Monday, 26 September 2011

Leftists Left Standing As leafleting Team Go Into Action

After last week's shameful leftist attack on democracy in the Black Country town of Cradley Heath, whereby a rabble of UAF/Unite activists surrounded the team's table top campaign stall, locals reported to Organiser Rob Weale that, they had spotted some of the same faces in a car near the market place. The idiots were not even in the right place of course, nor even on the right day, as the team had decided previously, to leaflet a smart border estate in between Halesowen and Cradley on Sunday morning. Local issue requirements made it prudent to undertake a nice quiet Sunday session, which is relevant to next year's elections, especially with the closing of Fire Stations, and concerns over ''regionalisation''. Reports that the town of Cradley was particularly and ''unusually busy'', at that time on a Saturday, were corroborated when Organiser Rob Weale, drove past to see whether the reports were true. A heavy Police presence, and some ungodly looking types, wearing tee shirts that no self respecting Briton would touch, were seen crawling around looking shifty, with no particular purpose.

Also, our Black Country correspondent has heard from a certain local source that, possibly at least one of the noisy, goading rabble from last week, and potentially with those assembled on Saturday in the wrong place, wrong time, could have been plain clothed, undercover Police Officers. Readers will remember the fiasco earlier this year, whereby Mark Kennedy, an undercover Police Officer, spent seven years infiltrating environmental activists under the alias of ''Mark Stone''. He found himself getting far too involved, and was one of those arrested on a charge of ''aggravated trespass''. The leftist and ''Unison activists'', in particular one female, were almost violently enraged with (fake?) anger, and could produce nothing more than ''wailing and screaming a scripted stream of insults, like Fascist, or the BNP is a Nazi party''. One immediately wonders whether yet again, an attempt was made by the state, to produce their long wished for responce by our steadfast, and wholly professional activists. They were, and will continue to be, much disappointed.

Saturday saw the weather extremely warm, and the team were busy preparing their allotment for planting next year. So, Sunday the 25th was, as previously discussed, to be a morning of leafleting. With almost 500 homes receiving Nick Griffin's ''EU, Referendum Now'', and party recruitment leaflets, the Unite and UAF rabble, were well and truly left standing. The environment, a mix of retired, professional, and young family homes on a sprawling, semi-rural estate, made for a very pleasurable, and leisurely session. The region will lose an MP if plans are successful, and the merging, and loss of at least on Fire Station, are uppermost in the local people's minds. Serious and professional political activism, is something that the party has been involved in for over two decades, and with the tri-partate establishment reeling from voter apathy, poor nationwide support of all three parties, and trying to prop up the ''Euro-Zone'' with tax payers money, the British National Party are punching way above their weight. This then leads to the conclusion that, sooner rather than later, activism, and dignified responces to all manner of attacks by the left, state infiltrators, and rogue antagonists, will result in our long fought for victory, especially when everything people have worked and fought for, is completely destroyed.

Our correspondent asked Rob Weale, what the general responce was, and what his plans were to further the Black Country branch's chances in the near future. His answer was bang on the nail: ''Although the economy has taken it's toll on many people in the region, the massive amount of support is encouraging, as a few lost battles do not mean the loss of the war.'' He continued: ''Our chances are very good, because the whole of the old style political system is seen by voters as corrupt, and far too tied up with the European Federalist project, to ever be the same again. We will continue to produce both table top, and leafleting campaigns, and this two pronged attack, will see the opposition spinning, and as we saw this weekend, literally left standing. Sunday should have been our Harvest Festival event, but we have re-scheduled that for next year, mainly due to a re-vamp of our chosen venue, which had livestock at the back''. The team will be producing local issue leaflets, and are determined not to be brow-beaten by those wanting to use intimidation, or trying to engineer violence etc. Watch this space for more next week, and we wish all branches and activists the very best, and to be ever aware of the traps that have been set for us.

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