Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Shrewsbury Meeting

left to right Phil Spencer, Karl Foulkes, Alwyn Deacon, Simon Darby

Last Night I attended the meeting of Shrewsbury British National Party, These meeting are always well supported and last night was attended by around 40 members.

Karl Foulkes Shrewsbury Organiser opened the meeting with the usual passion and enthusiasm that he has.

Next up for a short speech was me, I spoke about what is happening in the West Midlands both now and future campaigns, We are starting the anti EU Campaign in Dudley on Sat and hope to carry this on though out the region over the next couple of months. I also mentioned the new West Mids newsletter that went to all members last month, and how it as proved to work very well with members getting in touch and wanting to get involved in some sort of activism. I also spoke about the Telford Demo we had on July 2nd and thanked the members from Shrewsbury that took part in this demo, and how Telford is an ongoing target.

I then handed the floor over to my very good friend and former West Midlands Organiser Simon Darby, Simon spoke for about 40 Min's about his role in the E.U. Parliament and the hard work our M.E.Ps do in the E.U.

Simon also spoke about the experience he had with the C.E.H.R and how they tried to have Simon committed to prison.

Karl then closed the meeting and announced that the superb buffet done by Karl's wife Helen was now open and was in the Labour meeting room, Karl then explained that while we used the large room for our meeting, the local Labour party have their meeting on the same premises but in the rather small room next door and only get about 5 members attend.


  1. Labour do not hold their meetings at this meeting room. They hold their meetings at another venue and the attendances are far higher than you say, there is no need to be so dishonest.

  2. Thats not what the manager of the club told us,still its nice to know that a Labour member reads this blog.