Monday, 19 September 2011

You are Homeless because you can speak English.

Today I had a visit from a lady in Nuneaton who has become Homeless through no fault of her own. She has been Homeless for about a month now; becoming homeless 8 months after her Husband died. The reason for this is because Nuneaton & Bedworth Council cocked up on her housing benefit, putting her over £4000 in arrears, resulting in the private landlord evicting her. Since the eviction the Council have paid the landlord all the money they owed, but this still left her Homeless.

The lady has a 17 year old daughter, so the council put them both in a hotel which cost the council £45 a night, staying there for 2 weeks. They were then sent to a homeless hostel. Now this is where it gets interesting - The Lady's daughter has now gone to live with a friend, so being honest the lady went and told the council that her Daughter now has somewhere to live. The council official told the her that because she now has no dependents she must leave the hostel.

The lady told them she has nowhere to go; the council official told he she is no longer a priority case. She is a Diabetic but told by the council official that because she is on diabetic tablets and not insulin injections, which are needed to be kept in a fridge she can live on the streets.

She has shown me the letter that the council sent her explaining why she is not a priority case, I have attached the letter so you can read it for yourself.
You can clearly see by reading paragraph 4 that if you can't speak English you are vulnerable, so will become a priority case. Again in paragraph 5 it says because you can speak English Fluently you are not Vulnerable, so This Authority has no duty to offer you further assitance.

So there you have it, If you are English you can look forward to a life on the street, while Immigrants can have a nice Council House.

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