Saturday, 17 September 2011

Drama As Black Country Branch Campaign In Cradley Heath

Black Country British National Party Organiser Rob Weale, and his team of fellow activists, arrived at Cradley Heath Saturday the 17th of September, to gain more signatures for the ''referendum Now'' campaign. As per usual, the team were right in the thick of the throng of shoppers, just outside the market place. Within a few minutes, out of the first 20 or so passers by, half of them signed the petition. It looked good, with many shoppers agreeing with the party's stance on immigration, the EU, and loss of manufacturing jobs in the region. A wide range of people were soon chatting to the group, and the specifics of how wrong the the whole EU project is, was typically reiterated by the general public. Many were concerned with the laws, and the ridiculous red tape, binding our freedoms up, and creating a financial crisis that many saw as a re-run of the 1920's and 30's.

From the Teenaged to the elderly, the people of Cradley Heath were enthusiastically signing the petition, with local business owners also putting their thumbs up in approval. The weather, although promising to be a mix of showers, wind and sun, provided the team with far more sun than was expected, and the locals seemed to gather around the stall in droves. Again, the whole issue of rampant immigration was on the agenda, along with the cost of the EU project to tax payers. One lady quoted a local story of an immigrant, who had been turned down for residency in the UK four years ago, but had cost the tax payers £100,000 because he has ''been allowed to stay in Russell's Hall hospital for more than one year after being declared fit to leave''. In another angry bout, one lady told the branch that her husband was now seriously ill. But after working hard all his life, they have ended up with hardly any income, ''and yet the politicians have created opportunities for housing and work for immigrants who have paid nothing into our society'' she said.

Personal stories are what makes these campaigns both interesting, and heartbreaking. This of course, makes it all the more galling when, fifteen minutes before the team were due to end this particular session, around 20 or so UAF/Union ''activists'' turned up. Anyone with experience in the long, ugly, and violent history of these types of leftist agitators, knows full well that democratic rights, opinions, and free speech, are not something they are keen on. Within a few seconds, the usual labels, chants, and screams, all scripted to miserable perfection, were to be heard, as the mob surrounded the team's stall. Bearded, smelly and unwashed leftists were literally screaming at the team, waving their ridiculous placards around, and creating a disturbance that upset locals and businesses alike. As if that wasn't enough to scare the horses, those bearded, smelly and ugly activists were then joined by their male counterparts.

Members of the public, including one vocal lady, made sure the team had support, and pushed their way through the throng of pathetic characters assembled against them. Signatures continued to be gained, and as the crowds gathered to watch the drama unfold, an angry local business owner told them: ''Until you lot turned up, there were no problems, you are are creating a blockage here, and people cannot get to the shops.'' As the drama went into overdrive, the police arrived. Organiser Rob Weale then discussed the problem with police officers, and the businessman again expressed his anger to them, in no uncertain terms. He once again explained that the British National Party members were set up outside the market place, in front of a vacant shop, were no trouble at all, and were not obstructing anyone. The police were very professional, and eluded that the placard carrying trouble makers, should not really be assembled in front of the stall, and were obstructing the pavement and entrance to the marketplace.

After some time, the team told the police that they were about to end their session soon anyway, and activist Jason Percival, explained to the police that the protesters were in fact causing various obstructions, and creating a ''public order'' issue. The female police officer, as with the other officers, was very polite, and took Jason's details in case any further action was required on behalf of the party, or members of the public and local businesses. All in all, one thing is certain... The British National Party can be seen as the ONLY guardian of our indigenous people's rights, and without our collective fight against the Lib/Lab/Con hate machine, the public would not have a voice. The campaign is setting new standards in our fight to retain our nationhood, and the public can now see this right on their own doorsteps.

Watch this space for more activity next week, and an update on further news regarding the latest attempt by the unions and Leftist thugs to stop the party from engaging in its moral, and hard won right to oppose the destruction of our way of life, our culture, and our nation.


  1. "As if that wasn't enough to scare the horses,those bearded, smelly and ugly activists were then joined by their male counterparts".

    Lol! Nice one lads.

  2. keep up the good work well done

  3. I took particular pleasure in admonishing one of these bearded ladies about her filthy language, It was pointed out to her that this was a public highway with families with children and they don't want to hear the sewage that comes out your mouth, she was quite taken aback but she came back after a while. I'll be honest because I use my works van for these petitions and they followed me to it when we packed up I may lose my job over this, but I will not give up my support for the only party that can give us our country and our freedom back.

  4. Lets hope it doesn't come to loosing your job,& your boss is of good under-standing regarding the use of one of his van for the transportation "only" of our stall,& is always parked up not within sight of where we are & there for is not being advertised as being part of our organization. Its hard enough doing what we do week in week out let alone worrying about the loss of work, & hopefully he can also see through the tactics of these left wing Marxist thugs who go about using the same sort of mass mob rule & Violence that was used by the likes of Stalin in Russia & Red Robo the unionist to whom tried to bring the country to its knees by using the sane bully boy tactics.
    Either way Rob you've got my backing & I will still be there standing by your side next week & in weeks to come.