Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Black Country British National Party Allotment Sets The Pace For Cultural Renaissance

The large plot that members of the Black Country branch have taken on recently, is on track for it's planned development, and should be ready to plant early next year. The members involved from the branch, have clubbed together, and ensured that any costs do not eat into any funds. Also, the hard work will be well worth it in terms of locally produced vegetables, and economic independence. Our correspondent told us that:

''We spoke to many people over the last couple of years, and everyone thought it was a good idea, but as with most ideas, nothing really came of it. John Salvage spoke at a Birmingham meeting a couple of months ago on a Sunday evening, and decided to act after mentioning it during his speech. On the following Monday, John went to one of the committee members of a Black Country allotment, and was told a large plot was available. However, it was not in good order, but the families and kids were really excited, and the hard work began.''

As you can see by the picture, a youngster is enjoying helping some of the members, and the whole project is really about getting our people ready for the possible serious hard times ahead, which will include the three-fold price of food, continued loss of jobs, and the spiral into near anarchy that will accompany the economic disaster engulfing the whole of the western world. A renaissance is sorely needed in all aspects of our culture, but the most basic one is of course, providing quality food for our families, and giving people who cannot afford such traditionally grown food, an opportunity to eat healthily.

The Black Country British National Party, wants to encourage other branches, supporters, voters, and of course indigenous families, to do the same. Youngsters should be given all the encouragement possible, and fit and healthy children are after all, the next generation of potential Nationalist politicians, activists, and voters. With everything that the powers that be are doing to undermine our society, health in mind and body, is a must. Families also need to be aware of the value of good, locally grown food. Politically, it seems a million miles away from the front line, but as some people observe, ''everything is political'', and ''growing your own'' is an important part of maintaining traditional family values, and creating a world within a world. A world of our own making, and starting the fightback from literally the ground up.

If our readers think self sufficiency is something only undertaken by well off professionals as seen on TV, downsizing and ''growing their own'' with the financial clout of former high flying careers... then think again. This allotment, which is a very large plot indeed, is only £20 per year. Nearby stables produce all the manure required, and the rest is simply down to nature, well organised use of time, and a little hard graft split between all those involved. So, get to it folks, let's spread the message that we will not take what is coming lying down. Let's get digging, and dig for victory, and create a renaissance in every aspect of our culture.

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