Saturday, 13 August 2011

Four Towns Leafleted In Black Country Session

Brierley Hill, Black Heath, Halesowen, and Cradley Heath, all deep in the heart of the industrial wasteland that once serviced the industries of the world, were today visited for lightning leafleting sessions. The sessions were organised by Rob Weale, and with a contingent from Wolverhampton, got the message that only the British National Party has the political will to stop the anarchy and rioting, recently blighting English towns and cities. The leaflet: CAN ANYONE RESTORE ORDER?, was very well received by members of the public. Many quoted Enoch Powell, and quite a few were already voters whom had supported the party at many elections.

Brierley Hill, the first town visited on Saturday, had already been host to a couple of table top campaigns, and with the town suffering from an increase in cheap, and mainly unwanted ''fast food'' and clothes stores set up by immigrants, the atmosphere was very welcoming indeed. Jason Percival was the day's flag bearer, and the team soon handed out dozens of leaflets to eager people in the high street. The next town, Cradley Heath, was where the anchor for the Titanic was manufactured, and this town has suffered many job losses, and the loss of almost all of its manufacturing base. People were very angry indeed at the continued arrogance of the MP's, and the fact that David Cameron had done nothing to instill confidence in locals.

Next on the tour, was Halesowen. This town has undergone much destruction of its heart, and with a high unemployment rate, and loss of identity, the people here were also very vocal about the recent riots, and the damage done to the region's reputation. Black Heath was the last on the list, and this town has been the victim of unwanted town planing, due to the expansion of supermarket chains. Many shops in the markets have suffered, and once again, jobs in the private sector have been badly effected, whilst a recent report on Sandwell Council's ''£1 million on new phones'' scandal, had people jumping up and down with fury.

Our activists have been the only representatives from any political party, actually facing up to the fact that a serious debate, needs to be put on the agenda, especially regarding the recent rioting and causes of them. This was proven without doubt, when throughout the whole session, in four different towns and two constituencies in the Black Country, only British National Party activists were anywhere to be seen. It is an indictment of all post war governments that, multi-culturalism, mass immigration, and the Seceding of our political leaders to the EU, has landed us in the position we now find ourselves in. The cost to local tax payers is already believed to be in the ten of millions, as police overtime, shop damage, and a ''business riot fund'' will all have to be administered. Also, many Asian business were not insured, and although the riots are roundly condemned by this party, the fact that tax and insurance payers will end up with a bill for this, is in the light of day, both ridiculous, and a slap in the face to those whom have paid to protect their businesses.

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