Monday, 11 July 2011

The ''Growing'' Black Country British National Party

Members of ''Team Black Country'' British National Party, have once again set the agenda for the future growth of our collective Socio-Cultural and Economic renaissance. After the successful first ever ''BNP Christmas Lectures'' hosted by the branch the Christmas before last, with a lecture by Chairman and MEP, Mr Nick Griffin, attended by members and supporters countrywide, it was announced at the last branch meeting that, if the British people were to smash the grip of the giant supermarkets, and foreign owned shops, a genuine Socio-Cultural renaissance was sorely needed. At the meeting, which was held on Thursday last, funds were raised for our forthcoming political campaigns, and Organiser Rob Weale, made a passionate plea for action and activism, to reach more people than ever. Mr Weale told the audience:

''To ensure our candidates were equally matched with everything they need, such as table tops and leaflets at their disposal, we will be taking the battle to areas that have hardly seen any BNP activity''. He continued: ''Whatever the outcome of the leadership election, everyone associated with our fight for independence and prosperity, must get behind the party at all levels, and continue to take the fight to the enemy of freedom and democracy.''

Applause soon resounded around the venue, and a break was enjoyed for 15 minutes. Mr Russ Green, former Sandwell Councillor, and whirlwind hard working activist, spoke about engaging with people, and emphasized the need to:

''Remember at all times, the massive postal vote scam, and immigrant bloc votes that have changed the political landscape of Great Britain, and thwarted the party's chances last time around.'' He continued to remind the audience that: ''We are going through a world wide depression, and although many Nationalists see it as an engineered economic and cultural con-trick to bring down western society, and create even more debt, the ordinary members of the public are still unaware of this. They continue to think that the political system is a democratic one.''

After Mr Green had spoken, Mr John Salvage made an announcement that enthused and excited those assembled. Mr Salvage told the audience that:

''For far too long, many of us have spoken about the need to take back our economic and cultural inheritance, so we have started that process. Myself, and other interested members within the branch, have now taken two plots at an allotment, and we will be once again, taking the lead in innovative ideas whereby talking and moaning about the situation, will be replaced by action and a tangible dedication to the cause. Also, we will be creating something that is healthy for both mind and body, and this will be recognised in growing organic food, for and on behalf of our members, their families, and local people, especially youngsters who have had no connection with the land and the wonderful seasonal food this nation is capable of producing.''

After an appreciative audience responded to this initiative, Mr Weale, himself now proving to be a hard working and dedicated Organiser and activist, announced that donations had added a healthy amount to the funds, and thus the meeting was brought to a rapturous end. The branch would also like to announce another initiative for all comers, in a similar event to the ''First Ever BNP Christmas Lectures.'' The branch will in addition to the Allotment project and the EU... Referendum Now campaign, soon be offering tickets to the first ever RENAISSANCE LECTURES. This will in the first instance, be a Harvest Festival in September this year. The branch hopes to be contacting the Reverend West, who spoke at a Black Country meeting last year, and who would be the ideal candidate to host the event, and speak about the ancient traditions, and the patriotic Christian values associated with food production, the gathering of the Harvest, and food gifts made to vulnerable and elderly local residents.

Watch this space for details of tickets for the event, a full report on the Alttoment Project, and the renewed Black Country website.

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