters of the so-called ''mainstream'' political elite.

We have come this far, we have seen worse, and we will see much worse, so be of sound mind when the mud and shrapnel start flying. We know what the enemy is capable of, because it is they whom have more to lose than we have, at least in a monetary and power base way. We have right on our side, and if we are intellectually and morally correct, which we are, then we have nothing to worry about. The weak will fall, and the cattle amongst the public will moan. They will once again be herded in the right direction. But, we have special things to fight for... our future, and all those who died for it. We have only one more decade to turn this around, and then it really will be every family, man, or woman for themselves. Our kind cannot take any more mass immigration, wars, and economic slavery, we are far too weakened, and far too divided at the moment. A decade seems a long time, but those whom have seen what this party, and our fellow European Nationalists have achieved in the last decade, will instinctively know that it is enough time to halt, and turn back the pages of our as yet, unwritten history. The dark forces are as we speak, targeting Syria next, and talking about various options for closing down opposition groups here, and they are already preparing to curtail the use of internet and email facilities that have until now, been freely available to all people.

They have already large enough amounts of tax-payers (stolen) cash, so as to produce a world that is engineered to suit their ultimate goal, and this means more internationally sanctioned wars. Rogue states as they call them, are only the beginning, it will not be too long, before ''rogue regions'' or ''rogue communities'' are targeted. We cannot afford to further weaken our options, nor be spread too far geographically, or politically. We are the 8%, we are the British, and we are the ancient European warriors, druids, and intellectuals of old, and along with those traditionalist Christians, whom know full well that God wanted nations and different groups, and ''confused the languages and dispersed the people'', we can eventually take the battle to the enemy, and defeat them. Only of course, if we are as one. Only if we honour our ancestors, and only if we smile instead of frown at those we dislike or have issue with. We have but one decade, a decade in which all that has gone before will either be washed away for ever, or honoured for a thousand years. It is also a timely, but sad reminder that, in recent weeks, three Nationalists from this party, dear to us all, have gone from our midst... we owe it to them to be as one, and fight together until the hour of victory.

This article is dedicated ALL those who have worked hard for the British National Party, and are no longer with us, but specifically for the latest of our three fallen brothers: John Mills, David Hannam, and Robbie Jacobs.

By John Salvage

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Labour Panic As Black Country Branch Delivers Message Of Hope

Last week, readers will remember how the British National Party's Black Country branch, left the establishment's ''foot soldiers'' of Unite/UAF standing, when they got the place, time, and even the day wrong, planning a second demonstration against our democratic right to leaflet and conduct a table top petition. With all the sophistication of a three legged tortoise trying to run the London Marathon, the local Labour unit, speedily produced a shabby leaflet in response to last week's leafleting session, on a smart border estate between semi-rural Cradley Heath/Halesowen. The leaflet, hastily printed and resplendent with the local councillors faces and names on it, was supposedly to outline their ''anger'' at the closing down of yet another school, and the selling off cheaply, of former council owned buildings. Our local correspondent, John Salvage, who was also present on the previous leafleting sessions and table tops, spoke to Organiser Rob Weale on behalf of the party's web site team, and his response was thus:

''If the local Councillors were that angry, how come they suddenly simply produced this pathetic leaflet, and so close to our first session in this area?'' He continued: ''As sitting Labour Councillors, any concerns they had would have been better served by actually putting a combined motion together, and fully opposing by signature, this disgraceful act of betrayal. The whole point of being elected, is to serve the voters who put you there, respond, control, and organise proceedings, not wait until we get active, and only then craftily pretend they are angry with their own party's actions.''

With locals responding well to the two week session, including an elderly resident on the smart estate, waving the two leaflets and smiling broadly at the team saying she'd love to read them, around 2000 leaflets had so far been put through doors. Evidence of the coalition's disastrous tenure thus far, was all too easily seen. Roads that were meant to have been re-surfaced, hedges clipped, and dangerous trees requiring lopping, have been completely ignored. This government, and it's partners in crime, have also made no effort to genuinely get to grips with issues that locals, in fact the nation as a whole, are up in arms about. Local issues are now so bereft of leadership and organisation that, even the mainstream national media are using British National Party style articles, and policy concerns, to keep their newspapers in profit... just. Our activists are doing a fantastic job countrywide, and with specific, well organised and tactical approaches to activism, the party is well placed to profit from the ongoing disaster that is the old, tired three-party system.

The continued crime spree, unopposed by the political elite, and the ''PC police'' with their hands bound tightly, are also a major concern. Local farmers, haulage contractors, and small business, are all reporting loss of specialist machinery. Most of this machinery is extremely expensive, and ends up in many other parts of the world. It also causes potential loss of viability for the smaller business owner, and could result in otherwise avoidable job losses. Locals seem increasingly vocal in exposing things that the politicians and local media, are not too happy in reporting. With the economy now in relative free fall, job loses at an all time high in the Black Country, and no other political party making any attempt to fight these issues, our leaflets, table top campaigns, and website, are having a fantastic effect. Regional Organiser Alwyn Deacon, has reported healthy enquiries from last week's session alone, so if this is happening with just 2000 leaflets to date, and in virgin party territory, one can only imagine the effect it has had on the opposition. As reported, the Labour group have had to respond with a weak, shabby, and hasty leaflet. This means that the only issues they could come up with, were ones they should have opposed at council level, and face to face with their own party and coalition partners... they didn't... WE WILL.

Billesley ward meeting update

Last night British National Party activists attended the Billesley ward meeting 29/09/2011. After delivering 5000 leaflets to inform residents, turnout was good. There was approximately 40 British residents and 10 Muslims in the hall.

Unusually for a ward meeting Selly Oak M.P Steve McCabe was in attendance as were the three Billesley Councillors, Chris Jordan (Council representative) and Feizal Hajat (Legal and Democratic services).
Chris Jordan began by giving an update on the illegal Mosque at 713 Yardley Wood Road. He re-iterated that the owners of the building had three choices following the last ward meeting, 1) They could change the use of activities (not use the building as a Mosque), 2) Begin a legal challenge via land tribunal (apply for a reversal of the 1967 Covenant) or 3) Ignore the legal letter in which case the Council would take legal action.

The Mosque owners had instead asked for more time, MR Jordan informed the meeting that this request had been refused. Therefore the 3rd scenario was in effect since 22nd July 2011. MR Jordan continued, "since the 26th of September an Interim Injunction had been put in place and both parties have since attended court".

The Judge has informed both parties that the owners had 28 days to make a decision. The owners have opted to follow legal process. The date for the tribunal is unknown, Chris Jordan stated the likely date for court will be some time in November or December 2011. The Judge will then decide if the covenant can be lifted, in which case the building will be used as a Mosque legally, or the Judge may decide the Covenant stays in place, in which case the owners would be liable if they continued to ignore the law.

Steve McCabe MP stated he would be representing residents at the court and that he believes the Covenant should be respected, he added that no one is above the law and agreed that the owners knew about the Covenant when they purchased the building, he said he was of the opinion that this fact should be taken into consideration and he will let this be known to the Judge when the court date arrives.

Billesley residents voiced their resentment regarding the time this issue has taken and said they felt let down by the Councillors and MP. One lady read out a letter regarding the illegal Mosque. She said she had sent the letter to all three Councillors and Steve McCabe MP. She said she was dissapointed that no one had replied to her. A gentleman who resides in Billesley said that the situation was farcical as the owners of the building were using the building illegally as the ward meeting was going on. He let his views be known that in any other country the building would have been closed down before now.

Several residents had arrived at the meeting after receiving Birmingham British National Party leaflets. They thanked the activists for keeping the issue on the agenda and keeping them informed. The branch will now have to wait until the courts decision is made. Hopefully the outcome will be in the majority of residents favour and the law will be upheld regarding the illegal Mosque.