Saturday, 10 September 2011

Kingswinford Welcomes British National Party Petition

Once again, Kingswinford people welcomed British National Party Organiser, Rob Weale and activists from the Black Country British National Party. The small market town has been very happy to see the branch there over the last two years. Last year, Chairman Nick Griffin MEP, made an appearance on his whistle stop tour, and had the market buzzing with excitement, when people recognised him and wanted to have their photographs taken shaking hands and chatting to him. Many people recognised the members, who did not need any introduction, as with the ''Bring Our Boys Home'' campaign last year, had made a very good impression. One of our candidates and team members, Mr Simon Foxhall, had beaten the Liberal Democrats.

With wind and showers supposedly the order of the day, Rob and his team decided to chance it anyway, as the campaigning will soon see more leafleting in the run up to various elections etc. As the saying goes... ''the sun always shines on the righteous'', as apart from the occasional gust of warm wind, nothing but sunshine beamed down. People were coming up to the stall, and and asking where they could sign, without even mulling it over. Signatures were soon filling up the pages, and one 82 year old well spoken lady, told the team her story of how all her family were Labour voters, members and supporters. Her father had been at the forefront of the movement, and had met Keir Hardy, and possibly George Bernard Shaw amongst others. She said: ''I'm not really happy with the EU, as it seems to me to be rather dictatorial.'' She continued: ''I'm very saddened at the cost of membership, and the damage it's doing to our economy, and look at the amount of jobless we have, it's disgraceful.''

Amongst others who had signed the petition, were families, and many pensioners, who all seemed to have their opinions of what we should do. With this, came may opportunities for the team, who enjoyed showing them the Voice of Freedom, and a plethora of leaflets, and engaged the locals in voicing our alternative options, and what the British National Party would do with all the money saved from withdrawal of this monstrosity. yet again, the issue of pensions arose, and one lady reiterated what others in different towns had done, and bemoaned the fact that her pension had been put back three years. All the time this was going on, cars were lining up at the traffic lights, and many of their occupants beeped their horns and waved their hands in support. The latest raft of signatures, will bring the branch's collection to well over 1200 signatures.

Watch this space for more campaigning from Rob and the team next week.

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