Saturday, 20 August 2011

Black Country Branch Reach 1000 Signatures

With the latest campaign table top visiting Halesowen this Saturday, the team produced a fantastic result. With a 150 signature session under their belts, Organiser Rob Weale and his team, achieved 1000 signatures in just three weeks. The weather forecast was supposedly a mix of showers and sunshine, but it stayed dry, and this was long enough for the people of Halesowen to give their opinions on David Cameron's disgraceful ''Britain does not need a referendum, we had one over 30 years ago'' rant last week. Many were incensed at the arrogance, and lack of democratic choice, even though he'd promised such a referendum.

The team had only just got the stall set up, when one chap, a fellow in his late 80's, told the team of his worries for the next generation, and what had happened to his beloved country. Activist Simon Foxhall, described to our correspondent how the chap had tears in his eyes, and was visibly upset, and signed the petition with both anger and happiness. He said he was glad to see people bothering to at least try to do something. That seemed to sum up the feelings of quite a few this Saturday, as many more were seething at the country's spiral into anarchy.

Another elderly chap, told the team: ''I spoke to Adrian Bailley, the local MP, and told him at a meeting that, the majority of British people didn't want to be involved in Europe, and he was almost shouting at me, telling me it was not true.'' Adrian Bailley is a multi-culturalist, and has shown his despicable attitude on more than one occasion, and just like his comrades on the left, is more concerned with pushing for further integration into Europe, and acts mainly for the ethnic communities. Halesowen people are increasingly angry about the policies that are forced upon them, and the town has seen a downturn in jobs, and it's former indigenous community.

The throng of shoppers started to swell around ten, and the next two hours saw a flurry of people signing the petition. Another elderly gentleman told a charming, but ultimately sad story, about how his early childhood had seen his community go from a strong, sporting one, to a dismal and multi-cultural one. He told our correspondent: ''When I was in my early teens, we had a boxing club here, and had over 220 members. The club was run professionally, and had a gym, washroom, table tennis room, and a canteen.'' He continued: ''We then had a visit from the local Labour group, who even in the early 1950's were determined to destroy it. They wanted to take control of it, and make it into a girls and boys club, and moved in people from immigrant families. Within a couple of years, the place was a tip, and the local area was more like a hovel.''

As the last hour approached, it got even harder to take a breather. It was noticed by the team that, many ladies seemed to be the more vocal, and were angry at the cost of living, and the amount of foreign foods available, and were not at all happy with the supermarkets and foreign shops encroaching on their once, happy and prosperous community. One lady and her friend stated the fact that, if it wasn't for the EU, we need not cut the police, or other important services. They also made it obvious that Decimalisation, introduced in 1971, had lowered the value of our currency, and since then, the country has not recovered. All in all, there were some very interesting conversations, and it seems that this campaign has really got people talking.

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