Saturday, 27 August 2011

National Organiser speaks at Coventry

Coventry British National Party held it's local branch meeting today with guest speaker and National Organiser Adam Walker. This is Coventry's first meeting for some time now so local members and supporters were keen to catch up with old friends and also hear Adam bring everyone up to date with party issues at national level. Adam talked about the importance of getting out on the streets and talking to the electorate. Adam said that leaflet response and interest at table top events were at record levels. With the recent riots people were starting to wake up to the reality of what is really going on in Britain today as news reports show our Cities and Towns being burnt to the ground. Regional Organiser Alwyn Deacon also discussed local issues and again stressed the importance of getting out on the streets. Alwyn also spoke about how successful the E.U referendum campaign has been in the West Midlands and how we must keep the pressure on.
Adam Walker and Alwyn Deacon then had a Question and Answer session, lots of questions were asked on a national level as well as local.
Every one present left the meeting with a bundle of 100 We want our country back leaflets to distribute on their way home. Yet another successful British National Party meeting.


  1. I wish I was there. Had an icky tummy.

  2. who is the coventry organiser now?

  3. Coventry has not got an Organiser yet, at the moment Mark Badrick who is the branch fundholder is doing most of the work (has he always as) with me helping as much as I can, but there are lots of good activists in Cov so it wont be long before there is a new organiser in place,